Can Love Actually Make You Rich?

I don’t think I have ever shared this with you about myself, but here goes, for better or worse. When I was a student in college, one of my dual minors was Philosophy. I remember taking one course on Aesthetics. But truthfully, I didn’t really appreciate it. 😉 So, yes, I actually took Philosophy and looking back on it, I have to ask myself one simple question:

Did I think I wanted to be a philosopher?

You've heard the phrase, "do what you love and the money will follow"? Well, it's true to a certain extent. But sometimes you need to find the money in it.

I am guessing now the answer was “no”. Most of the great ones are all dead and while they were alive, no one seemed to appreciate them very much. It somehow seems that dying and being appreciated as a great philosopher are linked and that really doesn’t seem very rewarding in just about every way, does it? Well, I guess being remembered and read and talked about after you’re gone does have value. Not much on the money side for you there, but still…

Love Actually…

I have no doubt you have heard countless times that “success gurus” and people who have accomplished extraordinary results in life always mention that love and passion are important to them and have guided them to their ultimate successes. You know, do what you love and the money will follow. Even Steve Jobs, the super successful Steve Jobs, once gave a great commencement speech at Harvard University where he said:

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

In my philosophy readings, I learned that everything great starts from love. It’s a fact that if you want to accomplish great success in your life, you will recognize what you love early on and passionately dedicate yourself to pursuing that love. You will be happier and are able to perform a lot better results when you do. But, can love actually make you rich?

Performing Better in Your Life

Performing better in life will lead you to achieve more, and when you achieve more, you can earn more and as a result, you will have more money. There, I said it. This is one reason why love is so important and how it can make you rich.

Think about how you go about your day-to-day life. If you have a real passion for some particular thing say, I dunno, baseball?…do you get to spend hours and hours a day playing it, watching it, or even reading about it? Unless, your name is Mike Trout (yes, the all-star baseball player), then probably not. Mike is the best ballplayer in the land and yes, by the way, he happens to love it and eats, breathes, and is 100% plus committed to it. And he makes millions now and will make multi-millions more later on too because of that love and passion and skills. It also happens to be very fortunate that he’s really good at it, but that’s not my point here. His “love” is the point.

Typically, Love and Passion Are NOT What You Feel and Do

Steve Jobs, Mike Trout and “fill in a name of your choice here”, these people are known and remembered for a reason. They followed their passions and they made it. They made their dreams come true and they also made (and are currently making) tons of money, too. Why is that important to note? Simple, for one, they are not you and that might be a mistake because it can be you, too.

But What If You Aren’t Really Good at Something You Love

It happens that way. Sometimes you love music, but can’t sing a note or you want so much to be a basketball player, but you just aren’t very tall.

What if you wanted one thing, but some other thing has always just prevented you from doing it. Does that mean you are doomed to suffer and fail in life? Of course it doesn’t. You can and do have some passion, love, and skills for something and/or someone, don’t you? It just means that you have to find your path to that passion that’s not exactly like someone else’s. You have to find whatever that thing is that you will “love” and be passionate about what you can do. Maybe it will be to write about something or photographing it, blogging about it or talking about it or some other thing you do, I don’t know. What is it?

Money—The Be All-End All?

I am not saying here that money itself is what’s important or that people can only achieve greatness with love as the big money motivator. It’s not a requirement to have money to obtain real wealth. I always think about people like Gandhi or Mother Teresa when I say something like that. They certainly had love and passion and yet were not exactly dripping in pearls. But, they had such wealth, so passion and love again show how it’s all connected.

It is also possible to achieve greatness and wealth without love and passion, but in the end, you may feel a little empty inside (that can be especially true if there is no one to share it with). That wealth can still ease a lot of pain and do a lot of good, if channeled properly. You can think about it in those terms, but so often it doesn’t really reach such lofty goals.

Your Loves and Passions Will Support You

Love is a support structure for you to build your ship on. Whatever future you desire, methods you want to follow, or wherever you see yourself going, you should know that your passion and focus will help you and trust me that translates in helping you to succeed.

Recognizing that and finding these important feelings and the emotions can catapult your life to a much higher level. This is why you need to find the love in your life and what you do.

Love and money are important things, but they are very different things. Together though, they can make your life worth living and make you very, very rich.

Final Thoughts

Are you pursuing your loves and passions? Are you just going through the motions in life and not really doing what you love? Are your successes creating wealth or are they creating money? If you do what you love, well then as the Beatles once sang – “Baby, You’re a Rich Man”!


  1. I really love this post. It applies so much to my life right now. Also, I’m continually surprised by how many people in the personal finance space have an interest in philosophy. You raise some excellent points here (some people aren’t destined to do what they love). I work with middle schoolers and I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I hear one of them wants to be an influencer or a basketball player!

    Then again, I followed my love for music and it worked out for a while (while I did it full-time). Then I found to my surprise that I didn’t want a job where I had to travel or perform in front of people. This came as a shock! We have to be flexible and let ourselves change. Also, I’m enjoying merging my passions of teaching and music. This has been very beneficial psychologically and financially.

    1. I really appreciate your comments, SH. The flexibility issue is very important, because there are going to be twists in the road along the way to reaching your true goals. Flexibility though does not eliminate the passion; it just is a realistic adjustment. I’m glad you were able to find your path through those twists and turns!

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