How Do You Live a Debt Free Life?

Why do people wind up in big debt? You probably weren’t born into debt like was common back in the feudal age hundreds of years ago, so why does it seem so many wind in debt that way today?

It's possible to live a debt free life, but to do so, you need to prepare and to have the right attitude. Read on to learn how to plan to avoid debt.

These days when someone has a money problem, like when and if their car dies or they need to replace something like an air conditioning system for their home or pay off a big shopping spree that they impulsively made on their credit cards, they don’t have the money to pay for it all when the bill comes in. They really need the car fixed to get to work or the air conditioning fixed in the middle of a sweltering summer, so they end up having to purchase it on credit. Ironically sometimes that debt lasts longer than the item that they purchased! And then there is student debt, and we all have either heard about that disaster or worse, experienced it. So that raises the question, can anyone actually live a debt free life?

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When Financial Knowledge is Wasted on the Retired

I am really amazed about how things work out in life. For one, we spend so much of our lives mulling over money that when you think about it, it is kind of scary. I’m not claiming here that I don’t, hell I always have and now even in my retirement I spend hours every day writing and thinking about it. But the time I devote to the subject these days is much more balanced than it was all the years that came before. Know why? It’s because as I have aged, I have learned and re-learned the ups and downs, the trial and tribulations, and the financial knowledge that makes money make much more sense to me! I’m not claiming I have all the answers but I can say at least this: I know most of the questions. And that’s something.

Financial knowledge is critical for success, but it's often wasted on the retired. Here are some considerations for those pondering early retirement.

One of the good things in life is that I have lived long enough (69.833 years) to have learned stuff and yet one of the great mysteries is why all of that financial knowledge is wasted on the retired?

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How to Better Your Financial Decision Making

Life isn’t easy. We all make little and big decisions every day and sometimes it feels like there isn’t a minute that goes by that we can just veg and not have to do any decision making at all. Oh, and by the way, if you actually try to do just that, someone will probably call you out and tell you that you’re shirking your responsibilities or not facing up to reality or must be plain lazy or stupid. Is that why you never avoid making a decision or you agonize over one and never ever take a few minutes to take a deep breath before you do?

Financial decision making can be difficult and overwhelming, but here are some ways to make it easier and more successful.

When it comes to your money decision making, the pressure is even more ridiculous. Why? Because not only are those decisions important to you, but they show up and stand out. I mean they are pretty visible to the naked eye and often are the main ways that others can see how you function and judge how good your decision making actually is. Even though it sometimes doesn’t show up immediately to the naked eye, your money decisions will eventually be very visible and will affect you, your family, friendships, and even your job. Perhaps you can hide a few bad decisions, at least for a while. But when that day of reckoning arrives, everyone will know what really happened. When that happens, it’s not just bad for you, but for everyone around you and that just sucks!

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How to Not Fear Your Finances

Do you have any idea how many debt-burdened people don’t want to open up their mail every day? According to a 2018 Bankrate survey, 36% of Americans are losing sleep over their money troubles every day. I don’t have that financial fear and in fact, I actually look forward to getting and opening up my mail each day. That is a symptom of getting old I guess more than a result of my “braveness” when it comes to money. I just look forward to getting the coupons and sale flyers and yes, that is fairly sad, isn’t it? But for others, it is very different.

Financial fear can keep you from handling your money well and can lead to all sorts of consequences. Here's how to overcome your fear and take charge.

Can you imagine hiding from the mailman or being afraid to answer the telephone in fear that the next thing you might see or hear is that someone is coming for you or worse, your money? That may sound like high drama (and it actually is), but if you were to check around, you would find that there are way too many people who live in this kind of fearful existence. The shoeboxes they have full of those unopened bills would make some of us seek immediate emergency cardiac care. I hope that isn’t you.

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Sooner or Later You Will Learn From Your Regrets

Have you ever looked back at times and moments in your life and said to yourself “What could I have said or done differently” that might have changed the outcome of something? You know, like when you took on a new job and realized later that was a mistake or perhaps breaking off a relationship with someone that now you know shouldn’t have happened. We all have those moments of doubts and regrets, and they cover a spectrum from the ridiculous to the sublime, from love to money. Well, I can’t supersavingtips my way to saving you on love…you’ll have to go to Dr. Phil or Ellen or someone like them for that. But, I can advise you a little bit about the money thing. So here goes.

It's easy to look back at parts of your life and have regrets, but the important thing is to learn from them. Here's 6 lessons my regrets have taught me.

It is an exercise in futility to question yourself over and over again about your past because you cannot alter it! 30, 15, 10, or 5 years later—it doesn’t really matter when you do it. It’s like trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube. It’s done, over and out, history. However, you can use the lessons learned to alter your future. That’s advice you can bank on, and sooner or later you will learn (and the sooner you learn that the better off you will be!).

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Memo to Self: “I Suck When It Comes To Money”

Sometimes we ignore reality and just say to ourselves “la la la la la” whenever we are confronted with an unpleasant thought. It’s especially true when it comes to the way we deal with our money and personal finances. Tell the truth…do you suck at money?

If you suck at money, then it's time to change your financial habits once and for all. Read on for how to get started putting your finances back in order.

The blurting out of the “la la’s” and pretending everything is just fine is something that mostly happens when you’re age 9 (I’ve done exhaustive research here, so please believe me on this). Why? Well, that’s because when you are a kid you almost never have to bear the consequences of a bad money decision. Losing your lunch money on the way to school doesn’t qualify.

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The Importance of Money – Revisited

There are thousands of personal finance questions that people ask about and wish they had the answers to. For example, we all wish we had the answer to finding easy ways to make some extra money, don’t we? That’s a subject that every personal finance blogger has been asked about and probably offered dozens of different ways to do it. But besides finding new ways to earn, people search on the answers to many other questions.

The importance of money can be debated, but in the end, we all need it to survive in this society. Here's why it really is important.

Whether it’s earning extra money to paying off debts, getting the best deals when you shop, learning ways to budget your money each month, or stretching your cash, every question is important and needs some kind of valuable answer. The good news is that there are no shortages of personal finance bloggers that will offer their expert opinions. But, there is one very “cerebral” question that is asked of me constantly and it’s this one:

Why is money so important?

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How Personal Finance Bloggers are Reinventing the Wheel

Every single day of the week, over a thousand personal finance bloggers (many of whom are way more successful than I am) are read by hundreds of thousands of people. All of them, and you and I, talk a lot about what’s “really important to know” or “what you have to know” about your personal finance details to be “successful”. Yes, there are always some new ways of thinking about that, but there is one undisputable truth about your personal finances. That truth is easily identified and it is:

The most important rules of successful personal finance are the ones that just never change.

Personal finance bloggers like me are reinventing the wheel by bringing new relevance and perspectives to age-old truths.

Fundamentally Speaking…

The wheel has been said to be invented by the Sumerians around 3500 BC. But, there is evidence and also a historical belief that the wheel was first used around 12,000 years before that and was “invented” many times by totally different societies that had no contact with each other. That information is interesting because it reinforces my premise that once something is established and proven to be an item that actually works and works well to accomplish a goal (like the wheel), it just never changes.

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