How 10 Productive Minutes Can Change Your World

Ten minutes isn’t really a very long time. It’s less time than it takes to play a quarter in a pro football game. You can listen to 2½ songs on the radio in 10 minutes. It’s even less time than it takes you to read your daily e-mails. In other words, it’s just a few minutes, but oh how great it is to have such an opportunity to increase your productivity, save money, build relationships, and move forward in that brief time period.

How 10 Productive Minutes Can Change Your World

If you try some of these ideas, I think you’ll agree that these 10 minutes could wind up being the most productive 10 minutes of the day, starting today!

Do 1 thing on your “to do” list right now

Your list is on your desk somewhere, and you’ve been meaning to get started, haven’t you? Is there any better time to start than right now? Better yet, pick the thing you most dislike from your list (you know, the one you keep putting off). Getting it over and done with will help you move on to better things.

Clean up and organize the top of your desk

You have always realized how your desk makes you look and feel so disorganized, and how many times have you looked for something and couldn’t find it? Now is the time you can return to the land of the orderly and look as if you have total control of such a mundane task.

Pick 1 monthly expense to reduce or eliminate

So you’ve tracked your expenses and put together a budget, but you can still cut back some more to fund that debt repayment/retirement savings/emergency fund/special goal. Take a few minutes to prepare a homemade lunch to bring to work, call to negotiate your monthly rate with a service provider, or cancel your magazine subscription now that you’re planning to swing by the library and read it for free. Every time you save on another expense, you’ll feel a new sense of accomplishment.

Craft a money-saving grocery list

Scan the weekly ad from your local supermarket to find the real bargains and make notes on your shopping list. Buy in bulk when it makes sense and add in coupons and discounts for spectacular savings.

Plan your financial goals for the next month, year, and 5 years

Goals may change over time, but it helps to look at the big picture to get an idea of what you’re working towards. Break your goals down into manageable steps, and post them in your workspace, on your fridge, or wherever you’ll see them for a constant reminder of your focus.

Start a savings jar at home for your small change and $1 bills

Each day, add them to the pot and you’ll be shocked at how quickly it will add up! Tuck it away into savings and use it for one of your smaller goals that you’ve been hoping to accomplish.

Check your credit score and credit report

Using sites like,,, or even benefits from one of your credit cards, you can get your free credit information so that you will be up-to-date on it. Correct any errors you may find and if your score is low, take steps to improve it.

Post an ad to sell some unwanted items

Declutter your home while you earn some extra money to add to your savings or use for a special evening out with a friend.

Call your Mom and Dad

Tell them that you love them for absolutely no reason at all. It will mean the world to them.

Make a new “to do” list that reflects new priorities

Make sure you plan to spend your time on what’s truly important.

Set up an impromptu 10-minute meeting with your boss

Keep it short and to the point to find out how you’re progressing and use the feedback to make a bigger, better impression. If you’re self-employed, meet with your most important client.

Take a colleague you want to know better out to lunch

Spend 10 minutes making it clear how much you want to work with him or her and network away.

Review your résumé with a trusted friend for feedback

Having someone else’s eyes look it over will pinpoint ways to improve it. And don’t forget your LinkedIn profile while you’re at it.

Send a happy e-mail to a friend or relative

Do it on a break and you’ll be glad you got around to such a simple and forgotten item. Bonus points if it’s a handwritten note instead.


Take 10 minutes to relax, center, and re-energize. It will make you more productive and less stressed.

Call or meet with the most successful person you know

Pick their brain! Every successful person loves to tell you how they did it and how you can, too.

Put together a bag of old clothes to donate to a worthy charity

Help the charity, clean your closets, and get a tax deduction at the same time.

Finish a home task this weekend

Getting it done and crossing it off your list will give you a sense of accomplishment, and will make your home a nicer place to be.

Prepare a weekly healthy meal plan

Do it now and stick to it. Try and use what you have in your pantry first. After that, check what’s on sales at the supermarket this week. Make something new, delicious, and good for you.


It’s always a good idea to break things down into manageable segments and taking the 10-minute approach is just one way to do it. Don’t have a spare 10 minutes? Then set your morning alarm just a few minutes earlier and you’ll get a jump on the day.

Do you have any other 10-minute ideas that can change your world?

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  1. Alexandra @ Real Simple Finances

    I love the personal ones, like calling mom or dad and sending a happy email. Those 10 minutes might not be business productive, but they’re a great way to make everyone a bit happier during the workday.

  2. May

    This is a great list. It is amazing the things you can accomplish in just a few minutes. You have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award. It is voluntary but come see my Aug 1 post for details. Cheers!

  3. This really is an awesome list! I am pretty good at organizing my time, so I’m always doing quick things that make life easier. Taking ten minutes to throw in a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, get the trash out of my car, etc.

  4. It is so amazing to understand and appreciate how significant in our lives. I have just realized that these 10 minutes, might sound very little, but often could be the difference between success and failure in the future. A wise man once said, “our success today is a return of the investment you made with your time in the past” fro my perspective, i believe that if we could use every single minute to do something constructive, we would be very far.

  5. Nice list Gary. These are all true. I am also hooked into being productive. Being part of a call center company, every minute counts. I also apply those principles in real life.

    The best thing here is to magnify those 10 minutes a day, into weeks, months, years. Imagine the accomplishments we can do if we do them consistently even if for 10 minutes only.

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