So, Did Anything Good Happen to You This Week?

Once again it’s the start of a new week. It’s Sunday right now and for me at least it feels like it’s definitely an opportunity to start out fresh and clean and leave last week’s chaos behind us. I hope that my faith in that will be rewarded. It just seems that all that goes on such as the chaos in Washington, on Wall Street, and even just on Main Street right here in town leaps out at us all. But somewhere along the way I keep thinking that something good must be happening out there! Usually I ask that question in a different way. It’s usually, “Tell me something good that happened this week.” But what I really want to know is if anything good happened to you this week…your own personal good news.

Bad news and chaos seem to rule the headlines, but today I'm interested in good news. I'm sharing the story of my frugal shopping win, and I'd love to hear your good news of the week.

The good things seem to just come and go, often without being recognized and truly appreciated. We have to recognize the bad things because they are right in our faces and must be dealt with, but the good things just add quality to our lives in some simple way and sometimes we expect that to be part of the norm and we may even take them for granted. It’s only when life gets disrupted by the bad that we sit up and take notice.

So without further ado, let me start the ball rolling and find “something good” that I can share from just last week that hopefully will get you to share with me and the people who read this to share their very own “good news” event! It’s about time we sat up and took notice of some of the good things out there and you can start right here by telling me something good that happened to you last week, can’t you?

My Personal “Good News”

I have been having some difficulty with my desktop computer for the past several weeks. I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but the unit is about six years old and that probably makes it a senior citizen in the computer world. So, it’s not much of a surprise that after checking out my alternatives, it seemed that a new one was in order.

My initial thought was that the last thing I needed was to spend $1,000 bucks right now on a new computer that will last me another six years, but it is kind of important to have one that works if I am going to keep writing this blog every week (not to mention our other computer tasks). Wait? You say, maybe I should reconsider? Who would miss it and that $1,000 (which I don’t really have) might go towards a Florida vacation? No matter whether I looked at repair or replace, I was going to be into some kind of expense and spending several hundred to fix my old computer didn’t sound like what I should really do.

Shop Shop Shop

Ok, be that as it may, we started window shopping right here online while we still could make it work. After several hours, we came to find that a desktop we liked that had all the bells and whistles we wanted would cost about $899 at one of the “unnamed” super office supply stores that you have probably heard of before. Like I advise everyone else, I decided not to plunge ahead, but to take some time to think about it first. So I waited a couple of days and went back online to look at it one more time just to make sure this is the deal I really wanted.

Well, I guess good fortune was smiling down on me as the desktop was now on sale for $609, a savings of $290. I could order it and have it the very next day. That certainly sounded like some good news, but wait there’s more (as they say on those “as seen on TV” commercials). There was an even bigger savings offered. If I applied and opened a credit card from the store, I could save another $50 as a statement credit off my computer purchase right now, and even better get 12 months of no interest as my payment plan with a minimum of only $25 a month to avoid any interest on that account through February 2019!

Bottom line, I was the proud owner of the new computer the next day and had saved almost 40% off the original price and had the advantage of the no-interest payment plan too. It unexpectedly turned my day into a real winner and I didn’t miss a beat on writing the next post (with many thanks to my lovely wife and IT tech Suzanne for migrating everything from the old PC to the new one)! But my news got even better!

But We’re Not Done Yet

As I always do, I look around after I make a purchase like this and check to see if the price drops any lower in the price adjustment timeframe. That’s usually two weeks on items like a computer, but it varies so it helps to ask and check before you buy, which of course I did.

Well, believe it or not, the very next day I saw online that a competing store had the very same desktop advertised at a lower price! In fact this model was at the end of its cycle and a newer one was replacing it (February is the time of year when new electronics come out) so its clearance price was now $559: another $50 off. I quickly made a call and was able to get that price match and even better I still got that $50 statement credit on my new credit account because both stores were offering the same discount! Final deal, I paid just $509 plus tax for what was originally $899. A savings of over 40%!

What’s Your Good News?

So that’s my story. I know this isn’t a story of great charity, bravery, or showing kindness to others. But it was a feel good, good news for my wallet event. So…what’s yours? It doesn’t have to be a savings money story. It can be inspirational, or even a family occurrence. If you have a response I would love to see your “good news” in the comments section! After all, I think we are all just plain tired of chaos, aren’t we?


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