Are You Wasting Your Money?

In this day and age, perhaps more than ever, spending your money wisely is essential to keeping you and your family financially healthy. If you’re like me, you probably plan a budget and think about your big purchases long and hard before you spend any hard-earned money. You probably don’t think you waste your money, but sometimes our everyday habits leak money without our even realizing it.

Are You Wasting Your Money?

Are you wasting money? Take a look at this list to figure out what ways your money may be disappearing right out of your pocket.Continue reading“Are You Wasting Your Money?”

The Simple Truth About Retailers’ Integrity

After 40+ years of working in the retail world, and even more years as an astute shopper, I think I know that the intention of almost every retail establishment is very clear. Their goals are very simple. They want to make a profit (yes, it’s not a dirty word!) and to make you a happy, satisfied customer so that you will return again and tell your friends to do the same. There are “rules” to be followed in many cases (they’re also known as consumer protection laws), but mostly it’s a common sense approach to resolving issues and shopping mistakes.

The Simple Truth About Retailers' Integrity

As upfront as that sounds, things do occur that can prevent such simple goals from being achieved. What happens in reality often leaves a bad taste in the shopper’s mouth and prevents the goal of mutual satisfaction from occurring. Why? Well again, it’s not complicated. Sometimes an honest mistake is made by a store and its employees. Other times, it’s the chain of command and the retail staff feels the need to protect the store from being taken advantage of by customers (and that does happen sometimes), which can lead to tension and customers leaving unhappy. Here are some real life situations I’ve experienced and what I did to resolve them from both sides of the shopping transaction.Continue reading“The Simple Truth About Retailers’ Integrity”

Negotiate Your Way to Shopping Bargains

I have spent most of my adult life working in and around the retail world. Over the years I have seen many changes such as the consolidation of many of the department store names of the 1970’s through the 2000’s, and all of the technology that helps to control inventory, track sales, and speed services, among many other changes. But one thing hasn’t ever changed in all my years in this business, and that’s the desire that all shoppers have to get a great deal on whatever they buy!

Negotiate Your Way to Shopping Bargains

You can often scour the ads and find “sales”, special values, price breaks, etc.  But do you always feel like you got the best deal?Continue reading“Negotiate Your Way to Shopping Bargains”

4 Valuable Reasons to Delay Spending

Most of the time, when people want to save more and spend less, they try to reduce or eliminate their extra spending. And this is a really important part of living below your means, saving money, and reaching your financial goals. But sometimes, just delaying your spending is enough to make an important difference.

4 Valuable Reasons to Delay Spending

However, delaying your spending can also be a bad idea. In fact, sometimes it’s a really, really bad idea. If you have a medical issue, or if your car or home needs a repair, waiting can be a huge mistake. Your problem can escalate from a small, manageable issue into a large, expensive one. Plus those issues can multiply and affect your income (missing work due to an unreliable car or an illness) and now putting that spending off will cost you big time.

But if you’re thinking of spending on a purchase, whether it’s something big (like a home or a car), medium (like a laptop or smartphone) or even something small, there are several useful reasons to delay your spending.Continue reading“4 Valuable Reasons to Delay Spending”

Best Retail Buys for May and June

I know that shopping isn’t the act of saving money, but if you are in the market for a best buy this spring, then you should know what to look for now. Saving money on the purchases you need for the upcoming season is a good start to making your hard-earned dollars pay off. This is the time of the year when the days are getting longer and you’ll be spending more and more time outdoors as the sun shines and the weather warms up, so check out this list and see what you can find that will make “springing into summer” a good time to buy both in stores and online.

Best Sales for Spring

Memorial Day

While Memorial Day this year is Monday, May 25th, the sales begin as early as May 11. No doubt these sales are advertised widely in flyers, newspaper and TV ads and will be the biggest of the season on spring apparel, producing savings of 50-75% off original prices. Continue reading“Best Retail Buys for May and June”

Being Smart about Smartphone Plans

Who would have believed 25 years ago that the smartphone would be as commonly found in your pocket as wearing shoes each day on your feet? I know I never dreamed of being accessible 24/7 by phone and have the data resources available at my fingertips to settle a bar bet, compare prices while out shopping, or find my way home when driving and lost. But we live in a world where technology is king, and to support that king, we have to pay our dollars in tribute. It’s not really much of a choice whether or not to have a phone, but mostly a necessity these days. That’s why you have to do your due diligence to find the best affordable deal for you and your family.

Being Smart About Smartphone Plans

Continue reading“Being Smart about Smartphone Plans”

The Best Days of the Week to Shop and Save

Is there really a science to looking for great deals on a specific day of the week? Well, according to some experts, there actually are better days to shop and save than others! Jot these down and next time you’re in the market for a bargain, try shopping on the best day for that category.

The Best Days of the Week to Shop and Save

Money-Saving Mondays

Buying a new car? Mondays are the best deals around. Why? Pretty simple, they have the least amount of shoppers on Mondays and after what may have been a poor weekend result (weather may have affected sales, or perhaps the staff just didn’t close many deals), the salesman are “highly motivated” to start the week successfully.Continue reading“The Best Days of the Week to Shop and Save”

Presidents’ Day Sales Should Get Your Attention

While Valentine’s Day (or Frugaltine’s Day if you will) usually grabs all the headlines in February, winter savings discounts have been trending up over recent years making Presidents’ Day now the best time to buy on many items and categories for the month, and even for the year! Last year revealed the biggest discounts ever on winter apparel, going as high as 85% off original prices, including stacking coupons, loyalty discounts, and BOGO’s. While you should never buy something just because it’s on sale, or worse, just because the retailer says it’s a good deal, if you’re looking for certain items, you’ll want to pay attention to the Presidents’ Day sales.

Presidents' Day Sales

Presidents’ Day not only held offered amazing savings at retail stores, but online shopping as well, which most everyone believes culminates with the best savings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Continue reading“Presidents’ Day Sales Should Get Your Attention”