Inflation Has Peaked (Maybe)? But What About Prices on Food?

Some pretty good news hit the books this week. The inflation numbers we’ve been dreading to hear every month seem to have peaked for the first time in over a year. We can’t be sure, but it seems that fuel prices are downward trending, going under $4.00 a gallon for gasoline on average in the U.S. and used car prices are down as well.

Frozen foods in supermarket representing prices on food

Airfares are also finally declining and then there’s the new jobs report that shows they are growing. All these are indicators that better times may be around the corner. But what about prices on food? Where are we now and is that good news too?

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Becoming a Vegetarian Has Many Benefits and Could Actually Save You Money

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot about trying to eat healthier, and eating veggies and fruit is often touted as one surefire way to do that. But let’s be honest here. Living in the good old U.S.A, eating meat is the primary way that we dine and that starts when you are just a child. Perhaps you remember the old commercials…“Beef, it’s what’s for dinner”. Hamburgers and hot dogs are our go-to foods and red meat is our primary preferred way to dine. At least that has been my observation over the last 70 years.

Spring salad representing becoming a vegetarian

But these days, during high inflation, vegetarianism is growing particularly among non-whites, and there may be some good reasons for everyone to at least consider it. One of those reasons is this: becoming a vegetarian can actually save you money!

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9 Steps to Save on Groceries Even When Inflation Is Setting Records!

We are all waiting to hear some good news about the inflation numbers. It seems that on every newscast these days we have to hear about grocery prices going up, gas prices at new all-time highs, and not much news about what we can really do about it all except to buy less and still spend more. But today I feel a little bit like “Superman” because Super Saving Tips is here to save the day! You can save on groceries even when inflation is setting records and I am going to show you how!

Supermarket aisle representing how to save on groceries

How to Save on Groceries During High Inflation

Step #1 – Prioritize your budget

More than ever you really have to think about what you need when you shop. Know what’s necessary and know what can wait. Budget only for your “needs” first and then see if there’s room in there for the “wants” on the list.

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How You Can Save Money in These High Inflation Days

Good news…well, maybe. The inflation numbers for April overall were down slightly from March. It may mean that inflation has peaked, but what it doesn’t mean is that things will be returning to normal soon, or ever. Prices that go up, in general, never go down as time moves on. That’s the real problem with high inflation.

Piggy bank on coins representing saving money during high inflation days

Strangely though, on the surface, inflation 2022-style isn’t like you father’s inflation days of the 1970s and 80s. Sure, there is the biggie: gasoline prices soaring now to a record high average of $4.47 a gallon nationally (even higher than that in places like California topping $6.00). But even so, that number isn’t making as much of an impact as buying a tankful did when the average paycheck could barely afford one at $1.00 a gallon!

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How Weekly Meal Planning Helps to Fight Inflation

It’s getting tougher and tougher to find new ways to save when grocery shopping these days. We all know and understand that prices are skyrocketing even though your paycheck may have gone up in 2022. It’s just not keeping pace with the price increases. Enter meal planning.

Fork, knife, and napkin representing meal planning

Just stop and think about this for a second. We plan and eat about 1,095 meals every year (365 days X 3 meals a day). That’s a lot of decisions! But what if you could narrow that down to just 52 decisions? Can weekly meal planning really save you money and fight inflation?

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Here Are 5 Financial Mistakes That Cost You When Grocery Shopping

I’m constantly reading and writing about ways to save money when you grocery shop. It’s the reason why I started writing Super Saving Tips in the first place back in 2014. It’s kind of funny really, because all of us spend so much of of our time and money on the grocery shopping experience that you’d think after a reasonable amount of time doing it, it wouldn’t be so complicated. But it is if you want to avoid these financial mistakes.

Cash register drawer representing financial mistakes when grocery shopping

That’s primarily because of two reasons. First, grocery stores are really, really good at the strategies involved in making you buy more of what they want you to buy and getting better at it all the time! Second, and this is the killer, we are all just plain lazy when it comes to grocery shopping. And in the 21st century, we are worse than ever. So if you want to know why you are making costly financial mistakes at the grocery store every week, just look at yourself in the mirror!

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Why ALDI and Lidl May Be Your Best Grocery Store Choices

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In 2016, I ranked what I thought were the best grocery stores to shop at around America. It’s time to make an update and look at two newcomers, ALDI and Lidl.

ALDI and Lidl storefronts representing the best grocery stores

Most people have one or two favorite grocery stores where they do all of their shopping. In the past, it was usually because they were close to home, or that their mom and dad shopped there, or that it just was easier to do the same thing every week. You knew the layout, the deals and familiarity seemed safe, right? But when money is tight and inflation is in the picture—big inflation—maybe it’s time to explore your options. When I say maybe, I mean you must!

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Why Getting Fast Food Isn’t As Much Fun Anymore (Plus How to Save)

For just about my whole life, getting a burger from a local fast foodery has been something I viewed as a real treat—fun and a bargain. Ignoring the healthy eating concerns just for a bit here, I’m old enough to actually remember the first McDonald’s that opened in my neighborhood and its copycat rivals, Ronnie’s and Burger Chef (which didn’t last for long). If I had even just one dollar, I could get a burger, fries, and a soda and still get some change back from it! Those were the days.

A burger and fries representing fast food

Getting a burger and fries is just about as much Americana as one can think of. And that same memory is in my mind when as a young parent I would take the kids to get some of that, too. But something has changed for sure since the glory days when I was a kid and the changes today are dramatic. It’s the reason why getting fast food isn’t as much fun anymore!

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