17 Weird and Wacky Ways to Save Over $7,000 A Year

When times are tight, and that seems to be just about all of the time these days, it’s important to search for ways to stretch your dollars. While everyone seems to know the obvious money-saving strategies, like clipping coupons or online shopping instead of spending extra for gas and driving everywhere, there are plenty of other options to cut your costs. Some of you may have heard some ideas whispered in a back room at the office, but you may have never even imagined that people spend a lot of their time looking for new and even extreme ways to save their money!

As prices go up and incomes rise slowly, it's time to look toward weird and wacky ways to save money to help balance your budget. Here are 17 ideas for you.

Don’t be afraid. If you are really serious about saving money, you can get pretty creative with your saving strategies. Those willing to think outside the box can save some serious cash. If you’re willing to do just about anything it takes to add some extra room into your budget, try these 17 crazy, weird, and even extreme ways to save money and cut your expenses!Continue reading“17 Weird and Wacky Ways to Save Over $7,000 A Year”

Investing in Infrastructure Now Can Build Your Wealth

Tips on saving for your future are almost a dime a dozen out there. Well, maybe they’re really more like hundreds of dollars for even just one good tip from a professional, but here’s some good news for you. My tips for you are still absolutely free right here! But remember that you get what you pay for, so here is what I think on today’s topic: investing in infrastructure.

With repairing and rebuilding our aging infrastructure on the national agenda, it seems like personally investing in infrastructure would be a wise move.

For years now there has been a lot of talk about our aging infrastructure* and the need to rebuild, repair, replace, and create all new projects, buildings, roads, etc. all over the country.Continue reading“Investing in Infrastructure Now Can Build Your Wealth”

7 Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your Savings

For today’s guest post on increasing your savings, please welcome back fellow blogger Anum Yoon.

In today’s world, there are endless opportunities to make money, but not all of them are the definition of reliable. Unless you have a sizable, stable income, it can be difficult to build a hefty savings account. It can be intimidating to start putting your money away for the future, especially if you aren’t sure what’s the right way to do so. Thankfully, there isn’t just one way to save!

It's important to maximize your savings to increase your overall wealth. Guest blogger Anum Yoon shares seven easy ways to build up your savings.

Increase Automatic Savings Just a Bit

Don’t attempt to save money in big chunks at first. It will be discouraging to see the money drain from your account so fast when you’re not sure what your new budget will be. Give yourself a small goal, and let it grow bigger with time. For example, start saving 1% of your monthly income, and, after six months, increase it to 2%. The time frame can be whatever you need it to be, but the gradual saving will build your account quickly.Continue reading“7 Easy Ways to Ramp Up Your Savings”

Kids Can Invest in the Market: The Stockpile Experience

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Have you ever purchased stocks for your children or grandchildren? Better yet, would you like your kids to learn about the market at a young age and develop some lifetime skills that just might be the best road to building financial wealth? Well, now you can introduce them to Stockpile, an online discount brokerage firm that will allow you and your kids to buy “fractional” shares of over 1,000 stocks and funds (ETFs) with a relatively new and simple, easy and straightforward access to the stock market.

If you want to buy stocks for kids, Stockpile is a great way to do it. Not only can you buy fractional shares, but kids can track their stocks too.

The idea of buying stock fractions isn’t totally brand new, it’s been around for a couple of years. However, Stockpile is just a little bit different. For the first time ever, you can now set up a custodial account that your kids can use and learn all about the market and even make trades (with your approval of course)! It even gives you the ability to reinvest any dividends automatically for free, unlike any other of these types of accounts.Continue reading“Kids Can Invest in the Market: The Stockpile Experience”

How to Invest in Real Estate When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time

Today’s guest post on maximizing your time when investing in real estate is from fellow blogger Kayla Sloan. 

I don’t know about you, but time is something I never seem to have enough of.

There’s always at least one more thing on my “To Do” list at the end of each day than I have the time to accomplish. Maybe it’s because my goals and optimism of how much I can accomplish each day are too lofty.

If you don't have much time, there are still ways you can invest in real estate. Here are 3 different ways to maximize your time with real estate investing.

If this sounds all too similar to what you experience in your own daily life you should know that one thing not to put off until tomorrow is investing.

Perhaps you’ve considered investing in the past and ruled out putting money into real estate investments due to a lack time in your busy schedule to flip houses or manage rentals. But the good news is, those are not the only ways to invest in real estate and it is possible to do even when you don’t have a lot of time.Continue reading“How to Invest in Real Estate When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time”

Want to Invest in a Movie? The Lure of Equity Crowdfunding

Update: As of Tuesday, December 4, 2018, I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas will be out and available on digital (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)! 

Isn’t there a little bit inside all of us with stars in our eyes that has us dreaming about what it might be like to be a movie star? Even if you don’t want to admit it out loud, you probably have wanted to find out about Hollywood and its glamorous, glittery trappings, right? You know you have.

These days you can invest in everything from a movie to a basketball team through equity crowdfunding. Here's more about the process and what's out there.

Interestingly enough, these days you could be an insider to the movie business as well as dozens of other great industries by sticking your toe into online equity crowdfunding. And you don’t have to be a “Warren Buffet type” to get involved either! It can be done with a little online research, as little as 100 bucks, and a couple of keystrokes on your home computer.Continue reading“Want to Invest in a Movie? The Lure of Equity Crowdfunding”

Invest in the Right Season of the Stock Market Cycles

This year has brought a real boom in the stock market! The indexes are at record levels, breaking the 21,000 plateau, and at the moment seem to be nothing but “bullish” on the horizon! Anyone who’s invested in the market has seen gains since the beginning of 2017 and that seems to bode well at least in the near term, doesn’t it?

Like the seasons, there are stock market cycles for investing. Knowing when to buy low and when to sell high can help investors maximize their earnings.

If you are asking yourself the big question as to why there is so much optimism in the market these days, one answer you will hear often is this: the proposed tax cuts for business and individuals are now on the table and the cutting of numerous regulations that have been negatively affecting business has begun. These two reasons have been spurring the markets since the November 2016 elections as the numbers have grown by 15% in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Consumer confidence is at a 15-year high as well. Continue reading“Invest in the Right Season of the Stock Market Cycles”

What Karate Can Teach Us About Investing

Please welcome Troy from Market History for today’s guest post on what karate can teach us about investing.

I used to do karate when I was in elementary school and when I first started high school. Unlike many sports, karate is insanely aggressive in which the training is rather painful. There are a lot of parallels between karate and investing because karate isn’t just a sport. It’s more of a way of life that trains both your body and your mind. Here are some lessons from my experiences that you can apply as an investor.

Believe it or not karate can teach us about investing. Here are several important lessons from martial arts that cross over to making you a better investor.

Doing nothing is just as important as doing something

You can easily tell a good martial artist from a bad martial artist. Someone who’s bad at karate will throw as many punches, kicks, and combinations as possible in any given round. A lot of times these attacks will be uncoordinated and can be easily deflected.Continue reading“What Karate Can Teach Us About Investing”