Talking with Chaster Johnson from StockTeamUp on Defensive Investing in a Volatile Market

No matter what age you are, it seems you can always learn something new and that is a wonderful experience. For me, it’s been a pretty interesting ride these past eight years of blogging. I’ve gotten to meet some of the most intelligent, driven young people who are creating exciting new pathways to become successful themselves and yet also making financial literacy education a priority.

Man in front of volatile stock market chart representing the need for defensive investing

But financial literacy isn’t stressed as it should be. Overall it is a real need for young people to master early in life. It helps them to meet all the financial challenges they will have to deal with to build financial security in their lives.

Over the past several months, I met and have worked with Chaster Johnson, a young entrepreneur who is the co-founder of StockTeamUp. He is using his personal knowledge as an able investor to focus his sights on educating others in learning all about it and helping them build their wealth. Chaster chiefly aims to help those who are underrepresented in the stock market, particularly younger minority folks, to understand and invest well.

Defensive Investing in a Volatile Market

As part of that effort, Chaster and I spoke on his YouTube series, “Investing For the Rest of Us” and today’s post is that interview. We discuss defensive investing in a volatile market. It’s one of a series of interviews he’s done with others who share his passion to achieve financial literacy for all. I hope you enjoy it and will check out all the videos.

Be sure to check out the StockTeamUp website. There you can see my stock picks as well as many others, and even recruit other investors to your team for their recommendations. It’s a great place to learn about and discuss investing. Get yourself involved in building wealth in a time-proven way like investing in the stock market!

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