My Christmas Message

I’m taking today off from my regular posting to spend a few minutes with you all and capture this as the chance to wish you all the best of the holiday season! This includes everyone out there, whether you celebrate Chanukah, Yule, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, even those who aren’t celebrating any winter holiday at all.  It’s my fervent wish that everyone find love, peace, and happiness, and the big holiday season is as good a time as any or better for that to happen.

My Christmas Message

One of the things about writing here each week is the great therapeutic benefit that it provides for me. It’s the chance for me to feel like I’m doing something positive and helping someone else (hopefully that’s not too delusional). It really starts to mean something even more special to me of course when people are actually reading, subscribing, tweeting, and commenting in increasing numbers about what I’m writing. I can’t explain how much I appreciate all of that to you except with a sincere thank you!

As we enter this new year, I feel like I have been greatly rejuvenated. When I began this blog in May of 2014, I was really starting it because I was bored and a little frustrated. I had recently retired from my job and relaxing all the time and watching TV got old in a hurry. I had led a pretty hectic everyday work life and the adjustment to retirement was, at best, difficult. Then with my wife as a motivator, I decided to start this blog to keep busy with the hope it would educate, entertain, and help someone learn from my life experiences. Little did I know at that time how mutually beneficial this would all evolve into being.

The thing I’d most like to say is that I’m really impressed with the people that I have met and corresponded with during the past year and a half. When I started, I had deep concerns about the younger folks in our society who seem to be struggling and on the verge of giving up on life it almost seemed. After all, we have been through so many serious problems over the past several years, economically, politically, and socially that it just didn’t seem that there was anything people could bank on for their futures except more struggles. But I see things differently now.

This year, I have met a ton of younger people who are hardworking, intelligent, and driven. So much so that I’m willing to say I was completely wrong in my previous evaluation. I guess I lived too much in a cocoon and now that I’m a butterfly at this age, I see that the world better look out if it intends to beat up on the future entrepreneurs, writers, philosophers, and contributors to society. I now see that the future is in really good hands. So this thank you and message is for all of you who are out there. If you are one of the people I have actually interacted with, I’m grateful. And even if you aren’t one of them, take heart in the fact that so many people are truly making an attempt to improve not only their own futures, but all of ours.

Wishing you all a happy holiday and the gift of hope!

Gary Weiner






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