Happy Blogiversary: Celebrating 5 Years of Super Saving Tips!

This month celebrates Super Saving Tips 5th blogiversary and begins year number six! Can you believe it? I find it hard to believe myself. As I approach post number 500 totaling well over 500,000 words (mostly spelled correctly), I feel pretty proud.

It's time to celebrate Super Saving Tips' 5th blogiversary! Here's a little bit about how far it has come.

So the first thing I really want to say here is:

Thank you for reading, commenting on, and supporting Super Saving Tips over the past five years!

I started this project with no idea of exactly how to approach doing it and truth be told, I am still not sure of the road on which I am traveling. It’s kind of going along and hoping I am heading towards the goal. Let me explain just a little about what I mean by that.

I’m a Writer?

First, I have to admit that I have never thought of myself as much of a writer—of anything, let alone personal finance matters. In school, writing was only when required and I didn’t ever write very much. After college, if I did write anything, I never thought of any of it as being any kind of good. My writing in life was pretty much limited to the work memos I did that outlined some of the most mundane and boring stuff ever for consumption of the employees I supervised.

Oh, there was one exception to that and I guess I can say I am fairly proud of it. I wrote a Personnel and Company Operations handbook for a business where I was the COO back in the 1990’s and I think that was a real challenge. Fortunately, it turned out to be a success, so I guess I was at least one for something, putting my writing skill into baseball terminology. Anyway, the big surprise here is I actually have learned to love what I am doing!

…On the Internet

Being retired and now approaching the (gulp) age of 70, I see that I am not like most of the bloggers out there having grown up with the internet and had it be an integral part of life since childhood. My electronic exposure was more like pinball machines rather than video games.

If you are a 20- or 30-something, that’s where your electronic experiences began and your internet experience has been that you can literally google anything or any information upon demand. Well, you can see that my entry into the world of blogging got off pretty far back in the race. This is where I say “slow and steady wins the race”…I think.

So for me, trying to find a target audience of people has been defined by my using my own experiences and age more than a comfort level with the idea of just writing short, clever, and informative money blurbs for the busy, yet information-seeking reader each week. I had to identify and find my audience on a broader based level.

A Little History

When I first started, writing one post a week, I swear my wife and I were the only ones ever reading any of it. There were times that I thought despite the therapy it provided for me by giving me something to do (while being a little bit bored from time to time), perhaps it just wasn’t a good idea or more that that it just wasn’t very good at all. I still wonder sometimes if anyone has ever read any of the early posts I wrote back then.

After attending FinCon (the big annual personal finance convention) in Charlotte, North Carolina in September of 2015, my view really changed and I became way more excited about personal finance blogging. Meeting so many of the really energetic and awesome people attending the conference caused a bulb to go on in my head and I really began to understand where I could fit into the picture. I was a year and five months in and I was about to start back at square one, but this time with a better focus.

The Reset

The reset in the blog was when I decided to write about what I definitely knew best, me. I realized that if I wrote about my own life experiences, my failures, and my successes in the world of personal finance and how all of that lead to my journey into retirement, then I had my target. I also learned that everyone can benefit from that kind of information no matter what their age. So now I can say that despite the fact that I may dwell on my own road to retirement, it is the road that everyone is on. They may be at various places along the way and some are a little closer to the end than others, but it is the road we all are traveling.

The “Now” of Super Saving Tips

I am proud to say that the blog is progressing (albeit slowly). Now published twice a week plus our weekly newsletter too, it really has become my number one “retirement” activity every week. The plan is to keep it this way and to keep expanding the audience with better info and a little humor whenever possible along the way. I am thankful that I’ve gotten some encouragement that helps me to try harder and keep on writing. I still have more good ideas and comments to share. After five years of writing and 70 years of living, well, you can see that there’s an advantage of experience on my side.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t be totally honest if I took all the credit for Super Saving Tips. Mrs. SST, Suzanne, is a huge part of what goes on here. For one, she is the entire IT program and without her knowledge and help, I’d be writing this on some scrap paper and it would be piling up in a corner somewhere around here, never to see the light of day. So a big thank you to my darling wife of almost 13 years, Suzanne.

In addition to the tech stuff she does, she’s also a great sounding board and my number one critic when it comes to content and revision of anything I publish here. So in a big way, I have to share any credit I may get on the blog. I am positive that without her help, this wouldn’t ever have happened.

Do you think it can go another five years? If it does, it would be thanks to all of you for reading!


  1. Louise

    Congratulations! This is a big deal!
    I found your blog through a reference elsewhere perhaps a year ago and have enjoyed checking in with your posts.
    My favorite article remains the description of you finding your forgotten pension fund, or perhaps I should say your forgotten pension finding you. I guess I just loved that the system worked for good for you. Best wishes for your next five years!

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