627+ Absolutely Free Things for You & Your Family!

I have to confess it, “free” is just about my favorite word. I just love free things and I don’t think there’s ever a time when I can have enough of them. You are probably saying to yourself, well if it’s free just how good can it really be? After all, who would give away free valuable stuff in this day and age?

There are many free things for you and your family to enjoy if you know where to look. Check out my list of everything from birthday deals to free events.

As hard to believe as it might be, there are literally hundreds of things you can get for absolutely nothing these days, and they are all a real value to you or to someone you know. The trick is in knowing where they are and what if anything you need to do to take advantage of these treats!

First, there are lots more government and community freebies around then ever and you simply have to be nearby and find out about them to take full advantage almost every day of the year. There’s everything from community gardens to free community concerts. But that isn’t even close to the whole story.

It’s a fact that business today spends a fortune on courting and finding new customers. That’s millions of dollars a year trying to attract you and me to use their products and services. In order to get you in, they often will give you something for nothing, making that phrase a reality even though we often think that just never happens. It does!

Special Days

One sure way to get a freebie is to use your birthday as the reason! There are literally dozens and dozens of places that will give you a discount or a freebie of some kind simply because it’s your birthday.  Other times, it may be a “holiday” like Pizza Day when there are freebies and specials to celebrate.

Free Things

Here are some of the highlights of 627+ things you can get for free, nada, zip and on the house if it’s your birthday and in many cases even if it’s not! Take advantage of them please. I don’t think you can turn these down even if you are one of the one percenters who may think they don’t really need or want any of them. It’s FREE, so take a few minutes and enjoy!

1. Get a free breakfast at Denny’s on your birthday

All you need is your ID like your driver’s license, show you birth date, and enjoy a great free breakfast.

2. Free ice cream with the Baskin Robbins birthday club

Every year Baskin Robbins offers you a free ice cream sundae on your birthday, just bring along proper ID and sign up for their free coupon at the store or online.

3. Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream on Free Cone Day

Just ask the store when it is this year (it varies by location) and stop by for your free cone! It isn’t a birthday thing, it’s a FREE just because they love you thing!

4. Free doughnut at Krispy Kreme

Sign up for their free mobile app and get yourself a treat! Also ask about the BOGO for a free dozen at the store they offer every year!

5. Free birthday meals at Benihana

Sign up on their website and get a coupon worth $30.00 when you buy one meal on your birthday!

Check out another 183 birthday freebies you can get at Hey It’s Free.

189. 11 free eggs

Next time you buy a dozen eggs at the grocery store and find one that’s cracked in the box, ask the grocer what he plans to do with the remaining 11. Chances are they will just give you the eggs rather than keep them around and try and sell 11/12ths of a dozen. It happens all over but you need to ask!

190. Kids eat free all year at Golden Corral

For each adult meal purchased, two kids eat free every evening after 5 pm. In fact, kids can get a freebie at tons of restaurants all over the USA!  Depending on the day of the week there are places like Denny’s, Friday’s, and more that offer kids a free meal.

Check out another 63 places where kids dine free when you do at Brad’s Deals!

254. How about free samples from Proctor & Gamble?

You can get free stuff from big manufacturers like Proctor and Gamble just by signing up at their promotional websites. You’ll get everything from samples to recipes and more. Check out these freebies from P&G!

Here is a new additional list of 6 freebies for you to get information, samples, and recipes to help your budget and family! This list from Shop4Freebies is updated daily.

Discounts and BOGO’s

When it comes to discounts and BOGO’s (buy one, get one free items), I’m here to tell you that that’s just as exciting to me as the previous 260 freebies. I’m including these because they are really gems for anyone watching their budgets carefully and in addition just love a bargain.

Do you love coupons? If you’re like me, you are a coupon clipper. Coupons.com is a great site that offers hundreds of coupons each week totally for free.

That will save you thousands of dollars a year on your purchases. Look also for the buy one get one deals on this list as well for even more free stuff. There are 367 coupons available just this week with more every week of the year!

How about coupon codes? I love these coupon codes which will save you money and are all absolutely free to get at RetailMeNot!

This site has 50,000 different stores that offer discounts and freebies for your shopping needs!

Finding Other Free Specials

I am probably selling the idea of free stuff a bit short even while I’m touting the 627+ items on this list and linked databases. There are freebies out there on so many regular days, holidays, and special event days right in your own neighborhood and all you have to go is be aware and if you check them out you will be pleasantly surprised!

You should be looking in the local newspaper and even those community papers that are usually “free” will have listings about all of the freebies right where you live!

For example, last April 26th was Free Pretzel Day at all Philly Pretzel Factory stores. Did you get yours? Did you know that 7-Eleven stores give out free slurpees every July 11th on Free Slurpee Day! If you’re an online shopper you probably already know that every year the best and biggest online retailers have a free shipping deal to motivate you to shop with them online! The list just goes on and on. You can check out the calendar of special days at DaysOfTheYear to see which days are likely to produce such specials.

Free Community Events

Every spring and summer for years now, my wife and I have enjoyed outdoor summer concerts right in our area while celebrating the nearby towns’ anniversary parties. We have seen some of the best bands of our era like Tommy James and Herman’s Hermits as well as Gary Puckett and many others! Additionally, local bands are out there playing free events every week in the sunshine and evenings all over the country!

Don’t forget that soon there will be all those great free fireworks events in your area! In fact, there are even more things to discover if you just make a tiny effort to find out who, what, and where. Here in our town, we can check for these kinds of attractions right on our local township website or even the library website. Frankly, the list of free items and events are almost endless and for those who play this game they are very, very rewarding!

You can check up on local sports teams and activities even if you don’t have any family members participating. Things like little league baseball and adult softball often play local tournaments at fields near you and they don’t charge any admission. Look for information about them and start planning some spring and summer fun for you and your family.

What have you discovered that is fun, free, and something you plan for each year? Is summertime the best time to take advantage or do you plan all year round to have freebies be your thing? Would you like to get a freebie just for your birthday? If you haven’t been, will you now check out what is going on in and near your area this season?


  1. Troy @ Market History

    Down at the beach they host these events every month where stalls are put out and you can go taste various delicacies for free. I usually go for a surf first and then hit all the stalls.

  2. Jax

    I love this list! I am definitely coming back to this to help plan my birthday 🙂

    My favorite free thing to do is our town’s First Fridays. All the galleries, art spaces and other community centered spaces open up to the public for free-some times with snacks and wine! It’s fun to walk all over town and see what our community artists are up to, listen to the buskers and see all our neighbors walking about.

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