A Dozen Cheap Date Ideas

If you’re on a tight budget, or you’re trying to pay down debt or take care of some other financial goals, it can be a challenge to enjoy an active social life, particularly if you are single and looking to find a romantic partner. When most people think of a first date, dinner at a restaurant is probably the most common image that springs to mind. I remember after my divorce when I first got back into the dating game, I would take each new lady out for a nice evening meal and the costs added up quickly while the connections didn’t always last. Ouch!

A Dozen Cheap Date Ideas

There are ways to dine out affordably, but you might not want to pull your coupons out on a first date. Dating is filled with enough etiquette-related and emotional landmines without also having to worry that your date thinks you’re cheap. So how can you show a potential new love interest a good time without spending a fortune? Here are a dozen cheap date ideas that are still enjoyable, fun or romantic.Continue reading“A Dozen Cheap Date Ideas”

Cut Your Cable Bill Without Cutting the Cord

Believe it or not, I remember a time when television was black and white and the channels stopped airing programs for the evening and didn’t resume until the next day. Yes, I was very young as it was a looong time ago, but it happened, I swear! Now we have a gazillion channels to watch round the clock with more programming than we could ever hope to watch in a lifetime. Along with all that content comes a hefty price tag, as having a monthly cable or satellite bill has become fairly universal. “Cutting the cord“, or ditching cable altogether using a combination of newer services and devices, has become a popular way to save money, and it certainly is a viable one. But there may be some good (and not-so-good) reasons for not wanting to cancel your cable package, and there are still ways to cut your cable bill to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Cut Your Cable Bill Without Cutting the Cord

First, if you’re considering whether to cut the cord, plug your numbers and selections into this calculator to see whether it makes financial sense. Perhaps your internet costs will increase so much without a “bundle” that it isn’t worth dropping your TV package. Continue reading“Cut Your Cable Bill Without Cutting the Cord”

Casino Gambling and Still Frugal???

I know that I post most all the time about saving your money and scrimping each day to accumulate wealth and financial health and yada, yada, yada. But if truth be told, I do have some flaws in my game and yes, I do enjoy a bit of frivolous fun and entertainment that may actually sound as if I’m willing to throw some good money away.

Well, not exactly. I believe if I’m pretty careful, and I give it some serious thought and restraint, that every once in a while I can “entertain” the thought of going to a casino and having some fun without blowing my finances and risking my future! In fact, I can sometimes turn that occasion into a free trip with no expenses and even come home ahead. Although not a certainty, the opportunity to get “comped” is a tough one to pass up and every so often it works out that way.

Casino Gambling and Still Frugal???

Getting comped, for those of you not familiar, is receiving free credits to gamble (slot dollars or table play), free meals, free hotel rooms, free entertainment, free gifts, and/or free parking all because you have spent a period of time gambling in the casino. Continue reading“Casino Gambling and Still Frugal???”

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

As the years go by, it seems we have all been buying more and more into the cliché “bigger is better”. I have to admit, I wouldn’t refuse a bigger paycheck each week, or a bigger piece of mom’s apple pie after dinner, but there are lots of other instances where bigger can create other issues that may lead you to real trouble.

Why Bigger Isn't Always Better

Being just a little practical and more conservative financially can give you mounds of money that can be used for real life priorities, like retirement, long-term healthcare, and life insurance as well as investing in your future. I’m not a scientist, but I’ve come up with a scientific formula that I wish I had developed years ago:Continue reading“Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better”

Being Smart about Smartphone Plans

Who would have believed 25 years ago that the smartphone would be as commonly found in your pocket as wearing shoes each day on your feet? I know I never dreamed of being accessible 24/7 by phone and have the data resources available at my fingertips to settle a bar bet, compare prices while out shopping, or find my way home when driving and lost. But we live in a world where technology is king, and to support that king, we have to pay our dollars in tribute. It’s not really much of a choice whether or not to have a phone, but mostly a necessity these days. That’s why you have to do your due diligence to find the best affordable deal for you and your family.

Being Smart About Smartphone Plans

Continue reading“Being Smart about Smartphone Plans”

Preparing to Celebrate Saint Frugaltine’s Day

You remember Saint Frugaltine, don’t you? Patron saint of those who wish to save money while remaining romantic? Well, Saint Frugaltine’s day is coming up soon and those of us who wish to celebrate have some planning to do.

Now if you’re one of those people who don’t celebrate, who think it’s all part of a grand conspiracy to get you to spend more money, let me ask you this: if how much you spend (if anything at all) is up to you, what’s so wrong with celebrating love on just one day a year? It doesn’t even have to be romantic love (singles, I’m looking at you!), it can be family love, friend love, pet love, hobby love or whatever kind of love you value in your life. If you do nothing else for Saint Frugaltine’s day, at least spend a moment of gratitude for the love that you have. You’ll instantly feel richer.

Preparing to Celebrate Saint Frugaltine's Day

If you want to celebrate, let’s look at some of the ways you can remain true to your budget while displaying your passion for your love.

Continue reading“Preparing to Celebrate Saint Frugaltine’s Day”

Free Things to Do This Fall

Fall is in the air and there are plenty of free things to do to enjoy the season. When I was a child, I loved trick-or-treating in my homemade ghost costume (really an old sheet with some holes cut out). As an adult, I love the pennant races and the World Series. Whatever you love to do, there are lots of ways to do fun things for less or for no money at all.

Free Things to Do This Fall

Continue reading“Free Things to Do This Fall”

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