Easy Money Makers You Can Do Right From Home

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Making money and building your wealth doesn’t always come easy. In fact, the road to financial wealth is often long and for most it’s the road to Neverland. A not-so-fun fact is that when it comes to making more money or accumulating wealth, things often take time.

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You can work really hard at your job and maybe get a promotion and then earn more. Or you start your own side hustle that can require months of effort before you receive any payout. Even if you start some great financial habits or develop some insightful investing or budgeting skills, it requires patience, persistence, and time. Sometimes, you just need quick and easy money makers and there’s no way around it.

If you’re stuck for some easy money-making ideas, here’s a list of real winners that actually work. You may not get rich from them, but you will put some cash in your pocket quickly and easily. And the best part is you can do them right at home sitting on your sofa! I know because I actually did it!

3 Money Makers Right from Home

1. Bank/credit card bonuses

If you want to make some quick cash in a short amount of time, you can always turn to your favorite bank for some great lucrative signup bonuses and promotions that are offered throughout the year.

Banking is such a competitive industry, and if you pay attention to promotional cycles and advertising campaigns, you’ll find almost every bank (even online-only banks) offering generous rewards when you open checking and saving accounts or credit cards!

For example, Chase bank actually offered and paid me $300 for opening new saving and checking accounts, and these are just two offers of the many that are out there right now! But that isn’t all. There are awesome credit card bonuses too.

The credit card industry is just as competitive as the world of banking, and many credit card companies are willing to pay several hundred dollars to obtain a customer. If you are able to effectively manage your credit and have a good credit score, you don’t need to be afraid about having more than one credit card. Don’t go crazy and apply for several new cards at once, but don’t be scared to make some quick cash every now and again.

In fact, I have done it over and over again over the past five years and made thousands of dollars in bonuses too.

The best part is that I haven’t spent even one cent of any money on these cards that I wouldn’t have used in paying for any of my needs and expenses anyway. Plus I got better terms, interest rates, and was paid for doing it! You can too.

There are plenty of no-fee (this is important) credit card offers that run throughout the year, and depending on your needs, some cards will suit you better than others. Some common perks of signing up for a new credit card include: cash signup bonuses, increased cashback rates for several months, gift card rewards and/or prepaid visa cards and even travel perks and upgrades.

The ones I recommend as my favorites are the Chase Freedom cards (earn $200 after spending $500 within three months with the Unlimited, Flex, or even get both for double bonuses!).

Between opening a new online bank account and signing up for a credit card, you can realistically qualify for a few hundred dollars in just an afternoon. Just be responsible and pay your bill on time every month!

If you’re looking to make more money in a short amount of time, finding credit card signup bonuses is a low-hanging fruit you should pick.

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2. Shop online and get paid

I do and I get paid.

Online shopping is a great way to save time and money, and there is a myriad of tools and services that can help you find the best deals and savings. Truly savvy shoppers will know that many online platforms also offer some lucrative signup bonuses.

Rakuten is one of the most well-known cashback platforms out there and enables shoppers to save money when purchasing from hundreds of websites and online marketplaces.

If you’re here on a mission to make some quick cash, follow these steps: Sign up for Rakuten (using my link) and shop through the online portal next time you need to buy something online. Most of the stores you want to shop at are probably already partnered with Rakuten. When you do it guess what?

You will get a $30 bonus when you spend at least $30 through the portal within 90 days (must be located in the 50 United States or Canada).

It is that simple! Next time you have to do some online shopping, make the most of your money and earn some quick cash by using Rakuten! But that’s not all. Also try Ibotta.

Ibotta is one of the most popular cashback apps around, and the app is a great way to cut down on grocery costs and even earn free Amazon gift cards.

If you haven’t heard of Ibotta, the cashback process is fairly simple. When you shop at stores that are partnered with them, you can receive cashback on qualifying items by scanning a picture of your receipt and uploading it with their app.

It’s a great way to make money fast by taking advantage of their signup bonus. If you have never used it before you will be granted a welcome bonus that helps you earn points faster, as well as a $10 signup bonus that can help you reach your cash out threshold more quickly.

3. Use your phone for money makers

You probably have heard of Nielsen and you already know it’s the main company that provides ratings for TV shows and movies. But now the company is also interested in collecting data on how people use websites and apps! You can connect your personal smartphone device with Nielsen and sell your data to make money quickly.

Essentially, once you connect your device to Nielsen, you will be rewarded for using your smartphone just like you would on any normal day. Nielsen will collect your data with other user data and keep your personal information anonymous.

You will be rewarded with points and you can redeem them for gift cards or other prizes.

If you use Nielsen for one year, you can expect to earn $50! Not bad for just using your smartphone! You can also connect your desktop to Nielsen’s panel, and receive entries into monthly sweepstakes of up to $10,000. While this isn’t exactly a signup bonus, Nielsen will start to reward new users with credits fairly quickly, so this is an easy freebie to enjoy!

Speaking of making money with your phone, MobileXpression certainly deserves some attention.

MobileXpression is another data collection app that pays users for their smartphone data.

To make money, all you have to do is apply for the program (they only accept certain models and operating systems of smartphones) and then leave the app running on your phone. It is that simple. It’s easy to earn passive income with them and the payouts are both steady and generous compared to many other smartphone-related apps.

You can redeem credits for rewards and with 15 credits you can earn a $10 Starbucks gift card, a $10 Amazon gift card, or a $10 Best Buy gift card. If you exercise some patience and redeem at 15 credits, your 10 credit signup bonus will be worth $6.66! Not bad for installing a single app!

Final Thoughts

I know you won’t get rich quick with any “easy sit on your sofa” approaches to money makers, but, hey, why not make that time worth something? These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making easy money that’s perfectly legal and requires only what you would be doing anyway without getting paid. So I guess the question is: “What are you waiting for?”

If you simply take some time to register for new things or look into starting your own side hustle, you’d be amazed at how much additional income you can make every year and that includes even sitting at home on your sofa to do it!!

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