Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise Are Not a Package Deal

Forever I have heard the saying of one of my favorites Ben Franklin that includes the phrase “healthy, wealthy, and wise”. OK, if going to bed early could really simply foster those things wouldn’t we all be heading to dreamland around 8 PM and basking in great health and wealth when we woke up each day?

For those seeking to be healthy, wealthy, and wise, the path isn't always easy. Here are some thoughts on getting there and current events.

But let’s be real for a second. First of all, almost all of us don’t go to bed early simply because we enjoy doing all the things that you can do in the evening like dining out, watching television, and, well, just doing the things we can’t do in the daytime because of work. So strike one right there. The days of going to bed at dusk ended when being a farmer was no longer the number one job anyone could have. No offense intended Ben, but health and wealth and wisdom don’t just come to those gentle souls automatically!

The Road YOU Travel

We all got here on some kind of path we traveled and they were all very different in many aspects. Some of us are fortunate and have a good family around us to support us and teach us successful ways to be healthy and wealthy and wise(r) than what might be left to total chance. And yes, perhaps having good genetics helps, too, sometimes. I’m not positive as to the whys really, but I know that my health and my health problems were certainly related in part to my family history and going to bed at 8 PM wouldn’t have prevented any of them.

Following that fact has led me down the road to my conclusion as stated in the title of this post and that is that “healthy and wealthy” are not guaranteed to anyone just by some simple actions (like going to bed early), a twist of fate, or any other action from a book of wise sayings.

But What Does Lead to Health, Wealth, and Wisdom?

Using my theory that your health isn’t coming just from tucking yourself in early every night and that you may have or have not a better chance at good health if your family history portends it, I’d like to turn to the wealth and wisdom portion of this episode. Chapter two: Wealth.

We put so much stress on ourselves to build wealth that it is almost frightening. It’s always a matter of how much is enough and what is really enough and is there ever enough and so on.

I truly get the fact that we are surrounded by opulence and bombarded with promotions of all of it with new cars, great vacations, fashions, and big houses. For those who don’t have any of that, it can become an obsession. In fact, let me correct that, even for those who do have it, it can become an obsession. Every time I say that I think about Jay Leno and his 100+ collection of expensive cars he touts and shows on his weird TV show all of the time.

So to if you want build wealth, you need a real plan and not just a wise saying. You need to understand how much is needed and have some balance in your life so that building wealth does not actually harm you, or anyone else. I have no problem with building wealth, I just have a problem sometimes with how it is built.

There’s One Way and Then There’s “That Way”

There’s no doubt that almost all of us have to do it ourselves when it comes to building wealth. That’s the reason that it’s so hard to do and many of us fail to do it. Even the hardest working people in the world have difficulty because hard work isn’t the only part necessary in building wealth.

I found that in addition to that great work ethic, it really helps to have a plan and network and make the right connections along the way. There isn’t anything wrong with making things happen when you do that kind of thing. There is a difference between doing that and doing nothing and having wealth handed to you as if you were some sort of royal.

It’s certainly true that parents want to “help” their children become financially successful. But in many cases they are not helping by just giving them money, jobs, and power if they haven’t really climbed the ladder of success with effort. There’s another expression that wasn’t inspired by Ben Franklin and it goes like this: “Easy come, easy go!”

The Pandemic, Your Wealth and Health and…Football?

For the life of me, I will never understand some people. Everyone is suffering from the loss of normality in life these days and many are suffering more than we can imagine—out of work, taking food from a local food bank, and getting sick from the virus on top of all of that.

Building wealth? Now on hold. And health? Now living in a state of fear…or even worse. And then there’s the other 40% or more of us out there whose major concern is whether the NFL will play and/or their favorite college football team is out on the field.

It seems that it comes right from the top. The President of the United States is more concerned and spends more time talking about football then he does about saving lives these days. It almost appears to be the most important thing we can do these days: support sports as a symbol of American greatness! Is that what matters to you? If so, perhaps you’d like to share what you are smoking, because I just don’t get it.

I fear that all of healthy and wealthy is on hold for the foreseeable future until “wise” can resume its rightful place in our lives and football goes back to its little corner of the room where it belongs. I guess we will all find out soon enough.

Final Thoughts

Never stop doing the right thing and do the practical things were some of the pearls of wisdom I learned at an early age. If someone tries to distract you, avoid the distractions as quickly as possible and get back to the right way and the right path.

I put no value into things that have no value when placed between sanity and reason in the 21st century.

I will live without football. So will you. Instead, keep social distance, wash your hands, and wear your mask when you are out and about. If you think football is more important that any of those things, then you missed the boat on wisdom, and health and wealth are right behind it.

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  1. Actually I won’t live without football, all five power conferences have decided to play so there will be plenty of football for fans to watch, both live at the stadiums, with reduced seating, and on TV. Agree or disagree it appears to be happening.

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