Can You Make Money Playing with Dogs? YES!

If you love dogs and are looking for a way to earn extra money, read all about it here in today’s guest post, sponsored by Enjoy!

Love dogs? Get paid playing with them—there’s nothing else like it. The benefits of becoming a dog walker or sitter make it hard to say no, and it’s so simple to get started. Join to be matched with hundreds of pet owners in your community looking for dog care. Whether you want to earn extra cash or are ready for a career change, here’s the essential questions to consider:

There are lots of great side hustles to make some extra money, but one of the most enjoyable ones out there is playing with dogs.

What kind of playtime are you ready for?

Choose the type of dog care you want to offer. Perhaps you’ve got evenings and weekends free for dog walking or maybe you’re available day time only for doggie day care. You have the option to provide drop-in visits, dog walking, doggie day care, house sitting at the pet owner’s home, or boarding dogs in your own home. Depending on your comfort level and interest, you decide what you’re available to provide.

When are you available to play? offers no hassle scheduling for dog playtime. You set your schedule online, and pet owners book your services according to your availability. As you build your clientele, you can easily expand your dog care hours. If you have a job change, it’s easy to make adjustments online to the dates and times you can provide dog care.

What kind of doggie playmates are you looking for?

If you’re interested in working with dogs of every shape and size, your online profile will let pet owners know. If big dogs won’t fit in your car when it’s time to go to the park, you can choose the size of dog you’re willing to work with. What if you love taking big dogs for walks, but you just can’t bring them home for an overnight? Customize your dog care services with the types of dogs that are a match for your situation.

How can you promote your play dates?

You’re not alone in getting the word out. offers educational resources and support to grow your business. Encourage pet owners to review their experience working with you! Their reviews are posted online with your profile making it easy to attract new pet owners to your services.

What’s your doggie playtime experience?

When you sign up to be a dog walker or sitter with, you create your own profile. Share your experience working with dogs, so pet owners know you’re the right match. Whether you have your own dog or have walked the neighbor’s dog, promote your dog care skills. Post photos of your own pets and your favorite dog-loving moments.

If this new career adventure is pawing at your heart, join us at!

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Tracy is a community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.
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  1. Thank you, Gary. This should come in very handy. Mrs. Groovy and I are soon to be pet free. Groovy cat has cancer and will probably not make it to September. And while we will never become owners again–the pain of losing an animal is too great–we would still like pets in our life. is an excellent compromise. We can help some pet owners out and get our pet fix. Very cool.

  2. I never heard of Rover. As a dog owner, I’ll need to check them out. Sounds like a great side gig if you love dogs, which we do.

  3. Cool to see this! One of my daughters just started to do this through, and she loves it! She’s making a good income, and the job fits perfectly with her schedule. I can highly recommend this as a way to earn extra money : )

  4. Oh my! My wife and daughter are going to flip out when they read this. They LOVE dogs. Even though we have one (a precious rescue mutt) they’re always drawn to any dog they see.

  5. This sounds great! I like that you can request what size of dogs you are willing/able to take care of. Thanks!

  6. What better job in the world than playing with puppies! I know many people that walked dogs in high school and had a great time doing it. It’s definitely an easy side-income for any dog lover.

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