Bank Bonuses: This Online Bank Offers a Great New Bonus

I worked in banking for over a decade and I was fortunate enough to be involved in the very beginning of what was called “in-store banking”. Those were and still are the small banks set up inside other retailers (usually supermarkets) where you can do your grocery shopping, dry cleaning, and many other retail tasks including your banking.

Bank in hand with money representing bank bonuses

It was a new and great idea then and it gave my decades of experience in retail a place to develop the “retail concept” inside a bank. Great times back in the 1990s when it began. But we aren’t in the 1990s anymore, are we?

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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Invest in the Stock Market

People are always asking me “How can I learn to invest in the stock market? Is there a way to learn and make a lot of money?” That’s the big question and oh, if there were only just a simple answer.

Stock certificates representing how to invest in the stock market

The truth is that it is simple and yet very complicated. No one can ever guarantee you will make “a lot” of money investing, so if you hear that, then run. There are risks and those risks are either small or medium or large. In all cases, there are risks. So understanding that simple rule helps answer the questions you may have and yes, you can learn to invest in stocks and invest well!

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Could Your Medicare Premium Actually Cost Less Later This Year?

Those of us who get Medicare (and if it’s not already, one day that will be you too!) have just had to bear the largest single premium increase in dollars in any year for 2022, an increase of $23.00 a month. While it is true that we all also saw an increase in our total benefits (due to the high inflation adjustments of 5.9%), this Medicare premium increase puts a huge dent in that amount we get. But there just might be some good news coming down the pike when it comes to the Medicare increased costs.

Hand with intravenous line for treatment representing medical treatment covered under Medicare premium

Seniors and other recipients could see a cut in their monthly Medicare Part B premiums for 2022 after a controversial new drug’s price was just slashed. That good news makes Medicare of particular interest here at Super Saving Tips!

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How to Perfect and Update Your Résumé in a COVID-19 World Right Now

Over the past two years, your job has probably been stressed, changed, lost, or become very different in some way or even every way. Even under the best of circumstances, you sometimes think about changing your job or employer. Now with COVID-19, it may have happened to you without any plan. The worst case, you have no job at all.

Miniature man holding his résumé sitting on a large office chair representing need to update your résumé for the COVID-19 world

We are right in the middle of the “Great Resignation”, so this is a time to update your résumé to help you find that future, no matter why you find yourself looking for something new. Make the worst thing that can happen, a pandemic, lead to the best thing that can happen, a rewarding new job!

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Check Your Receipts to Save Money When You’re Checking Out

It’s so important to check your receipts every time you check out. Why? It’s shopping day and you’ve diligently planned your meals, scanned the weekly ads, carefully checked prices, crafted your shopping list, clipped and printed coupons or loaded them to your card, and checked your budget. You arrive at the store (not hungry, of course), efficiently navigate the aisles, avoid impulse buys, and check out. But when you get home and unpack, you look over the receipt and wham! all your diligence is undone by an error on your receipt. It’s so aggravating. Who wants to bother wasting the gas and time to go back to the store?

A grocery shopping receipt because you should always check your receipts

Mistakes on receipts are so very common. In fact, I find at least one mistake on almost every shopping trip! By catching them at the store, you have the opportunity to get it fixed quickly and easily without wasting your savings.

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2 Good Reasons Why the New 2022 Social Security Increase May Be a Bad Problem

You may not be concerned about the Social Security increase and Medicare right now, but there will come a day when you will. So when I say that there are only two reasons to be concerned, well, it’s because I don’t want to scare you out of your socks right here at the beginning of the year.

Senior woman being examined by doctor covered by Medicare and the Social Security increase

After all, if you are on Social Security or Disability right now, you are probably celebrating the largest increase in benefits in decades: a 5.9% increase is a substantial amount (the highest since 8.2% in 1982). On average, it will mean about a hundred bucks a month per person more than in 2021 will be arriving beginning this week to recipients. With inflation running rampant, it’s a welcome sigh of relief to help fight against it. But is it all high fives and smiles with Social Security or is it really just a bad problem?

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Being a Smarter Shopper Should Be On Your New Year’s Resolution List

Yes, it’s that happy time again, New Year’s and the time everyone gets down to resolutions. We all think about doing it even though we may never actually get around to any of them or worse, start them up and then by Valentine’s Day we can’t even remember what or why we did any of it. I just hope that it doesn’t involve paying for something and wasting money when you do that, as many times it does.

Clock nearing midnight and fireworks for new year's represent a smarter shopper resolution

Whether it is losing some weight, getting a new job, giving more to charity, or just being a more kinder, gentler person in 2022, if you do decide to make a resolution, add one to your list this year, please. What is it?

It is to be a smarter shopper in 2022. Because this year, more perhaps than any in memory, you will really need to be!

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18 Sneaky Supermarket Tricks They Use to Get Your Money

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Did you know that when you’re grocery shopping, they use some cunning supermarket tricks to make you spend more money? With inflation running at a 39 year high right now, that is definitely hitting you below the belt when you think about groceries (sorry for the pun).

Woman food shopping who is tired of supermarket tricks

I’m afraid to say that inflation is not likely to disappear soon. Be alert and look for these supermarket tricks when you are shopping.

I wrote in the past about the many “tricks” that general retailers use in your favorite shops, especially around the holidays to get you to dig deep and spend more. (If you’re interested, here’s part 1 and part 2.) But you actually are more influenced each week at the grocery store than anyplace else you shop! Don’t think that’s true? Take a look at this!

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