Saving Money Is Earning Money and Here’s Why

One of the things I shouldn’t ever have to explain to anyone is this simple fact: If you are saving money, in any way, you are actually earning money! It’s effectively the same thing and it’s something you can do almost every time you shop. Even if all you are doing is heading to the grocery store, the gas station, or the mall, when you save when you shop it means that your money isn’t going anywhere except into your pocket just as if you “earned” it. Saving money is earning money!

Woman and piggy bank representing saving money

Something Really Good Happens When You Save

Although you could waste your precious time debating whether or not earning more at your job, side gig, or working for your Uncle Fred in Tucson is a better way to get more cash and build your wealth, why bother? (Spoiler alert: You can do both.) You deal with money every day and you have it in your hand all the time, so why not figure out new and better ways to hold on to to some more of it when you must spend it?

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In This Turbulent Market, Is It Too Late to Start Investing Now?

After sitting on the sidelines for even just a little while—say the past few years because you were just starting out in life, the pandemic had you sitting at home worried, your income was down or non-existent, or you just were afraid of the stock market in general, whatever the reason—you missed the boat. That great “boom” investment market has left the shore and maybe it is going to be sailing away for quite a long time, who really knows. Many in the financial world think it may have left for a good long time and if it has, does that mean that it’s too late to start investing now?

Dollar bills and pocket watch representing whether it is too late to start investing now

Investing Is a “Loooooooong” Game

Unlike an actual game, investing has no real timeline whereas a game has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The only meaningful timeline investing can have is for someone who needs their money in their hand right now for some real purpose like an emergency that requires all cash on deck. Hopefully that will never happen to you, but sometimes it does. If you are in a situation like that, investing money isn’t available to you right now.

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How You Can Save Money in These High Inflation Days

Good news…well, maybe. The inflation numbers for April overall were down slightly from March. It may mean that inflation has peaked, but what it doesn’t mean is that things will be returning to normal soon, or ever. Prices that go up, in general, never go down as time moves on. That’s the real problem with high inflation.

Piggy bank on coins representing saving money during high inflation days

Strangely though, on the surface, inflation 2022-style isn’t like you father’s inflation days of the 1970s and 80s. Sure, there is the biggie: gasoline prices soaring now to a record high average of $4.47 a gallon nationally (even higher than that in places like California topping $6.00). But even so, that number isn’t making as much of an impact as buying a tankful did when the average paycheck could barely afford one at $1.00 a gallon!

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What to Do If You Don’t Have Enough Money to Invest Right Now

I am not quite sure how many times I have heard it said: “A penny saved is really truly a penny earned.” Old Ben Franklin was so right back then when he said it and the truth is it hasn’t changed in all those years. What that actually means is this: If you sit around and moan and groan that you just don’t have enough, earn enough, save enough or just can’t do what you want to do to try to build your wealth, there is a way you can at least start.

Hands holding soil and money sprout representing what to do if you don’t have enough money to invest

Taking small steps will get you to your goal and even better, those small steps can lead you to being an investor where you can actually make your current income earn a lifetime additional stream of it! So follow my advice today and stop saying “I don’t have enough money to invest!”

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Make At Least 8% on Your Money Over the Next 12 Months…Guaranteed!

This is one subject I never get tired of writing about. It’s the “how do I get a huge interest rate on my money” deal. I know you may think I am making this up, but I’m not. Even though I have written about this subject several times before, I am truly amazed that there are still multi-millions who don’t pay any attention or just don’t believe it. Do you think that I would tell you about making 8% plus on your money and take no risk just as a joke here? The time has never been better to do it and it is the silver lining right now in the inflation picture!

Money clip with $100s representing money made with series I US savings bonds

High Inflation Has One Good Result

Given the high inflation numbers reported this week with the Consumer Price Index rising 8.5% over the last 12 months, you might think that any interaction with the U.S. Treasury would not be a way to protect and grow your money right now. That thinking is waaaaaaaaaaay wrong. In fact, using the Treasury is as good as gold. That is because there is a little something called Series I US Savings Bonds. Everyone can buy and take advantage of these, and get a rate of interest that hasn’t been seen in almost…forever! You can lock it in, sit back, and see your money really grow no matter what the final inflation numbers wind up being for 2022!

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Talking with Chaster Johnson from StockTeamUp on Defensive Investing in a Volatile Market

No matter what age you are, it seems you can always learn something new and that is a wonderful experience. For me, it’s been a pretty interesting ride these past eight years of blogging. I’ve gotten to meet some of the most intelligent, driven young people who are creating exciting new pathways to become successful themselves and yet also making financial literacy education a priority.

Man in front of volatile stock market chart representing the need for defensive investing

But financial literacy isn’t stressed as it should be. Overall it is a real need for young people to master early in life. It helps them to meet all the financial challenges they will have to deal with to build financial security in their lives.

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How You Can Make Money with Stocks When Inflation Is Skyrocketing

The highest inflation in over 40 years is hitting consumers and rippling through the economy right now, but I don’t have to explain that to you. If you shop for anything these days, you know where prices are heading and that is up, way up.

Stock charts representing inflation stocks

It’s obvious by now that the Federal Reserve got it wrong when they said that inflation was “transitory” and now we are all in a mess. There really is no end in sight right now for when inflation will wane and prices will return to a manageable level. No one knows the actual date and time. Since we don’t know, there is another way you can look to offset rising prices…maybe. The answer might just be to make some money by investing in inflation stocks when inflation is skyrocketing!

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When Your Emergency Fund Screams to You: “Use Me!”

Every personal finance writer I have ever read says the same thing as I do when it comes to saving up an emergency fund. That is do it and do it as soon as you possibly can! That’s because of a host of reasons and none are bigger than the peace of mind you get from knowing that you have a nest egg ready just in case something “bad” happens to you.

Fraying rope representing an emergency to use your emergency fund

An emergency fund is the money you set aside in an easily accessible savings account to help you comfortably manage urgent, essential expenses during unlikely circumstances. Since you never know what life can throw at you, experts commonly recommend setting aside at least three to six months’ worth of your typical monthly expenses and necessary costs. Or at the very least have a starter emergency fund of say $500 or $1,000 which you are in the process of building.

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