A Spoonful of Savings Helps the Medicine Go Down: How to Save Money on Medications

When you don’t feel well, whether it’s a random headache, a temporary infection, or a chronic illness getting you down, the last thing you want is to spend more and more money to feel better. The cost of medicines and prescriptions has been going through the roof, but what choice do you have but to spend on them? Here’s how to save money on medications you need.

Pile of pills representing how to save money on medications

The Good News

The good news is that there are several ways to help save money on medications. As I’ve gotten older and accumulated more health issues, taking medications has become a daily routine for me. It can really eat up a lot of your budget even when you are being careful. In my case, I spend about triple what the average person spends a year, running into several thousands. Here are some of the ways you and I both can help control costs, even if you need meds every day.

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Good News Headlines to Save You Money and Raise Your Spirits

If you’re like me, you can get depressed when you watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio. If you’re brave enough to read about it on the net or in a newspaper or magazine, it can be even worse seeing it in black and white.

Newspapers representing good news headlines

While we are all waiting for life to return to normal after the past couple of years, patience may be running thin for the majority of us. That’s why when any good news surfaces, it’s worth shouting it out loud and trying to enjoy it and what it will bring. So today, here are some soon to be good news headlines that will make you just a little happier and able to deal with all the bad news headlines that are around these days!

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How to Get Prescription Discounts (Yes, Even When on Medicare)

There is no question that the cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. is a huge concern and has been for years, particularly among seniors. The cost of medical care in general is pretty high and we all hear that it’s because of the incredible costs involved for research and development that drives it up and up. I am not here to debate all of the reasons why being ill and the cost of doctors, testing, and medicines in 2022 is disastrous; you can figure that out without my words. Instead I am here to tell you about prescription discounts you can use.

Bottle of medication representing prescription discounts

Since I write about savings and think about it personally all the time, I want to focus on how you can get your prescription drugs at a discount. If you thought that was some sort of fantasy, especially if you are on Medicare or Medicaid, you’re wrong. Everyone has some way they can get a deal or a discount if you know how. So right now I am going to share it with you in case you didn’t know.

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Could Your Medicare Premium Actually Cost Less Later This Year?

Those of us who get Medicare (and if it’s not already, one day that will be you too!) have just had to bear the largest single premium increase in dollars in any year for 2022, an increase of $23.00 a month. While it is true that we all also saw an increase in our total benefits (due to the high inflation adjustments of 5.9%), this Medicare premium increase puts a huge dent in that amount we get. But there just might be some good news coming down the pike when it comes to the Medicare increased costs.

Hand with intravenous line for treatment representing medical treatment covered under Medicare premium

Seniors and other recipients could see a cut in their monthly Medicare Part B premiums for 2022 after a controversial new drug’s price was just slashed. That good news makes Medicare of particular interest here at Super Saving Tips!

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2 Good Reasons Why the New 2022 Social Security Increase May Be a Bad Problem

You may not be concerned about the Social Security increase and Medicare right now, but there will come a day when you will. So when I say that there are only two reasons to be concerned, well, it’s because I don’t want to scare you out of your socks right here at the beginning of the year.

Senior woman being examined by doctor covered by Medicare and the Social Security increase

After all, if you are on Social Security or Disability right now, you are probably celebrating the largest increase in benefits in decades: a 5.9% increase is a substantial amount (the highest since 8.2% in 1982). On average, it will mean about a hundred bucks a month per person more than in 2021 will be arriving beginning this week to recipients. With inflation running rampant, it’s a welcome sigh of relief to help fight against it. But is it all high fives and smiles with Social Security or is it really just a bad problem?

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Medicare Open Enrollment: How to Stop Medicare Choice Confusion

It’s choice time for Medicare again, also known as Medicare open enrollment. If you are just getting involved for the first time or even have had coverage from it, it can be a very confusing time in your life.

Doctor in exam room representing Medicare open enrollment

Medicare, our national health insurance program here in the United States, began in 1965 under the Social Security Administration and is now administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. It primarily provides health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older. But it also covers some younger people with disability status as determined by the SSA, including people with end stage renal disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Drugstore Savings: Best Ways to Save at the Pharmacy

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Even though I have written so much in this blog about “saving at the supermarket” over the past 7 years, saving money at the drugstore has become just as big a deal. So today, let’s take a look at what savings at your pharmacy can really mean to you and how much it affects your budget and life!

Drugstores offer all kinds of merchandise these days and so it's important to know how to save at the pharmacy. Check out these 5 tips to save money.

Pharmacy Sticker Shock

Drugstore sticker shock seems as if it is on everything from prescriptions to toilet paper. If you look around the store, it seems like it is a very real thing if we even attempt to shop for convenience when we are already there for actual prescriptions or other medical necessities. We have all been in that position, haven’t we? But there are plenty of ways you can actually save big at your favorite drugstore. Here are a few important things to know and do when it comes to you and your pharmacy right now!

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What You Need To Know About a Lump Sum Disability Buyout Offer

For those receiving long term disability benefits from a private insurer, at some point you may receive a lump sum buyout offer. Whether or not to accept the offer is a big decision with lasting consequences. Because so many factors can affect the decision, it is wise to involve professionals such as an attorney, accountant, and/or financial advisor to help you decide about your particular circumstances. But here are the basics you need to know.

If you receive a lump sum disability buyout offer, there are a few things you should know. Check out these pros and cons before making a decision.

What Is a Lump Sum Disability Buyout Offer

If you are receiving private long term disability benefits, the insurer pays you a set benefit amount each month for as long as you remain disabled, until the end of your policy. A lump sum buyout offer is a one-time sum of money that the insurer is willing to pay you at once to end the policy now. If you accept the offer, you relinquish your rights to your monthly benefits.

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