Celebrating Super Saving Tips’ Blogiversary #8 – Can You Believe It?

I know I don’t look it, but I’m now eight years old! That’s not really true, is it? My decorations here at Super Saving Tips don’t fit right in with hippest of the hip blogs and I don’t have a “craft beer” podcast or a YouTube channel interviewing celebrities, but I’m pretty proud to be hobbling along writing every week for you and for me, too. I really do love it and I’m happy to be celebrating another blogiversary!

Cupcakes with candles representing Super Saving Tips’ blogiversary

While I can say that I have a pretty loyal fan base and am so grateful to all of you for that, this year had a few surprise happenings. TV became a thing for Super Saving Tips and it wasn’t an idea that I ever really had thought about. Here’s what happened.

TV Stardom?

Back in May of 2021, after I had been writing for months about the rise in inflation and particularly on the huge increase in food prices, I was contacted by a Houston, Texas network TV station (ABC) about doing a segment on the subject for their audience.

It was pretty exciting and although I am perfectly comfortable speaking about any subject to a group (I have done it so many, many times in my life), this was TV with a potential audience of millions of Texans. So I was a tiny bit intimidated and nervous.

After getting a rundown of what the segment was looking to do and then preparing myself with my own little script that I could use as a guide to potential questions, we arranged the date, time, and Zoom taping. It would then air the same day on the local Houston ABC news program (and again on social media like Facebook with numerous airings).

The event went really well and I felt really good about the whole thing and the recognition, but after it aired I was feeling a little down, like “Well, what now? What do I ever do that can top this little event?”

Then the Phone Rang

Yes, after the TV news show aired, there was a jump in my readership and comments that was pretty awesome. But the biggest surprise was when I was contacted by another TV station and internet programming host from Virginia (an NBC affiliate) who had seen my segment from the Texas program. Apparently they monitor each other for “interesting” things and the inflation and food story interest was growing.

This turned into a similar offer as we then did a live taping that was used for the news, and an internet TV show and social media cycle in June of 2021. But that wasn’t nearly the end.

The Big Easy

Next on my list were a few more calls and programs, but the most significant of them was a call from a wonderful news anchor from New Orleans (at a local FOX station) who wanted me to be on her news broadcast to talk about the inflation subject. That led to multiple appearances throughout 2021, so much so that I was being introduced as an expert on the subject and jokingly I was telling my family that I am very, very popular in Louisiana these days (I live in New Jersey if you recall).

The whole thing was just a whirlwind and all done from what I have now named my “beautiful downtown Zoom studio” here in my condo in NJ.

2022 and a Few New Surprises Too

I guess my days a superstar on TV were a tad short lived. The phone doesn’t ring quite off the hook as much and the text message requests have faded. That’s really because the subject of inflation that I was deemed to be an early prognosticator of (I started writing about its rise at the end of 2020) has now become the number one issue written and talked about by, well, everyone! So the available “expert” talkers now number about three million and they write and talk about it on every channel and media platform every day. Super Saving Tips may have been trampled on just a little bit in the run, but that’s OK.

There are still many new adventures ahead in year number nine. For one, I have done a couple interview segments about investing with Chaster Johnson from StockTeamUp.

In Closing

I have to say that I am surprised at the attention 2021 brought and has continued into this year here at the blog.

Starting a blog at the beginning of my retirement and having it evolve into something I love and am proud of is very important to me. I would like to say thanks to all of you who read and comment. As I have said before, as long as I am physically able and mentally functioning (that is important, right?), I will continue to try to educate, inform, and entertain about the financial issues that truly matter.

So the rest of today is a party. Cake and candles and all of the good stuff! And today as I am writing this (it is Sunday and I’m going to watch a ballgame on TV), I’ll have some snacks too. No CNBC or reading any financial news today. It’s just going to be a relaxing day at home with Suzanne. After all, it’s a Super Saving Tips blogiversary day!

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments or by way of my Contact page with any questions, feedback, or topic requests.


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