Taking the Holiday Spirit Forward into 2022

No “8 Ways to Save Money” today or anything like it. Today is my chance to wish everyone a happy holiday and great new year in 2022 because as we all know we could really use a great new one!

Golden candles and ornaments representing the holiday spirit

So let me say from my family to you and yours: happy, healthy, and peaceful holidays and a great 2022 ahead!

We all love the silver bells, Santa, mistletoe, Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, and all the symbols of the season’s holidays. But the spirit of the holidays however is much more than that for many. It may be religious or it just may be a time of reflection, but whatever it is, the holidays mean the end of the year and the start of something new.

That time, right now, is a chance for some deep thoughts about 2021 and about how you can improve your life and that of your family and friends in 2022. Think of this time as a chance for review and planning. We all need a plan to move ahead and restart our lives and certainly this coming year begins with many parts of life that are uncertain and a plan is a must.

You will all hopefully have fun, family, friends, and good fortune this week and into the New Year. That is something to really look forward to participating in with everyone. But think about the “recharging” of your life plan for next year, too. It is important to find some quiet time to do it and if you do, you will have rounded out the spirit circle fully.

Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa for those who are celebrating, and a joyous, prosperous New Year in 2022 to all!

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