Thinking of Santa and My 2020 Letter

You’re probably thinking, “What does a nice Jewish boy from Philadelphia know about Santa Claus?” Well, if truth is to be told, I actually have a relationship with the great friend of every kid and am not a stranger by any means. I’ll even share my letter to Santa Claus with you.

You don't have to be a child to write a letter to Santa Claus. Here are my thoughts as an adult, and my letter as well!

Santa Claus, represents for both you and I a very special friend, one who can give us some hope and encourage us to tow the line if we want to be rewarded for doing that and get a few of the niceties in life that we all seem to want! So, yes Santa and I go way back.

Because of our relationship, I got into the habit of writing to him every year, you know to make sure he remembers me and to see exactly how things are going up there at the North Pole.

This year it was a bit tougher than some recent years for me and I am guessing for both you and Santa, too. Santa, at his age and despite his incredible longevity, has some underlying conditions that make him vulnerable to the coronavirus and what in the world would all of us do without him? I don’t want to think about that, do you?

Why Santa Is So Very Important to Your Success

Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something wrong with waking up at 5:00 AM on Christmas morning, bursting with eagerness and excitement, looking around at what Santa has left for you.

And there is nothing wrong with writing a letter to Santa Claus (how else will he knows exactly what you want?!). There is nothing wrong with feeling a little magic in the holidays.

There is nothing wrong with letting Santa motivate you and reward you. So why do we let those feelings fade just because we get a little older?

Growing Up with Santa

Where I grew up, there was a great mix of celebrations among my friends and so I knew all about Santa and I depended on him to fulfil some of my most intimate wishes, if only I could keep all of my promises to Mom and Dad.

I had to make a plan, evaluate how I was doing towards my goals and sometimes make adjustments. When it looked like a tough time was coming, I always had to find a new way to reach my goal. Santa knew that, didn’t he? I mean, he is watching and evaluating and he knows because he does have his list and is checking it over and over again.

They’re the same habits I use today about planning and evaluating to reach my financial goals. Even if I may have done it then to get a new bike or baseball bat, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still important today, does it?

Is He Just for Kids?

Eventually, I hope that you realize that Santa Claus isn’t really just for kids. Santa Claus can, and should, be for everyone, and he is not always just a big guy in a red suit either.

Santa is the feeling of love during the holidays for those who need it the most. He is the warmth and light in a world that can be so dark. He is the spirit of giving when society becomes so selfish.

There is a reason that the holidays always seems to change the atmosphere of our communities. People tend to give more and take less, and they begin to appreciate everything and everyone they love. Why this cannot be the case year round still remains a universal mystery, but at least we have the holiday season.

Santa Claus is not a person, he is a feeling. That feeling is one that has great impact on us if we let just a bit of it inside us.

Me, the Santa?

It was 1974 when I became Santa. I’m not kidding. At work, we had a big annual Christmas party for over 100 co-workers and we needed a Santa to come and visit and listen to all of our holiday wants and wishes. So who gets that job? Yes, the nice Jewish boy from Philadelphia (now a longtime NJ transplant).

I’d like to think I got it because I was the right kind of gentle, sensitive guy who could listen and give both hope and fun to all who were there. But I have to be honest, I may have been the one who fit the suit the best. In any event, it all worked out and I repeated the role of Santa many times after that one. I guess I gave and got a lot from doing that.

What Happens When We Say We Are All Grown Up?

Santa Claus can become a silly tale, meant only to get children to listen to their parents and eat their vegetables…if you let it. Many of us have made him obsolete and dismissed it as a part of growing up. It is about time we bring him back. In the middle of a world in turmoil, we could all use a little more magic, couldn’t we? And what harm does it do to try harder, stick to our goals, achieve them, and be good people as much as we possibly can be? If we do and find some kind of rewards for others and/or us in the end, does that make it worth less?

Dear Santa,

It’s been a pretty rough year around here. I don’t want to complain too much because I know for many it’s been worse than my year. Pandemic is the word and so many have lost so much because of it. I guess that’s my thought about now.

I was hoping that you could help spread a little extra cheer this year for all of those who have lost loved ones and had such big financial setbacks, too. All over your route around the world this year you’re bound to see and feel it.

I’m not going to ask anything for me. Amazingly, I have so far managed to get along and at my age, there are not a lot of things I need. Although I do hope that my loved ones can get a few of your holiday gifts when you fly by this year. I am hoping you are all ready for the big trip and that you have fared well in 2020.

Love as always,

Final Thoughts

Spend this holiday season with a child if you possibly can, keeping on a mask and keeping socially distant, too, of course. Watch when they see a Santa maybe out collecting money on a street corner or when they write their own special letter. Appreciate the excitement and the joy that goes into every holiday activity. Pull it back into your own life and let yourself believe in that good again. Start believing in Santa again. Maybe even write your own letter to Santa Claus.

Start believing in magic and thinking like a child does again. Start living with a little more imagination and less reality. Look around you and find beauty in everyday things. Try to be spontaneous and loving. Be kind and be humble. Live through the eyes of a child, it could just make reality that much better. It’s time we all started believing in Santa Claus again. If you do, I believe you will be rewarded.


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