Best Retail Buys for May and June

I know that shopping isn’t the act of saving money, but if you are in the market for a best buy this spring, then you should know what to look for now. Saving money on the purchases you need for the upcoming season is a good start to making your hard-earned dollars pay off. This is the time of the year when the days are getting longer and you’ll be spending more and more time outdoors as the sun shines and the weather warms up, so check out this list and see what you can find that will make “springing into summer” a good time to buy both in stores and online.

Best Sales for Spring

Memorial Day

While Memorial Day this year is Monday, May 25th, the sales begin as early as May 11. No doubt these sales are advertised widely in flyers, newspaper and TV ads and will be the biggest of the season on spring apparel, producing savings of 50-75% off original prices. Memorial Day sales also involve store coupons that can be stacked on the already reduced prices and add-on savings like an extra 20% off if you spend $100 or buy one spring apparel item and get another free. While you won’t see the same reductions on true summer apparel like swimsuits, you will see the first sale prices of the season on those as well. Buying them is a risk knowing that they will eventually be super priced in July at much better deals, but the selection now will be the best as well as having them to use all throughout the long sunny season.

The same idea pertains to things like grills and patio furniture. They’ll be on sale, but the best prices will come after Independence Day on July 4th.

Mother’s Day

This year Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th and the most popular gifts are again predicted to be jewelry. Sales begin May 1st, but be cautious. Don’t wait until the last minute as historically jewelry prices go up just before the big day because of high demand. If buying jewelry, start looking now. Another category that is a best buy will be handbags as the spring and summer inventory will be out in full force.

Star Wars Day

Taking off of the phrase “May the force be with you“, May the 4th has become known as Star Wars Day. The new movie “The Force Awakens” won’t be released until December 18th, but the promotions in May will be highlighting classic Star Wars items like books, movies, and tons of toys and accessories at discounted prices both in-store and online. Just one thing…don’t expect to see movie tickets on sale yet!

Mattress Sales

Believe it or not, May is a great time for huge mattress sales at 50-70% off. Many freebies are included like sheet sets, pillows, free set-up and free delivery, so if this is a need, go for it now. Look for the ads and take advantage.

Father’s Day and Graduation Day

June is a month also filled with big deal days such as Father’s Day and Graduation Day. With summer breaking on June 21st, you will see plenty of outdoor items for the “Dad and Grad” to use all season long.

Dad will see all kinds of clothing, both casual and dress including shirts, ties, shorts, t-shirts, sunglasses and other accessories reduced 20-50% off during the Father’s Day promotions which begin around June 11th and run through June 21st. Graduation sales may begin at the end of May and run almost all through June due to the varying graduation dates at a great number of schools. Don’t be too tempted with electronic items for these events due to the fact that the best prices on electronics, computers and the like don’t come into play until the November and December holidays.

Back to School

Speaking of school, amazingly the beginning of Back to School promotions will begin at the end of June, so this is the best time to stock up for your kid’s needs. Coupons will abound for many of the basics and the supplies can be found all over from drug stores to supermarkets.

Wedding Season

Lastly, June is the biggest month of the year for weddings and stores will feature sale prices on all kinds of appropriate gifts, like china, glassware, housewares, cooking utensils, and appliances.

I think the next several weeks can be a great time for those items I’ve listed if you study the ads and comparison shop. Don’t forget to look at store policies about matching the competition and study the discount coupons and stacking options that you will find. Good luck hunting the bargains you seek!

What smart buys are you hoping to find?

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