Celebrating Super Saving Tips’ Blogiversary #7

Every May for the past seven years I have been making note of the blog’s birthday bash. Well, it’s not exactly a bash, but I am celebrating mainly because I never actually thought it would last this long. Seven may be “childlike” in life, but it’s a long time in blog years.

Just a note and a thank you as Super Saving Tips celebrates blogiversary #7.

It’s kind of a funny thing really the way it has all unfolded over the years. It started out for me as just something to do, you know to make me feel productive in retirement and to share a little knowledge that I had accumulated over 40+ years at work plus life in general. But that slowly morphed and changed into something else for me and I hope for you, too.

What I Learned

I was amazed to learn at first about how many people were actually trying to learn about finances, jobs, retirement, and the entire gambit of good money management and all that. It wasn’t something that I had just thought up on my own. In fact, if you aren’t looking into these matters all the time, then you may be the odd man out and not the other way around.

The marketplace is huge and the thirst for knowledge seems unquenchable.

Going to my first FinCon convention in 2015 really opened my eyes in a couple of ways. Being supercharged by all of the young minds there who were so motivating and engaged, I realized that there definitely was a niche even for someone like me, older and hopefully wiser. My experiences would definitely fit right in to the lessons that the younger less experienced writers were aiming for. If nothing else, they could learn a pretty good lesson in “what not to do” from someone with my experiences.

What I Did

I tried to learn all about the art of writing and communication from a personal perspective. I’m not Dave Ramsey nor Suze Orman and I don’t want to be either. What I want to be is someone with real life experiences and opinions, to entertain, inform and educate, and see what happens. Seven years later I am still trying to perfect those skills.

Last Year

2020 was a year to be remembered, and forgotten.

It was the year that wasn’t in many ways. I guess a pandemic does that and money and a pandemic certainly taught us all a lesson. Money wasn’t even the biggie, that was health and family. But since I write about finances, it was something I thought about differently and more often than ever.

Ironically, 2020 turned out to be my most “successful” blogging year ever—more influence, revenue, and readership that at any time before. How long will that last? Who can say?


So I am now beginning year #8, and although I continue to face my own challenges, particularly with my health, I am going to continue writing for as long as I can. I sometimes think I may cut back, but then I get inspired and have to do more.

I want to thank everyone who reads and comments, and even those who criticize or don’t comment. It helps me and I learn from it all. I hope it helps you, too. Happy Birthday Super Saving Tips!


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