Why Take Money Advice From a 71-Year-Old Blogger?

I’m not quite sure when it happened. It definitely has a way of sneaking up on you. I’m talking about aging. The whole thing about getting older and having seen so many things over your lifetime that in some cases you don’t feel that “surprise” or even “shock” that so many inexperienced younger people feel all the time. Even though I can’t quite remember exactly when, it has happened.

Is the money advice from a 71-year-old blogger relevant to your experience?  Here's why you should give it a read.

And here’s the other amazing thing that happens when you age. You find that younger people just don’t listen to you or any warnings you extend to help them handle and soften the blows they may be about to take. That’s the hardest part for me to accept. I guess that’s the reason I have asked myself the question here: Why should anyone take money advice from a 71-year-old?

The “I told you so” Is Breathing Right in Front of You

Aren’t we all really the same? By that, I mean when we are young we think we are totally invincible. Nothing we do can ever turn out badly and even if we get a ding or two along the way, we will recover and then eventually laugh about it down the road. Hey, maybe that can and does happen to a few of us, but seriously? Does it happen to everyone, or more importantly, did it happen to you?

You see, that is the reason why you need to at least listen to someone who has been there before and walked in your shoes. You never want to hear that “I told you so” just because you ignored—or worse never even listened to—the sage advice of someone who experienced the same situation as you are facing and came out of it alive and well. With that great 20/20 hindsight that always comes after stuff happens, there is nothing wrong with listening to or asking for advice…in fact there is everything right about it!

Blogging and Age (and Wisdom?)

2,458 days ago (yes, I really counted), I started writing my blog. At the time, I did it for several reasons. One of them was just to keep myself busy and prevent boredom. I had recently had a heart attack and was at home now most of the time having to give up my full-time employment. That was one of those “sneaky” things that moved me into the twilight zone of being older. Being sick and not working full-time sounds like “old”, doesn’t it? So what could I actually do to make myself feel like I still had some gas left in my tank…blogging!

The Wealth of My Experience

The beauty part of writing a blog is that anyone can try their hand at it if they have a simple idea of who they want to write for and what they want to say. I took a good long while to decide on those things and eventually figured out that my life experiences were just the kind of thing that everyone goes through but tends to learn the hard way and that often hurts.

I’m not your dad and I’m not your grandfather, so perhaps you’d actually listen to some of what I had to say. At least that was my theory. I say that because we all know we never listen to our mom, dad or grandparents. It just wouldn’t be right, would it? So my experiences have some real worth to them…I think.

Money and You

There is no escaping the fact that in order to survive and have some sort of peace of mind every day, you need money. You don’t have to make it Bill Gates kind of money (although as Seinfeld said many times “not that there is anything wrong with that” 🙂 ), but you need some money. The terms food, clothing, and shelter come immediately to mind here. So you might think that a 71-year-old has had a little experience with those things and has some money advice that can help you, right? That’s when and why Super Saving Tips was born, May 12, 2014.

Does Anyone Really Want the Information?

Through the miracle of tracking activity on the blog, I know that there are thousands of people stopping along the way and looking at it. Hopefully, those folks are gaining something from it and that reinforcement keeps me writing it twice a week, every week.

But I still want the feedback. I don’t get very much of that and that again makes me wonder the original question I asked myself at the beginning of this post. I can almost hear you breathing out there, but it would be so much better to hear your voice. Do you have a question or a comment? Good or bad, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have anything to say? If you don’t have anything to say today, I bet you will when you are 71!

Final Thoughts

In the beginning…no, wait, I’m not going to plagiarize the greatest of books so let me say it this way: When I started writing I couldn’t even get my own children to read it. I begged and it still didn’t happen. It was that “Dad” thing I guess. But I kept trying, every week.

I realized early on that I was no great writer, but if you have a point and something to say, then even if it’s not Pulitzer material, it can still be valuable. Over the past seven years, my audience has grown from 0 to thousands per week. Now if I could only get my children to read it. Is that asking for too much?


  1. Your post resonates with me completely. Neither I nor my blog is quite as old as you or your blog, but I have exactly the same motivations for writing as you do. I also have experienced the same Charlenes with lack of feedback.

    Nonetheless, you offer great advice and I’m sure at least a few people have made better decisions as the result of your blog.

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Ellen

    I enjoy and benefit from reading the articles you post on your blog, Gary! I turn 62 this year. I ‘did everything right’ up until 20 years ago, when I pulled out of the Market and began ‘listening’ to all the naysayers, financial pundits and know-it-alls out there! Fell in love with each and every new, shiny object. Fiddled, faddled, churned my accounts, completely derailing my financial nest egg. Now I am attempting to rebuild. (Don’t quite understand why I’m over-sharing; I suppose it’s somewhat therapeutic.) Well, I’ll stop with the Debbie Downer routine now – LOL! Onward and upward! If anyone benefits from reading my experience, please, stay the course – there’s nothing ‘new’ ‘out there’! Slow and steady wins the race, as Gary has expressed! Thank you again, Gary, for sharing your wisdom with your readers! I sincerely appreciate it!

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