Common Cents: Common Money Issues That Worry Me

Sometimes when I’m just not centered in the right mindset about my personal finance, I start to wander off on tangents about money issues I am facing and how to handle them. I know that I worry about them even though I now have a solid base in my financial plans. I am always completely honest in my approach to what has to be done and when to do it. And then it hits me. I am not alone in my worries about money nor am I alone in the many ways that are out there to deal with the money issues that I, and in fact all of us, face every day of the year. These are common problems we all have and we need the required common sense and money “cents” to solve them.

Common Cents: Common Money Issues That Worry Me

So let’s break it down.  Here’s a few of the issues that I think we all worry about and what we can do to help us get through them.Continue reading“Common Cents: Common Money Issues That Worry Me”

The Scary Unproductive Attitudes That Sabotage Your Work

If you have ever wondered why so many people aren’t successful at becoming financially healthy, wealthy and wise in the real world, you may have discovered that a lot of people are adept at the practice and behavior of being unproductive. After so many years of working in business, I think I’ve seen and heard just about every kind of excuse making for lack of productivity there is to be had. Those attitudes are pretty easy to spot in people and it matters not if you are a co-worker or the supervisor; it adds nothing to your day and hinders everyone around. In fact, it’s scary in the ways it can affect a business and even affect you, a productive dedicated employee.

The Scary Unproductive Attitudes That Sabotage Your Work

In past posts, we’ve talked about how you can be more successful, earn more, and get ahead in your career and thus your advancement on the road to financial health and wealth. Actions like going the extra mile, not being a clock watcher, and contributing your ideas to help solve problems will put you on that track every time. If you’re not careful, the unproductive people you see every day, or your own unproductive attitudes, can pull you into their karma and have you spinning your wheels just as they do.Continue reading“The Scary Unproductive Attitudes That Sabotage Your Work”

5 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way (So You Won’t Have To)

I began my post-collegiate working career back in 1971. Does that seem like a century ago to you? Well it may be in many ways! It was a time when the computer was something rare unlike it is today. There were no cell phones around for 24/7 availability. There weren’t 400 TV channels on cable and the internet just didn’t exist for regular folks. Even the word blog wasn’t in our vocabulary. But there was something that hasn’t really changed over the years and probably never will. It’s the desire to be a success at whatever you do for a living and the search for financial wellness that comes in finding the job you really want that will earn you the kind of income you desire. And the drive to get it no matter what!

5 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way (So You Won't Have To)

Back in the day, when I graduated college, I have to admit I wasn’t certain about what I really wanted to do with my life. I wasn’t a great student for most of my time in school, but I did do well in my junior and senior years at college. I was all over the place when it came to fields of study however, majoring in Secondary Education and History and minoring in Philosophy. As I look back at that, I realize that if I truly wanted to be a Philosopher, I’d probably have to dead before I could reach the level that would earn me a good living!Continue reading“5 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way (So You Won’t Have To)”

How NOT to Get a Raise at Work

Money makes the world go round. At least that’s what we seem to think. So when you go to work, the big reason is most likely to earn money. And you want to get as much money for your work as you can. Therefore it seems logical that you want to learn how to get a raise at work. But what if you are trying your best, and you just aren’t getting anywhere?

How Not to Get a Raise at Work

You feel like you work hard and you deserve that raise. After all, they gave Dave a big raise and a promotion and everyone knows he’s not half as smart as you. So why not you?  What did he do that you didn’t do?.  You did everything they asked you to do and you always do. You‘re a model of consistency, you show up every day on time and you never miss a day. What’s the heck is wrong with them? Can’t they see you need a raise?Continue reading“How NOT to Get a Raise at Work”

eBay and Craigslist: How to Flip Things for Profit

Awhile back I wrote about how to sell things at the flea market, but there are higher tech solutions! Anum Yoon gives us tips to sell online in today’s guest post.

Are you a born bargain hunter with a house full of stuff you can’t throw away because you might need it some day? If so, you might be sitting on a source of income that’s just waiting for you to tap into.

eBay and Craigslist: How to Flip Things for Profit

You’ve heard of flipping houses? It can be a lucrative business if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars you can afford to tie up for months, while restoring and then waiting to sell a home. But for those of us who aren’t quite there, flipping items on a smaller scale can net a pretty profit if you do it right.Continue reading“eBay and Craigslist: How to Flip Things for Profit”

Financial Literacy: A Review of “High School Money Hacks”

Every April since 2003, the United States has recognized and celebrated National Financial Literacy Month. It was called for by a joint resolution in congress and is one path to educating the citizens of our country about the importance and real necessity of developing a working knowledge in mastering the language, principles, and actions of finance.

Financial Literacy: A Review of"High School Money Hacks"

But nowhere is it more important to begin that education than with our youth. High school financial literacy is more important than ever before. There are many levels of education and responsibilities that kids come in contact with that can be the inspiration and key to their developing a full understanding of the principles of financial education. I recently read a book that I think can really help both student and parent in that quest.Continue reading“Financial Literacy: A Review of “High School Money Hacks””

9 More Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

Last week when I posted 9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money, I knew I had tapped a topic that would get some real attention. Of course I have discovered more than 9 ways that are out there and they are really fun, weird, unusual, and even shocking. Ways that are being used every day by some inventive and brave people. These everyday people who either through boredom, resourcefulness or sheer desperation, have come up with the ideas and they do actually work! So as promised, here’s another list of 9 more unusual ways to make extra money!

9 More Unusual Ways to Earn Extra MoneyContinue reading“9 More Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money”

9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

Just when you thought that every way you can start a side hustle or earn extra money has been thought of or written about and discussed between you and your friends, new possibilities can appear that are easy, fast, and hit you with a “why didn’t I ever think of that” smack in the head. That’s exactly what this list represents! In some cases they’re completely new 21st century related actions that can get you into the game. But even old can be new again with some ideas morphing into new ways to earn and get you out of your current money hole and into prosperity!

9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

So sit down and read this list and see if you can pick just one of them to increase your monthly income!  There’s something for everyone here so get started now.Continue reading“9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money”