Abundance, Zucchini Fritters, and Pear Cake

A few weeks ago, in my roadmap to happiness, I mentioned knowing what is enough for you. In our consumer society, we always seem to want more and have a difficult time “settling” for what we already have. But having gratitude that we have enough—enough to eat, a place to live, health care when we need it, family and friends—can make us rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Abundance, Zucchini Fritters, and Pear Cake


I was reminded of this wealth during the past few days. My wife Suzanne volunteers at a food bank, and the clients there don’t always have enough. It is difficult to see people struggling for basic needs. Thankfully the food bank is able to provide them with a considerable amount of food. The donations they receive provide not only canned and boxed goods, but fresh bread, dairy, and produce as well as frozen meats. Of course when you have perishable goods, it can be a challenge to manage the inventory with the demand before they spoil. And that is why last week we received the unexpected abundance of a case of zucchini, several pounds of carrots, and a case of ripe pears. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Meals for Savings – Short Ribs with Red Wine

Lots of people are looking for an easy way to make home-cooked meals that are healthier and save time and money…and slow cooker meals (aka crockpot meals) are a great answer. My wife and I have used our slow cooker for years, both at home and when bringing a dish to a party. Some of our tastiest meals came from the slow cooker, and we’re always trying new recipes.

Slow Cooker Meals for Savings - Short Ribs with Red Wine

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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce, the Easy Way

Homemade spaghetti sauce

The easy way to make a delicious meat sauce

Who doesn’t love a plate of pasta covered in a beautiful homemade spaghetti sauce? Buying sauce in the jar at the supermarket typically means a lot of added salt and often added sugar as well. And homemade just tastes better. This past week, Laurie over at The Frugal Farmer posted How to Make and Can Spaghetti Sauce which gave step-by-step instructions on preparing a delicious-sounding homemade sauce from fresh tomatoes and preserving it in jars. She makes it sound easy but if you’re anything like me, you might be a little intimidated by a 3-day cooking process and dealing with canning supplies. For those of us who want to take baby steps, I thought I’d share with you this recipe for meat sauce using canned tomato products and dried herbs, plus the convenience of freezing portions.

Where’s the meat in the meat sauce?

Most meat sauces in a jar at the supermarket are really just “meat-flavored”. This basically means that the meat and the sauce shook hands and went their separate ways. But with this sauce recipe (originally from my wife’s Aunt Julie), the meat and the sauce have a passionate love affair. If there’s too much meat, you can reduce the amount to suit your family or your budget. Plus, there are other ways to alter the recipe to your taste, and I’ve made a few notes below to that effect.

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