Easy Money Makers You Can Do Right From Home

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Making money and building your wealth doesn’t always come easy. In fact, the road to financial wealth is often long and for most it’s the road to Neverland. A not-so-fun fact is that when it comes to making more money or accumulating wealth, things often take time.

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You can work really hard at your job and maybe get a promotion and then earn more. Or you start your own side hustle that can require months of effort before you receive any payout. Even if you start some great financial habits or develop some insightful investing or budgeting skills, it requires patience, persistence, and time. Sometimes, you just need quick and easy money makers and there’s no way around it.

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Will You Ever Find a Job That You Love?

Here’s a topic that I feel that I am totally qualified to talk and advise you about: job satisfaction. Strangely though, it’s not because I am living proof that if you try hard enough, you can and will find that “dream job” that you really, really want. Rather, like most of the people you see around you who work in a job that they seem to be trapped in, I was one of those people for about 98.7% of my working career and you are probably one of them right now too. But wouldn’t be great to find a job that you love, that you really, really love?

I've had many jobs over my career, and to find a job that you love isn't always easy. Follow my must-do behaviors to find your best match.

The Work in the Process of Actually Finding “Work”

I guess they call it “work” because let’s face it, it usually isn’t fun, is it? But the process of actually looking for and finding a job is usually far from fun even if the job actually might be fun. I had more jobs then I’d care to relate to you in my career, but it doesn’t always have to go like that.

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What Is Deferred Compensation and the Legend of Bobby Bonilla

Getting good compensation for our time and energy is the reason why we get up every day, go to work, and try to pay all of our bills. For me and for the vast majority of us, it’s an endless challenge to get a good paying job (one we actually like) and then to be paid or compensated fairly for what we do and have it be enough to cover the wants and needs of life! To put it simply, it’s a struggle, but what choice do we really have but to do it? Unless your name is Rockefeller or Donald Trump Jr., not much. So we may know about compensation, but what about deferred compensation?

Deferred compensation can potentially benefit both the employer and employee, but there can be drawbacks as well. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Compensation vs. Deferred Compensation

We understand what compensation is pretty clearly. It can be money, but it can be anything that is valuable and sometimes actually is just that. Vacations, cars, you name it. Now you and I may never see such things as part of our compensation, but some folks see them routinely. Hollywood and entertainment types get that kind of compensation in their contracts for employment and it is possible you may someday get a form of it as well. If you are good…and lucky, that is.

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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Start a Side Hustle

For today’s guest post on why now is the time to start a side hustle, please welcome Chris Panteli from LifeUpswing.

In these uncertain times starting a side hustle is a must. Bringing in extra money can help in many ways. What would you use the extra money for?

Any extra money you earn could help pay debts off quicker, be added to a savings account to cover emergencies, or be used to pay for fun spending meaning your wages can remain untouched after all bills are paid.

If you want to start a side hustle to earn more money, now is the time to begin. Here are the reasons why, plus ideas for your side hustle.

This article will explain why it’s the perfect time to start a side hustle.

Why You Should Start A Side Hustle

It is extremely easy to find reasons not to do something, but there are lots of great reasons why you should start a side hustle. Here are eight fantastic reasons to start a side hustle.

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6 Ways to Increase Your Income Despite COVID-19

For today’s guest post on how to increase your income despite COVID-19, please welcome Forrest McCall from Don’t Work Another Day.

As we surpass 9 months battling the worldwide pandemic COVID-19, for many people their finances have been under pressure at some point along the journey.

Whether you’ve faced a layoff or have increased healthcare costs, keeping your budget intact has certainly been a challenge for many.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is causing job and income loss for many, there are still ways to increase your income. Check out these six ways to earn.

In this post, I’m going to help you find alternative methods to make money and increase your income despite the worldwide pandemic.

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Before You Quit Your Job: What You Need to Consider

There isn’t really a great time to ever quit your job and so there may never be a perfect time or way to quit it, either. But when you are considering quitting, understand this: some times for quitting your job are way worse than other times. An obvious one of those “bad times” is right now during a pandemic when unemployment has soared to double digits and getting some new jobs are next to impossible to find in many areas.

Before you quit your job, carefully consider these factors. You want to put yourself in the best position possible for the future.

But even if you hate your job and you want out as soon as possible, it’s better to make an informed decision and leave when the timing is right. Don’t ever decide in haste and quit in the heat of the moment. It could cost you money, reputation, and negatively affect your future career and job prospects. So before you quit your job, here are some things to consider.

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Parenting Dilemma: Work and Childcare or Stay at Home

One of the biggest issues facing families right now (and we have a laundry list of issues, don’t we?) is the question they face about work and childcare. Even under normal conditions not involving a pandemic and whether or not your kids have a school they can actually get up and go to each day, the decision to be a stay-at-home parent or to find work and supplement your family income isn’t an easy one to make. But right now, the stay at home or daycare decision is a real dilemma!

Making the parenting decision between work and childcare or staying at home isn't easy. Here's a look at the financial side.

Who Watches Your Child If They Can’t Go to a School?

If you have a choice, what choice will you make? For the moment, your choices may be very limited. Do you have a job to return to or you can find? Is your child’s school offering on-site instruction or virtual classrooms? For how long will your life decisions remain in effect because of the pandemic?

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10 Simple Things That Can Increase Your Income

Saving money by cutting your expenses is a great way to help improve your finances. It’s a simple step in theory but much harder in practice or all of us would do it and we’d be right on top of our money. But controlling our expenses and cutting them is only half of the equation. If you can increase your income at the same time you’re cutting expenses, you’ll meet your financial goals even faster. So what are the simple ways to accomplish these goals and improve your personal finances and income?

Working hard is important to get ahead, but it doesn't always guarantee a promotion. Learn 10 simple things you can do to help increase your income.

Earn More, Just Like You Always Planned to Do

Earn more money? Yes, it’s easier said than done. Of course you can pick up a side hustle today fairly easily if you want to spend even a few extra hours of your free time as so many are doing today to add money to their pocket. Think of a need and fill it. It may not be quite like the need that Bill Gates thought of, but earning any extra money helps, especially in these times.

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