It’s Blogiversary Time Again – Happy, Happy #2

I almost don’t believe it: it’s the blogiversary of Super Saving Tips once again (it’s also Friday the 13th, but that’s just coincidence…right?). Two years and almost 200 blog posts down the road of exploring personal finance and saving and spending money, and it has just flown by so quickly. What began as simply a way for me to keep busy in my retirement has morphed into something that I really love to do each week, way beyond what I had thought it would turn into.

It's Blogiversary Time Again - Happy, Happy #2

But there would be no celebrating the blogiversary if not for you, the readers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your stopping by, commenting, sharing, and support.

This past year has been much more of an adventure for me. First of all, the blog has expanded into a twice-a-week publishing schedule as well as a weekly newsletter for subscribers. Also the number of readers has expanded, although it’s not a huge number like some of my fellow bloggers have, it’s definitely clicked upwards to the point that I’m getting a good feeling that what I am doing is helpful and important. It was and still is my belief that writing about my personal experiences over a lifetime can help a lot of people see what mistakes others have made and what can be done to avoid and/or fix some of them. That has made me work harder in year two.

The biggest event of the year, however, and the thing I’ll remember most was my wife and I attending FinCon15. It was a big decision to go for several reasons, one being the expense. We decided that this trip would stand in place of a vacation and we would gain so much from FinCon we really did have to attend. We don’t regret our decision.

FinCon was the chance to meet some of the really cool, highly talented and motivated bloggers we knew only from their writing and that was so impressive to us. I had developed a false idea before we went that many of the so-called millennials and 30-40 somethings were people who didn’t believe that they could or would ever see a time of prosperity and meet their goals for happiness, achievement and ultimately retirement. Boy was I wrong about that!

What I found when we arrived was almost the exact opposite of what I was expecting.  Such energy, intelligence, enthusiasm and work ethic, it had an effect on me even at age 66. I found myself thinking more and more that way. It was kind of like how I felt when I first went away to college. It was more than educating me on what to do and how to do it (although I did find out there are lots of ways to accomplish the art of blogging successfully).

What I was most taken by was the energy and the positive attitudes that these attendees (and there were hundreds of them) all have to help educate people and in turn work hard to make a living for themselves in new ways that just weren’t available to previous generations. The technologies of century 21 have created a whole new reason to be optimistic in a world where traditional thinking hasn’t looked so promising.

For me, the goal of making money from blogging wasn’t the reason that I began. I learned that while it is possible and desirable, that there are many bloggers that are not just earning money, but they are doing incredibly well at it. I would of course love to see my way to a financial gain from the efforts, but the truth is my real satisfaction comes from expanding my readership and subscription base and helping others with my experience and opinions.

This year, number 3, I am aiming for the opportunity to get closer to all of you. I want to try and be more deliberate with the topics here, hopefully with some input from you about what you’d like to know more about. I know I can write on and on about things I like, but I’d much rather address the issues that are meaningful to you. If there are any topics that you like to read about here, please send me a note!

Finally, let me thank you for accepting me into the realm of blogging and allowing me to have your attention and comments. I get so much from it and I can only hope you do too. I’m going to try even harder in the upcoming year to make it even better. And who knows…you may even see a book coming out of it!


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