Blogiversary Time: Celebrating 3 Years on the Blog

I’m 3 today! I know I don’t look my age. Must be in the genes. Amazingly, time continues to fly by and it’s hard to believe it has been 3 years since I started writing Super Saving Tips. It really has been fun writing posts, reading your comments, and answering questions you have submitted from time to time.

As we celebrate the 3rd blogiversary for Super Saving Tips, I look back on the journey thus far and thank all my readers for their time and attention.

A Look Back

In the beginning, back in 2014, it seemed so easy to sit down and write off a post about something that had happened to me during my career or something that happened to my family that I could share with all of you. Would you believe that since then I’ve now published almost 300 posts! Ironically, I have never really thought of myself as a writer. I’m not saying that just to elicit some kind words from any of you, I really didn’t write much or even well in school. I never really kept notes, a diary, or a journal about my career but I do have a tremendous recall of the events that I write about, even those from my long ago childhood.

Back in the 1960’s, I started out at The Annenberg School of Communications at Temple University in Philadelphia and was intent on a career in radio and/or TV. I guess that’s why I eventually chose to spend a couple of great years in radio since I have a face for it as the saying goes! Doing radio is a lot like writing a blog, broadcasting your input and opinions. That didn’t last very long though as I met my first wife about that time and I moved on to start my career in retail and the rest as they say is history…ancient history at this point!

I Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

I want to say thank you and that I am very grateful that so many of you actually seem to enjoy what I am writing each week. In the beginning, it seemed I was writing just for me as some of my early posts are virtually unread and untouched—no looks, no comments, no nothing. That was a bit depressing, I have to admit. Thankfully, that eventually improved. It was a slow but steady process for sure. I really am hoping that as I begin year 4, I can get even better interaction between reader and writer. That said, if anything is on your mind please don’t hesitate to let me know and just jot a question down and send it along to me. I can even handle your constructive criticism, so don’t be shy! I can take it.

Although the writing here may have some merit, I am definitely a novice when it comes to self-promotion on the internet. It’s very obvious that knowing how to manage a blog and attract new readers is a skill and an art form in itself. I’m still learning new things about it almost every day.

A Great Personal Finance Community

Back in 2015, my wife and I took the trip to FinCon to meet our fellow bloggers and learn as much as we could about the personal finance community and ways to improve the blog and attract more readers. We met so many awesome people and we did learn a lot in the time we spent in Charlotte. It was a big monetary expense for us, but looking back now I can say it was totally worth it.

A Wider Perspective

The blog is growing. It has evolved over the past 3 years. The content has become more varied and not as totally focused on just one aspect of the personal finance world as when I began this adventure. It was my original intent to write mainly about my supermarket experiences and knowledge. I hope that expanding the horizon has only enhanced the blog. The subject variety suits me. I guess the only focus you can really find now here is the idea of saving money, definitely a worthy subject.

While I am aware that I will never reach as many readers as I’d like (I admit I do occasionally sit by the phone waiting for a call from The Today Show producers), there are so many who have encouraged me to continue and that is a great feeling. My wife pointed out to me recently how many bloggers that started when I did that are no longer writing each week. I’m pretty proud that I have actually expanded from my original once-a-week post to now twice-a-week posts and a weekly newsletter, too. That continues to be a work in progress and I hope to improve the newsletter this year for you, the reader.

My Sincere Thanks

Thanks to all of you who have become subscribers, Twitter and Facebook followers, and regular readers each week. I enjoy reading and sharing your comments and opinions and it makes it all very worthwhile. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If so, please consider sharing the blog with your friends and family.

So it’s onward to year 4! It’s time for cake and candles so let the party begin! Well, truthfully, I could extend the party a bit longer than just for today. Being retired means “Every Day is Sunday”. You know, it really is!


  1. Happy 3rd Blogiversary Gary! You should be proud of your accomplishment! It takes a lot of work to keep a blog going for three years, that’s why so many fade away. It’s an interesting question you raise about growing audience. I’ve been thinking the same recently, how do we get beyond just the great community and get regular Joe’s to see our blogs. maybe it’s something we can figure out together.

    Here’s to a great 4th year!

  2. I saw Mr Groovy’s retweet on Twitter today and I was so excited because I thought we shared the same blogiversary. Oh well! Close enough!! You’re being too modest. You’re a seasoned pro with a robust following, do you have any wise words for a 1 month hatchling Gary?

    Happy belated blogiversary!!! 😀

  3. Congratulations Gary…. Blogging is more then just putting your thoughts down on a computer screen. It’s much more than that. If a blogger can make it through the first and second year they have something special going on. Keep up the good work.

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