9 More Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

Last week when I posted 9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money, I knew I had tapped a topic that would get some real attention. Of course I have discovered more than 9 ways that are out there and they are really fun, weird, unusual, and even shocking. Ways that are being used every day by some inventive and brave people. These everyday people who either through boredom, resourcefulness or sheer desperation, have come up with the ideas and they do actually work! So as promised, here’s another list of 9 more unusual ways to make extra money!

9 More Unusual Ways to Earn Extra MoneyContinue reading“9 More Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money”

9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

Just when you thought that every way you can start a side hustle or earn extra money has been thought of or written about and discussed between you and your friends, new possibilities can appear that are easy, fast, and hit you with a “why didn’t I ever think of that” smack in the head. That’s exactly what this list represents! In some cases they’re completely new 21st century related actions that can get you into the game. But even old can be new again with some ideas morphing into new ways to earn and get you out of your current money hole and into prosperity!

9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

So sit down and read this list and see if you can pick just one of them to increase your monthly income!  There’s something for everyone here so get started now.Continue reading“9 Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money”

Stop Complaining and Do Something About It!

You’ll have to pardon me here if I sound like I’m complaining (I am), but have you noticed the absurd numbers of annoying complaints that people seem to have about, oh I don’t know, everything! There are just some people who love to complain and it’s getting worse by the minute! The time that is spent on the complaining is not the proverbial “time well spent”, and I seriously think it may lead to the decline and fall of the free world. Or maybe not, but here’s my point.

Stop Complaining and Do Something About It !

Today, you have the ability to vent, whine, rant, and get tons of attention every minute of the day through social media. Tweeting, Facebook posting and a slew of other “wonderful” platforms amplify the complaining so that I and people like me are bombarded with it to the point of nausea! Do I have to know who hit on you at work? What you had for lunch? Who got engaged while you are still dating the guy you met at your psych class 7 years ago? I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst offending complaints and if you’re among the “whaaa!!-trepreneurs” who are making a priority out of being heard this way, try some self-restraint and spend some time with a few of my poignant recommendations…please!Continue reading“Stop Complaining and Do Something About It!”

How History Can Lead You to Financial Independence

Fifty years ago, in 1965, I was just 16 years old. Ah yes, the 1960’s! It’s remembered for quite a few things, isn’t it? Baby boomers were just first coming of age back then, but of course there were also things like the Beatles and the British musical invasion, Motown, man landing on the moon, the assassination of JFK, the Vietnam War and of course, who will ever forget Woodstock!

How History Can Lead You To Financial Independence

They say “if you can remember the 60’s then you weren’t really there”, but I am here to tell you I was there and it was a wonderful yet tumultuous time in America. I thought, for this post, we should look back at that time and use it as information that can help us plan for the future. Sort of where we were, where we are, where we’re going, put in the context of financial independence. It’s not really that complicated. We can adjust for inflation and compare it all so that we can see how things have changed. Or have they really?Continue reading“How History Can Lead You to Financial Independence”

How I Make $200/Day as an Election Poll Worker

Now that election news is constantly in your ears with all the presidential buzz, I thought I’d tell you about a really simple way to make a few hundred bucks each year. Have you ever thought about working the polls on election day?

How I Make $200/Day as an Election Poll Worker

I always used to think that you had to “know someone” if you wanted to be an election poll worker. You know, connected to a friend or something. That’s simply not true! I just got my training class letter in the mail today (each training certification lasts 2 years) and I’ll be working on November 3rd for my 8th consecutive year as a worker, helping and greeting hundreds of my fellow New Jersey voters once again. It’s one of the best ways I know to make some extra cash and actually perform a civil service that helps the community.Continue reading“How I Make $200/Day as an Election Poll Worker”

Make Your Next Job Interview A Big Success

When you’re trying to grow your wealth, you can work on reducing your expenses, increasing your income, or best of all, both. In the quest for greater income, you may be one of the millions of Americans looking for a new job or trying to move up in the company you currently work for. Others are freelancing or starting their own businesses, and meeting with potential clients. Whether it’s a job interview or a meeting with a potential client, there are some key things you can do to improve your fortunes.

Make Your Next Job Interview A Big Success

I spent many years hiring people from both outside the companies I worked for and within the ranks of employees trying to work their way up the corporate ladder, and I can tell you that there are several ways to stand out and get that job you really want.Continue reading“Make Your Next Job Interview A Big Success”

The Importance of Time

Poems, songs, and proverbs have been written about time over the centuries. We talk about time every day, whether we are “saving” it, “spending” it, being “on time”, having “time off” or measuring it in some other way. After all is said and done, time is the only thing we all share and we never know exactly how much of it we will have in the end. The very last thing we should do is waste our time. It’s that important and precious, isn’t it?

The Importance of Time

In this blog I have written about some “time savers” over the past year or so. Today, I want to talk about the importance of time in a few of the ways that affect you, your family, and your finances.Continue reading“The Importance of Time”