25 Reasons This Retailer’s Customer Service Policies Are “The Best”

When you follow a savings blog like this one, you are going to get information about some of the best bargains, stores and shopping experiences around the USA.  Or at least you are hoping for it. After all, saving your hard earned money when you shop is a cornerstone for people like us and the more we have that opportunity the better it is. While many people compare prices, they don’t always compare customer service policies and that can make a big difference.

25 Reasons This Retailer's Customer Service Policies Are "The Best"

Today, I’m going to tell you about a store you have probably shopped at, heard about, but not even realized all the amazing ways it can save you money. The very best part is that it’s probably a store nearby and it’s a store you want and need to shop in several times a year. Oh and I don’t work for them, never have, and I’m not getting any special deal or gifts or money or discounts from them for saying anything nice about them. I’m doing it because I believe what I am saying and I am doing it for you!

So let’s talk about it. What makes a store really terrific and better yet, what makes it the best, most customer-friendly store in the USA?

You won’t think of this store as being well known for always having the best prices in town. But having said that, you may well change your opinion that price is not the only thing that matters when shopping. It isn’t. While it is known for its “everyday low prices”, that’s not the reason you will love this store. So why will you? Here’s my list of the 25 reasons that this store is, in my opinion, the #1 best of the best customer-friendly stores you will find!

  1. This store has terrific customer service and knowledgeable, friendly sales people
  2. They offer a liberal coupon policy every day of the year
  3. This store has lots of well-priced clearance that’s marked with bright yellow tags so it’s easy to find
  4. The store has an easy layout for shopping and it’s virtually the same at every one of their locations
  5. In their category, they have a super large assortment
  6. You can buy on their website (with even more items then the store) which also has discounts, coupons, and special shipping deals many times of the year
  7. They sell their own gift cards that have no fees, no expiration dates, and at times offer them for free with a purchase as a special promotion
  8. They honor their competitors’ gift cards and coupons even if they are expired
  9. This store has a special gift registry and you don’t have to prove you’re celebrating any particular event (like a wedding)
  10. They have many seasonal events that when going on make them stand out against the competition

Do you have an idea of which store I’m talking about yet?

  1. They have a 100% customer service satisfaction policy, and I’m not kidding…100%!
  2. They will accept all returns very liberally, even if you don’t have your receipt (as long as you have the package) without a time limit and will give you cash back
  3. They will give you a “bulk discount” when making a really big purchase
  4. On their own coupons, if you ask in most cases you can disregard the fine print
  5. They accept their own expired coupons
  6. They will honor a coupon for every item you purchase (eventually they may say ok not that many, but they will allow a lot of them so don’t abuse this with 100 coupons!)
  7. Their frequent coupon promotions are 20% off your entire purchase, 20% off a single item (use these for each item if you have more than one), or save $5 off a minimum $15 purchase (that’s one third off!!) and includes clearance and sale items too
  8. If you forget your coupons, you can come back at any time and get a price adjustment at your convenience (even if it’s been weeks)
  9. They accept manufacturer coupons and have many items with manufacturer rebates available
  10. They will match the competition’s regular prices and even match the sale prices and still honor the coupons you present

How about now? Do you know the name of this great store which is probably right near you at your local shopping plaza?

  1. You can use your special online coupons right in the store at their own computers to shop and sometimes they will waive the shipping fees (especially if it is out of stock in the store temporarily)
  2. You can subscribe to their email newsletter with coupons and information for free or sign up for coupons sent via text message to your phone
  3. They send you mail coupons almost every week right to your home along with their sale flyer
  4. They have a huge selection of “As seen on TV” items
  5. It’s like a supermarket for anything and everything you could want for your home!

One last chance to guess!

Ok time’s up and you may have figured it out by now. The store is the terrific Bed Bath and Beyond. Seriously, they are the kings of the home, bed, bath, and kitchen realm. They stock all the leading brands and hottest items and stand behind every product. And if it hasn’t sunk in by now, they have the best customer service policies around. It would be hard to imagine that you either have never heard of them or don’t have one nearby. But if you don’t have one really close, it is definitely worth the ride. We have one right near us and it’s the first place we look for what we need for our home.

BB&B currently has over 1,000 stores in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico as well as several locations in Mexico (under a different name). It’s no wonder they lead the category against their main competitors Target, Walmart, and Macy’s. Plus they own buybuy BABY, Cost Plus World Market, Christmas Tree Shops, and Harmon Face Values (great for personal care deals!).

Do you take customer service policies into consideration when you shop? Are you a believer in Bed Bath and Beyond? Is there any time you have shopped there and you sought satisfaction that wasn’t provided? Where do you do your home purchases these days and have you tried and become a loyal BB&B fan?

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