7 Undeniable Ways to Save at the Supermarket

In this blog I have written about many ways to save at the supermarket. You should be consistently diligent and anything but lazy to make sure you’re getting the best deals every time you shop. The truth is no matter where you do your grocery shopping, the fundamentals never change and the things you need to do to save are the same everywhere you may go.

7 Undeniable Ways to Save at the Supermarket

Some supermarkets have the reputation of having lower prices while some are proudly “upscale” and “quality” focused, but in the end they all use the same tactics to increase their sales and you should always pay attention to those details. Here are the best ways to defend your grocery budget against the supermarket strategies of the 21st century. Continue reading

Playing Hide-and-Seek with Grocery Deals

When it comes to finding the best deals, is your grocery store playing hide-and-seek with you? The answer is probably. Whether it’s a gentle nudge to psychologically guide you to the product they want you to buy, a dirty game of trickery, or even accidentally making it inconvenient to buy the best deal, it happens all the time. After all, a supermarket is there to make a profit, while you’re there to get the best price on the products you need and want.

Playing Hide-and-Seek with Grocery Deals

Follow these methods to find the best grocery deals no matter where they’re hiding: Continue reading

The Best Days of the Week to Shop and Save

Is there really a science to looking for great deals on a specific day of the week? Well, according to some experts, there actually are better days to shop and save than others! Jot these down and next time you’re in the market for a bargain, try shopping on the best day for that category.

The Best Days of the Week to Shop and Save

Money-Saving Mondays

Buying a new car? Mondays are the best deals around. Why? Pretty simple, they have the least amount of shoppers on Mondays and after what may have been a poor weekend result (weather may have affected sales, or perhaps the staff just didn’t close many deals), the salesman are “highly motivated” to start the week successfully. Continue reading

Meal Planning – 1,095 reasons why

If you’ve ever stopped to think about it, we plan and eat about 1,095 meals every year. That’s a lot of decisions! But what if you could narrow that down to 52? When meals aren’t planned, chances are high that we’ll eat something more expensive and less healthy. Weekly meal planning is a great way to get organized, eat healthier, avoid wasting food, and save money. While it takes a few minutes of planning each week, the results are worth it. By creating a master menu to choose from and seeing what inexpensive ingredients are on hand, it’s easy to plan your way to savings.

Meal Planning
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6 “Unkept” Secrets to Save Money on Groceries

Having been a store manager myself, and from talking to other store managers, I’ve learned what those experts view as the best “unkept” secrets to shop and save. When you save money on groceries, each savings may not be a significant amount, but they add up to money you could better spend elsewhere in your budget. Stores know your needs and have added on bonuses, earnings and rewards in an attempt to beat out their competition and keep you loyal. Their attempts can enable you to spend less on your groceries if you just “seek and save”.

Unkept secrets to save money on groceries Continue reading

Check Receipts When You’re Checking Out

It’s so important to check receipts every time you check out. Why? It’s shopping day and you’ve diligently planned your meals, scanned the weekly ads, carefully checked prices, crafted your shopping list, clipped and printed coupons, and checked your budget. You arrive at the store (not hungry, of course), efficiently navigate the aisles, avoid impulse buys, and check out. But when you get home and unpack, you look over the receipt and wham! all your diligence is undone by an error on your receipt. It’s so aggravating. Who wants to bother wasting the gas and time to go back to the store?

check receipt

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9 Alternatives to Traditional Supermarkets and 1 You Should Avoid


Looking for an alternative to your traditional supermarket?

Choosing where to grocery shop out of all the possible supermarkets and stores can a very personal decision. You need to balance many considerations such as price, quality, freshness, selection, and convenience. Whether you’re looking for a place to cherry pick the sales, find some special ingredients, or you’re ready to ditch your trusty old supermarket for something different, here are 9 alternatives to consider and 1 you should avoid. Continue reading

Supermarket Savings: 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Save Money on Groceries

Do's and don'ts to save money on groceries

Follow these do’s and don’ts for more savings

While good planning, and following that plan, is the key to saving money on groceries, there are still things you can do to limit your spending while you’re shopping at the store. Whether it’s avoiding the influence of the supermarket as they try to coax you into spending more, or simply asking for what you want, here are 10 do’s and don’ts to save while grocery shopping:

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Supermarket Savings: Your Grocery Budget – How to Make it and Stick to it

Grocery budget chart

Setting a budget goal for food will help you save money

Do you have a monthly grocery budget that’s working for you? Too many people head to the supermarket, start shopping and know that they are finished when their cart is “full”. Without a workable budget to guide your shopping, you’re probably spending more than you need every month with much of it going to waste.

Unfortunately, for lots of people the idea of budgeting is either scary (will I need to know spreadsheets?) or restrictive (I just want to buy what I want). It doesn’t have to be either one. A grocery budget is simply a goal to help you plan for what’s really important. You can treat it like a game where the object is to see how little you can spend while still providing nourishing and tasty meals and snacks for your family and the prize is putting that extra money toward another goal. Continue reading

Supermarket Savings: How to Buy Fresh Seafood

Fresh fish and seafood

Know when to buy fresh seafood and what to look for

A lot of people suggest buying from the local fish market, but you can get fresh seafood at the supermarket more conveniently and for less. We all know that eating fish is a part of healthy diet. It’s easy to prepare and readily available at your local supermarket. But it’s important to know what to look to get the best taste and insure your money is well spent.  How should it smell? Should it be shiny or matte? What should you look for if the fish is already wrapped and not on ice? Because it can be confusing, almost half of all Americans seldom eat fish at home! Here are my tips for buying fresh:

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