Good News Headlines to Save You Money and Raise Your Spirits

If you’re like me, you can get depressed when you watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio. If you’re brave enough to read about it on the net or in a newspaper or magazine, it can be even worse seeing it in black and white.

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While we are all waiting for life to return to normal after the past couple of years, patience may be running thin for the majority of us. That’s why when any good news surfaces, it’s worth shouting it out loud and trying to enjoy it and what it will bring. So today, here are some soon to be good news headlines that will make you just a little happier and able to deal with all the bad news headlines that are around these days!

Good News Headlines to Save Money

Headline #1: Buy your next new car now and save!

Should you wait to buy a new car? If it’s at all possible, yes, you should wait to buy a new car. Maybe break that habit you and many others have had that makes us all so competitive about owning a shiny new expensive vehicle for really no apparent reason except vanity.

But for shoppers who can’t put off buying a car because of real need, they should remain flexible and be prepared to purchase as soon as now…when the right vehicle becomes available.

While the recommended traditional haggling we are accustomed to doing is unlikely to yield any substantial savings, there is another good strategy you can use to get a deal on your next new car soon, maybe even right now before the end of 2022!

The good news is that shopping around for financing and negotiating on your trade-in will help alleviate some of the sticker shock you will see. According to J.D. Power, your next car, when buying with your current trade-in, can mean a substantial discount and savings for you.

That’s because right now, used cars are at record-breaking value, mainly because the price of a new car and the supply of them has driven those prices up. The new cars to be sold are now at list and even above list prices. That is an almost never heard of condition to occur ever before!

The average trade-in values for May 2022 were at $10,199, up $4,623 or 83% from a year ago. That’s nearly double from last year and it’s the first time average trade-in values have surpassed $10,000 in history! Good new car hunting!

Headline #2: Medicare recipients to see cost cut!

If you get Medicare, the good news is that recipients will get a premium reduction, but not until January of 2023. That means Medicare will reduce the cost to you because of an overestimate in costs of covering an expensive and controversial new Alzheimer’s drug in 2022.

Last year, the 2022 premiums were raised based on what was believed to be an huge increase in a new drug but since then the cost of the drug, Aduhelm, has been adjusted downward by 50%.

Because of legal and operational hurdles preventing officials from lowering the premiums in the middle of the year, Medicare premiums must wait until next January before they will be adjusted down to a new lower cost.

For 2022, Medicare Part B premiums jumped by $22 a month, to $170.10, in part because of the cost of the drug which was approved despite weak evidence that it could slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Medicare began reassessing the premium increase under pressure by Congress and consumers.

The drug’s manufacturer, Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Biogen, has cut the cost of the drug in half, to about $28,000 a year. That cost savings will be passed on to Medicare beneficiaries in the premium for 2023 for Medicare’s more than 56 million recipients and will be announced in the fall of this year. That means you will see the headline that saves you money soon so that is good news!

Headline #3: Book holiday travel for 2022 now to save!

You might think it’s a little too soon to be thinking about holiday travel, and typically speaking, you’d be right. Usually, the best time to book flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas is in September. But given the unpredictability of pandemic-related travel, booking your flights whenever you see a price you like makes the most sense. Right now, prices are not cheap, but the facts are they seem to be going nowhere but up, so today’s prices may be the best you will see for this year’s holiday travel season!

Now, if you’re someone who travels regularly throughout the year, here’s a little hack for you: Consider buying your holiday flights now or whenever you find a decent deal but make sure to book a fare that will give you a credit if you cancel (typically speaking, that means don’t book basic economy). That way, if prices do drop between the time of booking and September, you can cancel your original ticket and use the credit to book the cheaper fare. The only downside is that when you still have some remaining credit from the original fare and you’ll have to use it on a future flight. Just don’t waste it and let that credit expire!

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, looking ahead can mean a little bit of excitement and take your mind off the bad news headlines that seem to fill up most days these days. I can’t of course know exactly what will happen tomorrow or next year, but indications are that there will be some news that will help put a smile back on your face and ease the pain that we seem to hear about all the time.

Money pain is just one of those pains, but it is one that affects us all. With no sure end to the maddening inflation cycle we are currently in, you can look forward to saving on your new car, your next trip to visit your friends and relatives for the holidays, or at least the cost of your healthcare if you are on Medicare for 2023!

Can you predict any other good news headlines on the horizon for the next few months? If so, please share them right here, won’t you?

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