Time Flies…It’s Blogiversary #6!

Although time seems as if it has stood still since March of this year, the truth is that it hasn’t. It might feel like March something, but I couldn’t help but notice that the calendar actually says May 22nd and that means something special to me. Pandemic and all, it’s Super Saving Tips’ Blogiversary #6!

It's hard to believe, but it's blogiversary #6 for Super Saving Tips! Here's a bit about what it's been and will be, and a big thank you to the readers!

Celebrating six years and beginning year number seven…can you believe it? I find it hard to believe myself. As I publish today, I have reached another milestone and that is post number 600 now totaling almost 1,000,000 words (mostly spelled correctly thanks to my wife and auto-correct…spelling was never my strong suit). How many words would a million fill up anyway? More than a book that’s for sure.

Why Blogging Is So Important to Me

I guess it’s easy to say that the internet is a good friend and sort of mean it. It has been a part of everyone’s life now for decades and it has joined a long list of the ways to entertain and educate ourselves. It has grown in my lifetime from something I heard about to a wanted “must have” part of daily life. It doesn’t matter what you primarily use if for, you use it every day and you aren’t going to stop anytime soon. That’s why after my retirement, I decided back in 2014 to give blogging a try.

Originally, I really didn’t understand how many people were writing and reading any kind of blog, but once I discovered the personal finance community, I was hooked. I may have felt slightly out of place at first since almost everyone I met was a “thirtysomething” it seemed. But I soon realized that there was a real need for an older (and hopefully wiser) voice to at the very least let people know what “not” to do when it came to their money.

What started simply as a way to occupy my time in retirement has evolved into my daily required expression of ideas and suggestions to help others with their personal financial goals. Super Saving Tips has grown and so have I.

My Total Thanks to You

I suppose that my huge ego wouldn’t stop me from writing this blog even if no one out there ever looked at it. For a while, it seemed that was pretty much true as the only evidence that anyone did look at it was some feedback from my son and daughter who at least looked at it from time to time.

I will say this much: using my lifelong experiences in the world of shopping and finances, it is very rewarding to feel like I am helping others. As I have said often, even if you can learn from some of the mistakes I have personally made with my money, it is worth it to you and makes me feel good, too. But I hope it is more than that.

I have tried to make the blog incorporate as many of the things that are happening in real time today as I can so that you can really be prepared for it all. Whether it’s a market trend or any trend even something as brutal as dealing with a once-in-a-lifetime health crisis, it will also affect your wallet. The challenges we all face today—from students to retirees—makes money such a big deal and those who stay on top of any issue have a better chance to succeed.

The Rewards That I Get From All of This

Over the past six years, Super Saving Tips has expanded. I started writing once a week and now we publish twice a week plus every week our newsletter goes out to hundreds of subscribers. Our social media following continues to grow even though Beyoncé still has me beaten on Twitter by a few million or so. I still have thoughts of going onto YouTube, but that seems more like “work”, doesn’t it?

Although it was never my goal, it’s also nice to make a few extra bucks writing here if for no other reason than I keep harping that a side gig (such as a blog) is a great way to actually earn some money and that alternate streams of income are a must in the 21st century! But even making some money does not give me the good feelings I get from simply getting feedback from all of you from one of my posts.

Moving Ahead to Year #7

This year is a pivotal year for all of us. Recovering from the past three months will probably take a lot longer to do then an equal amount of time. All of us will need to do whatever we can to recover and I am hoping I can be of some help to you in doing that. If there is any personal finance topic of interest you have, you can certainly write and let me know anytime.

But no matter what, I want to make sure I say it again here, every week your reading really has motivated me. The only way to thank you is simply say “THANK YOU”!

What I Can Promise for the Future

Since I am not able to predict the economic future 100% accurately, I’d like to just promise this: I will always project what I say based on the facts as I see them and in a way that will benefit you. That’s all I can and want to do here. If I do it, I hope you will continue to support that effort in year number seven!


  1. Louise

    Congratulations, Gary, and I hope you have many more years of writing ahead of you!
    I appreciate that you carefully study the current topics you post. I certainly learn from younger bloggers, and “pay attention to what you’re doing and spend less than you earn” is of course universal advice. Yet as my circumstances are similar to yours by age and financial resources, I am glad to find someone in a situation closer to that of my family, which is a bit rare in personal finance blogs.

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