5 Simple Daily Steps to Success

If there’s one particular subject that everyone thinks about, my guess is that it has something to do with becoming a “success”. Of course, before you get to the steps to success, you need to figure out exactly what defines success for you because it may be different than what it means to me or anyone else. Success in most cases is personal and that makes it a perfect subject right here in a personal finance article.

If you're looking to succeed, start by emulating the habits of successful people. These simple daily steps to success will help you reach your goals.

Where Do You See YOUR Success?

I have written several times about success, the financial and the personal kind. Both are important areas and when we gain success in one or the other or both, we feel much better about our lives and ourselves.

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10 More of My Favorite Songs About Money

A couple of years ago, just for fun, I wrote a post about some of my all-time favorite songs about money. When you stop and think about it, money is one of the big subjects that songwriters often pen their tunes about, usually right after love and truck driving it seems.

Money is a popular topic in music, and here are 10 more of my favorite songs about money. See what messages speak to you through the music.

But since this blog is about money in some form or other each week, I thought it might just be a good time to add on to this list of money songs I personally love! I apologize if you are someone who wasn’t around back in the days when I was attached to my radio and may only know some of the songs from the Muzak feed on the elevators you occasionally ride. But trust me, every one of these songs was a winner at some point back in time!

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Editorial: On Being a Responsible Human

For over five months now we have been listening to all kinds of people explain what we should and shouldn’t do to contain a pandemic. When something like a worldwide disaster that is killing hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people occurs like this, you’d think that everyone would be on the same page and do what we have to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from it. You might think that, but it certainly is not true. At least it’s not here in the United States.

While it's always important to be a responsible human, never has that been more true than during a pandemic. We all need to work together now.

Maybe it’s because I am older than the average American or maybe it’s because I am just afraid that I will become sick and die horribly from this pandemic, or maybe it’s just that I am smarter that most people, but whatever it is, I find myself staggering around in disbelief about what I am seeing and hearing every day. I think five months is way too long to remain silent here in my little corner of the world about being a responsible human.

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The Legal Documents That Are More Important Than Ever

The struggle with the spread of COVID-19 has many of us re-thinking whether we have all the right emergency legal documents we really need in place. No matter if you live in a coronavirus hotspot or don’t know anyone with COVID-19, there are certain documents you need to have on hand and understand how these legal documents can help protect you. Sometimes we choose not to think about those things, but during a pandemic we have to look at them, even when it may be scary to do it.

In case of emergencies, there are certain legal documents you need to have in order to protect you and your family, especially during a pandemic.

Managing important documents, especially emergency medical documents, isn’t any fun but it is important. It can and will help you and your family with essential healthcare decisions. Those decisions are especially difficult during an unexpected illness or accident so being prepared is just good personal finance management 101. Here’s what you need right now to protect you and your family!

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How COVID-19 Is Changing Life Permanently

If you thought that from March of 2020 through today was weird, scary, and over you had better think again. The coronavirus pandemic which completely upended our day-to-day lives will be with us for a good long time yet and is right now in the process of changing life permanently all over the world. You know it has happened with the advent of masks, gloves, and social distancing on an individual level, but it has also occurred on a much larger scale affecting societal, economic, and political levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing life for most of us. Here are the long-lasting effects I see in our future, both good and bad.

No one knows right now how long the pandemic will last, but certainly the pandemic will eventually end. When it does end, many of the enormous changes that have happened because of the virus will likely return to normal. But some things will never go back to the way they were. The outbreak has affected so many parts of life and so many people that it stands as a pivotal point in our world history and fundamentally it has really altered the way we live. Life has changed and we are going to have to get used to it.

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Racism Makes America “Ungreat”

Warning: America isn’t perfect. Back in November of 2018, I wrote a post about “Racism, Prejudice, and Finances – The Ugly Truth”. I said then that financial racism was a huge problem, and that may be easier to see right now with everything that is going on in every city across the nation and even around the world. Equality applies to both civil rights and money, too. Writing about your money and how you can do better when you manage it depends on one main thing:

You have to have some money or the ability to get some of it in order for anything good to come from it.

Racism has been part of American culture for hundreds of years, keeping it from being great. Learn what you can do to counter racism.

Lack of equality means that too many people never get the opportunity to do any of that. But when you say the word “ungreat” like I used in my title today (even if that isn’t an actual word), you still have to draw the conclusion that America and its Constitution is still a hell of a lot better than anything else “ya got”.

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Time Flies…It’s Blogiversary #6!

Although time seems as if it has stood still since March of this year, the truth is that it hasn’t. It might feel like March something, but I couldn’t help but notice that the calendar actually says May 22nd and that means something special to me. Pandemic and all, it’s Super Saving Tips’ Blogiversary #6!

It's hard to believe, but it's blogiversary #6 for Super Saving Tips! Here's a bit about what it's been and will be, and a big thank you to the readers!

Celebrating six years and beginning year number seven…can you believe it? I find it hard to believe myself. As I publish today, I have reached another milestone and that is post number 600 now totaling almost 1,000,000 words (mostly spelled correctly thanks to my wife and auto-correct…spelling was never my strong suit). How many words would a million fill up anyway? More than a book that’s for sure.

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The Impact of Coronavirus on our Economy

The total number of coronavirus cases in the United States has now exceeded well over one million. The American death toll, over 60,000 now (that we know of), has surpassed that of the Vietnam War…in just 2 months. But today’s post is not about the horrendous health impacts of the virus so far, but the economic impacts yet to come.

Recent reports about our the future of our economy are hopeful, but are they grounded in reality? Things may never be the same again.

The bad news is that our economy was reported this week to have shrunk by nearly 5% in the first quarter, the worst performance since the recession of a decade ago and probably the forerunner of a much steeper collapse in the second quarter that could be the worst one since the Great Depression, 90 years ago!

But in spite of these things, the White House on Wednesday declared its response to the crisis “a great success story”.

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