Do You Know the “Best” Grocery Prices When You See Them?

Best Prices Quiz Answers

1. 2 liter bottle of Coca-Cola

c) $0.99 – You can occasionally find it lower, but grab it when it’s at $0.99. You can pay as much as $2.00+ when it’s not on sale.

2. A dozen large white eggs

d) $1.99 – Store brands can be lower, but rarely these days.

3. 24-pack of 16.9 oz. Poland Spring Water

b) $3.99 – This price is a good deal. On occasion, you may see multiple packs at 2 for $7.00. Off brands can be as low as $1.99 a case (24 pack), which may be just what you prefer if you need a case.

4. Hellmann’s mayonnaise 30 oz. jar

a) $2.99 – This is the cycle sale price. If you pay more, you are paying too much, if you pay less, you stumbled on an unusual bargain.

5. 1 pound of 80% lean Ground Beef

d) $2.99 – This is a great price these days. The leaner the meat, of course, the higher the price. You can pay almost $6.00 per pound for 93% lean chopped beef and it’s rarely on sale.

6. Store brand 20 oz. loaf of sandwich bread

b) $0.99 – We never pay more than this for a loaf of store brand bread.

7. Boneless chicken breasts (3 lb. or more package) per pound

a) $1.99 – This is a very good price and depending on the company, you can find one or another on sale just about every week.

8. 1 lb. package of Oscar Mayer Bacon

c) $3.99 – This brand cycles at $3.99 and if it’s more, just wait, it will be lower soon.

9. 8 oz. package of Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese

c) 3/$5.00 – 3/$5.00 or $1.67 each is a good deal. Remember you don’t have to buy 3 to get this price unless it says “must buy 3”.

10. 5 lb. bag of russet potatoes

d) $0.99 – Yup. Good prices come to those who know. You can’t really beat these when they are at this price.

11. Stove Top stuffing 6 oz. box

b) $1.49 – Stove Top at $1.49 or less is a buy now and stock up price.

12. 5 oz. can of Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna

d) $0.88 – Anytime you see Bumble Bee tuna for this price, it’s time to stock up.


11-12 You are an expert already!
9-10 Well done, you are a smart shopper
7-8 You are missing some savings, so pay attention
6 or less Opportunities abound for you!

How did you do?


  1. Haha. Nice quizz idea Gary! I got a pretty bad score :S I tried to transform prices from my country to the states, but it didn’t work well.

    I couldn’t agree more that one need to be careful when trying to find the best prices. As you say, they often lie and the sale is often related to a previous higher price. Moreover, 50% sale over something really expensive may still be expensive!

    1. There’s an old saying that you’ll hear in this country and that is “the more you spend, the more you save”. LOL. I’m always saying the opposite, “the more you spend, the more you spend”. What I really mean is that it’s not the percentage of what you’re saving off the “price”. It’s how much you’re actually spending that matters. You obviously understand that.

  2. Great quiz! I scored 50%. Ouch! To be fair I purchase a number of these items at Costco, which over different packaging.

    I have witnessed the so-called sale prices of items at the supermarket. I try and keep a mental note of the best sale price. For example, ice cream is one of our favorite desserts. I have seen klondike bars on sale at the store we regularly shop at for $2.99, $2.50, and $1.99 for the same package of six. I only buy them when I see the $1.99 price.

    1. First of all, Brian, thanks for commenting on the warehouse club stores like Costco. You are absolutely right that it may be hard to compare because of the size and quantity differences. But keep in mind, supermarket sale prices can often be better than the everyday club store prices. Secondly, great catch on an item like Klondike bars (yum!). You will find that price goes up and down just like the temperature outside and once you zero in on the best deal, that’s when you make your buy. Even with your 50% score, I think you understand that very well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, Gary. Got send this post to Mrs. G. She does the shopping in our household. But oddly enough, because I track our household expenses, I didn’t do too badly on the quiz. Anyway, great advice. Who knew there was a science to supermarket shopping? And you are so right prices being generally same in other regions of the country except Hawaii and Puerto Rico. That’s one of the things that surprised us when we moved down to North Carolina. The supermarket prices weren’t really cheaper than Long Island supermarket prices. Cheers, my friend.

    1. It really pays to become familiar with the price cycle and the more you have the chance to get into the market and shop, the easier it becomes. I know that in particular many men delegate those responsibilities to their wives or significant others, but when you can recognize a bargain, you can save some money. Thanks for your comments, Mr. G.

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