Pandemic Profiteering Raising Meat Prices? You Better Believe It!

Have you been confused about the rising inflation rate and wondering when this cycle is going to end and “normalcy” will return to your world? Have you just been wondering about it? Or did you figure that inflation comes and goes? And given the way things have been affected with COVID-19 it’s just no wonder that inflation came along now due to high demand and the difficulties in both getting workers and the supply chain issues? Did you just figure that is the way it is and resign yourself to it? Well there is also that other thing that is affecting you and your wallet too. It’s pandemic profiteering and it’s raising your meat prices!

Man looking at high meat prices in butcher case as a result of pandemic profiteering

Don’t Be Naïve About the Profit Motive

Profiteering is a tough subject for me personally to deal with. That’s because I spent so many years in the retail world and I’d like to think that what I always did and the companies I worked for did was to do the right thing for themselves and the consumer. I’d like to think that, but I know it’s not the truth.

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13 Ways We Save Money on Grocery Shopping Without Really Trying

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Because I give advice each week here at Super Saving Tips and because I spent almost a decade working with supermarket chains learning all the secrets that they know and use, people constantly ask me about ways to save money on grocery shopping.

Couple in supermarket trying to save money on grocery shopping

On the surface, it seems pretty challenging. You have to buy food and you have to spend money, big money on it every week and there’s really not a healthy way to avoid it. The biggest challenge, however, may be the constant bombardment of advertising that you are exposed to. That influences you and your family about those “must haves” that are really not and that clogs up your budget.

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Grocery Store Problems: What You Want Is Becoming Harder to Find and More Expensive

Are you getting increasingly more frustrated when you’re shopping for groceries these days? Now that you are doing it more, are you enjoying it less? That is probably because you are having some trouble finding many of your favorite items when you are out doing this weekly chore. And if you do find them, you are paying more for them, too. As you may have heard, there are grocery store problems: supply chain and labor shortages.

Empty grocery shelves a sign of grocery store problems

Grocery store chains are grappling with major supply challenges, with some supermarket executives saying they are as bad now as when they saw them occur back in the spring of 2020 when the pandemic first struck the U.S. and some of the staples we use every day left holes on the supermarket shelves!

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How to Score 24 Birthday Freebies

For today’s guest post on birthday freebies, please welcome Marjolein from Radical FIRE.

They say it’s your birthday? It’s my birthday, too! Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrating your birthday should be a fun and exciting day each year. An opportunity to indulge, to let time slow down, and to receive gifts and affection. It’s one of the days of the year where you need to feel special and loved. One thing birthdays should not be? Expensive!

Woman blowing out candles on a birthday cake and thinking about birthday freebies

Spending money on your birthday isn’t necessary to have a good time. In fact, wouldn’t the ideal birthday be one in which you spend no money at all? We definitely think so. That’s why we investigated some of the best birthday freebies. With some planning, you can have a fantastic birthday filled with free treats, gifts, free perfume samples, and some major discounts. Now, this is something that is worth reading, isn’t it?

Keep reading to find out the 24 best birthday freebies that we found for you!

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25 Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

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It’s been awhile since I’ve talked specifically about grocery shopping here on Super Saving Tips. With inflation rearing its ugly head, it’s more important than ever to shop smart and save money. I know many of us relaxed our control over our budgets during the pandemic and it’s about time to get back to those better habits.

In this era of rising prices, it's important to use these grocery shopping tips to save money. Here are 25 ways to control your spending.

Why It Matters

On average, Americans spend over 10% of their income on groceries. Of course the amounts vary with your family size, but no matter how big or small your family is, that’s a lot of money. If you save even $20 a week, that turns into over $1,000 a year you could be saving!

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Is Joining a Wholesale Club Like Costco Right for You?

I get asked about wholesale clubs all the time, mainly because saving on the cost of food and household supplies is such a big part of your everyday budget and of course you hear that joining a wholesale club will save you money. But is it always true?

Joining a wholesale club might be able to save you money, or it just might cost you. Here's how to tell if a wholesale club is right for you.

Back In the late 1970s, wholesale clubs (also known as warehouse clubs) started popping up and became popular all over the U.S. Then eventually they expanded internationally.

The idea of people getting an “exclusive” club membership that was offering groceries and consumers goods at significant discounts had great appeal to the then-primetime baby boomers raising families during that challenging economic era. It was a perfect storm back then. But is it still that way today? Is joining a wholesale club really for you in 2021?

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Your Grocery Budget: How to Make It and Stick to It

Do you have a grocery budget that’s working for you? To me, it’s super basic, but to so many, making any kind of budget is like speaking a foreign language. Setting a budget goal for food will help you save money, period.

Whether you're making a grocery budget for the first time, or simply trying to save more, these tips will help you reach your goals.

Without a budget or a plan, your spending habits and your control over your money are doomed to fail. And it doesn’t matter how much money you may have, it still happens. But I can help you find your budget and stick to it.

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How to Stretch Your Money on Food for Your Family

When I first started writing Super Saving Tips almost seven years ago, I had a specific goal in mind. It was simple, I wanted to use my 40+ years as an adult and share what I had done in order to save my money and have enough left over to enjoy life and plan my retirement. There are always a few (or more) bumps in the road to getting there and I have had my share for sure, but somehow I did make it. You can, too. And it helps if you know how to stretch your money.

When looking at how to stretch your money, it's a good idea to concentrate on your food budget. Here are some tips to save on feeding your family.

Some Things Never Change

These days, little has changed from when I started my plan way back when. It seems like everyone’s looking for ways to cut costs and stretch their income further. If you’re not, that can put you into deep trouble that is yet to come!

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