How a Personal Finance Calendar for 2022 Helps You

Financial planning for 2022 now is not thinking about it too early. Planning for the future is complicated at best and can be a stressful, challenging process. There are so many events and deadlines to keep track of. And when it comes to personal finances, missing an important date could be very costly. To add a little sanity to your life, start planning now with a personal finance calendar covering all the essential dates for 2022.

Woman sitting at a computer displaying her personal finance calendar

What Does a Personal Finance Calendar Look Like?

A personal finance calendar lists monthly and other money and financial events, tax deadlines, holidays, and other important dates. Whether you’re a novice investor or just trying to save as much money as possible, it’s worth comparing your calendar of birthdays, anniversaries, and personal events such as weddings or retirement plans to a real list of key dates. This will ensure you won’t miss anything that might impact your finances. That’s why I recommend it and why you need a calendar.

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Financial Challenges: Could 2022 Be Your Worst Year Ever?

When COVID-19 hit us all back in the beginning of 2020, we were shocked, surprised, endangered, and depressed. It seemed like the world was ending or at least that it might be as we stopped being the people we were and fear took over. If you were lucky enough not to actually get sick, you still probably stopped working, stayed at home, and hunkered down waiting to find out when life would resume to being normal again. We are still waiting for it even though over a year and a half has gone by. In our lifetime, this is the biggest disruption we’ve ever experienced. But with the financial challenges facing us in 2022, could it become the worst year ever?

Man with empty pockets representing how 2022 could be the worst year ever financially

What Happened?

First of all, I do not want to minimize the fact that 700,000 Americans have died during this pandemic and millions more around the world. That is the definition of a disaster. Millions more were and are ill and who knows the ultimate long-term effect these health problems will wreak in the end. No one does.

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Shadow Inflation Is Costing You and You Might Not Even Know It

It seems every week we are hearing news about inflation and coming up with new names for an old problem. It is something to worry about especially when you may not be keeping pace with the rising cost of so many of the items you buy…if you can find them these days. So now a new one, shadow inflation! What is it?

A person’s lurking shadow, like the shadow inflation lurking in our goods and services

Less Is Not More “Bang for the Buck”

Consumers may be getting less “bang for their buck” as companies have now begun to offer fewer services in lieu of raising prices. Yes, paying the same or slightly more for something, but getting less, can fly under the radar and some companies are starting to figure that out.

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Professional Sports Betting Is Sending Us to Hell

If you’re one who gets together with your buddies for a friendly game of pinochle or with family friends and play bridge, you are not unusual or alone. Those games are basically for fun and are harmless. But if you are thinking about making the jump from a casual game of cards to something even more serious, or even becoming a professional full-time bettor, you may be heading straight to hell. In case you missed it, betting—in particular professional sports betting—is becoming rampant here in the U.S.

NFL football game like the ones being bet on for professional sports betting

The New Roman Empire

It’s not new…I think gambling was pretty popular in the Roman Empire, too! They went to hell and we are heading there as well.

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Easy Money Makers You Can Do Right From Home

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Making money and building your wealth doesn’t always come easy. In fact, the road to financial wealth is often long and for most it’s the road to Neverland. A not-so-fun fact is that when it comes to making more money or accumulating wealth, things often take time.

Woman sitting on her sofa with laptop doing easy money makers

You can work really hard at your job and maybe get a promotion and then earn more. Or you start your own side hustle that can require months of effort before you receive any payout. Even if you start some great financial habits or develop some insightful investing or budgeting skills, it requires patience, persistence, and time. Sometimes, you just need quick and easy money makers and there’s no way around it.

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Don’t Screw Up Your Retirement Plan! 10 IRA Mistakes to Avoid

IRAs are the biggest places that people park their money for retirement in the country. In addition to direct contributions, a lot more money also comes from retirement assets from employers’ 401(k) accounts. According to the Investment Company Institute, Americans have over $35 trillion dollars socked away in total retirement assets right now. But here’s my warning: Don’t screw up your retirement plan with these IRA mistakes!

Money tree representing retirement assets and the 10 IRA mistakes to avoid

How Can Something So Simple Be So Dangerous?

Opening an IRA account seems like it’s a fairly simple thing. You go to a bank or you can pick a brokerage firm or a mutual fund company (even online), fill out a few forms, and then move some money into the account.

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Why Being Average Is a Horrible Strategy for Your Finances

Mr. or Ms. Average (or Mx. Average for you non-binary folks), is that you? Congratulations if you live in the world of average income, drive an average car, and even have an average of 1.93 kids (which actually might be tragic even though it’s the average for families right here in the good old USA). Being average is, well, average.

Man reclining on seat, just being average

But here’s the thing, despite what Seinfeld said when he said “not that there is anything wrong with that”, being average isn’t a very good be all end all goal for anyone to have, is it? Even those who are currently at the bottom of the scale financially speaking shouldn’t shoot for average. Average is not full human potential. Average is not the final stage 5 place you go to die. Average is non-distinct and is a horrible financial strategy.

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The Inflation Rate Slows, But Is It the End Yet?

I have been talking and writing about the inflation rate in the U.S. (and around the world) for a year now and I am worried about it. That makes me a little different than say Jay Powell over at the Fed who keeps saying that inflation isn’t quite a “real thing” and it’s “transitory”. If you don’t know what that means, it means that it’s just a fad and isn’t going to last. If you believe that one, well there’s that proverbial swamp land in Florida that I’d like to sell you.

A roller coaster at sunset, representing the wild ride the inflation rate is taking us on

The inflation rate has been climbing at the fastest pace in over a decade, as Americans pay more for gas, groceries, and many other items. The rate of inflation has slowed over the past few weeks, but don’t get too excited by that news. Inflation will be hanging around at high levels for quite a while longer: this year, next year, and even beyond that. If inflation were a stock, I’d say invest in it. It’s guaranteed to be going up!

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