A Dozen Cheap Date Ideas

If you’re on a tight budget, or you’re trying to pay down debt or take care of some other financial goals, it can be a challenge to enjoy an active social life, particularly if you are single and looking to find a romantic partner. When most people think of a first date, dinner at a restaurant is probably the most common image that springs to mind. I remember after my divorce when I first got back into the dating game, I would take each new lady out for a nice evening meal and the costs added up quickly while the connections didn’t always last. Ouch!

A Dozen Cheap Date Ideas

There are ways to dine out affordably, but you might not want to pull your coupons out on a first date. Dating is filled with enough etiquette-related and emotional landmines without also having to worry that your date thinks you’re cheap. So how can you show a potential new love interest a good time without spending a fortune? Here are a dozen cheap date ideas that are still enjoyable, fun or romantic.Continue reading“A Dozen Cheap Date Ideas”

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

I often wonder if every family realizes the importance of teaching the kids about handling money. Money certainly is a topic that comes up every day, and when your kids reach a certain age, they should be included in the process that can teach them how it’s earned, spent, saved, and donated to help others and worthy causes.

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

Children are most likely to be receptive to this kind of education at an earlier age rather than later. Teenagers, for example, think they already know everything there is to know, have a competitive mindset when it comes to status with their peers, and certainly mom and dad can’t really teach them about much, can they? Young children are constantly absorbing and asking questions and being curious about everything. Money is no exception.Continue reading“How to Teach Your Kids About Money”

Why Saving Money is So Important to Me

Personal finance is about money, but more importantly, it’s personal. We each have our own financial history, motivations, values, goals, and circumstances. Today I’d like to tell you a bit about me personally, about why saving money is so important to me, and how that influences my finances as well as this blog.

Gary WeinerI grew up in Philadelphia many long years ago. While my family didn’t have a lot, I was fortunate that we had enough. Both my parents worked, and with my mother as the shopper of the house, I learned that stretching your money as far as possible was important.Continue reading“Why Saving Money is So Important to Me”

Money and Relationships: Who, When, What, Where, How and Why?

In a culture where we learn to keep our finances private, money and relationships can be a difficult subject. While money is one of the topics a couple is most likely to fight about, 42% of couples in a recent survey by Country Financial did not discuss their finances before marriage. When you begin a relationship, you get to know someone and slowly (or perhaps immediately) decide that what you have together will lead to a shared future. Part of getting to know each other should be your goals and dreams, and by extension, how you plan to get there, that is, your financial personality. Here’s more on the who, when, what, where, how and why of discussing money in a relationship:

Money and Relationships
Continue reading“Money and Relationships: Who, When, What, Where, How and Why?”