18 Money Saving Ideas for St. Frugaltine’s Day

I definitely love being in love! I am so fortunate that I have found true love on my second time around when I met and fell for Suzanne, my beautiful wife, back in 2005! Not only is she all that and a bag of chips (am I dating myself with that phrase?), but we share a mindset about personal finances and that crosses off the list any arguments we might have about money. That is a problem that many couples endure and it can really damage a relationship.

You know it's coming on February 14th, and now you need some Valentine's Day ideas that won't break the bank. We've got you covered with some money saving ways to show your love.

Having said that, we both enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day each year but we do it on our own terms. So it’s kind of a challenge to come up with some new ways to have fun, share our love, and still remain fiscally solvent. Here’s a not so short list of money saving ideas that can make your Valentine’s a “St. Frugaltine’s Day” of fun and frolic!

Valentine’s Day Ideas with and for Your Honey

1. Make your own card

Mail your pre-addressed and stamped valentines to Loveland, Colorado and they will postmark them and mail them for you. Send them to: Postmaster, Valentine Re-mailing, 446 East 29th Street, Loveland, CO 80538. Make sure it gets there by February 7, 2018 to insure it gets back to your valentine on time. It’s just the cost of 2 stamps!

2. Make a treasure hunt for your spouse

Start by mailing or emailing the first clue. Then leave clues all over the house, yard, car or the office telling where to find the next clue. End the hunt by making a picnic in the backyard or going to a park or just relaxing in front of the fireplace if it’s too cold where you live. Use your imagination and have fun. The simple things are the ones people remember.

3. Go to a bookstore together

Enjoy the relative quiet and just browse. They won’t rush you out the door and you can get a cup of coffee and make a date of it.

4. Celebrate Valentine’s Day before or after the date

Everything is cheaper, even as much as half off those jacked up prices, less crowded, and better service too!

5. Mail a love letter

Send an old-fashioned love letter to your loved one at their work address for a surprise.

6. Send a special email or text

Send your spouse a secret sexy private email or text message. Just make sure you’ve got the right recipient!

7. Leave “Why I love you” messages all over the house

Buy a package of cheap valentines (from the dollar store works just fine). Leave a message on each one and hide them all over the house for your honey. They will get to enjoy the gift for months as they keep on finding them!

8. Use lipstick to make hearts and love notes

Leave them on the rear view mirror, car windows, bathroom mirror, or windows of the house. Leave a kiss print on his or her napkin for lunch or dinner.

9. Make a bunch of hearts out of construction paper

Put a love note on each one. Paste them all over the front door or car before your wife, hubby, or kids come home from work or school.

10. Have a picnic on the floor

Use some candles and lay a soft blanket on the floor. Put on some soft music and have a romantic dinner. Use some white Christmas lights for additional romantic lighting!

11. Use coupons

Take advantage of 2-for-1 dinners. They’re in the newspapers and all over the net. Spend time with each other instead of buying gifts.

12. Take advantage of winter travel rates

Use travel discounts and maybe do a weekend away if it’s in your budget. It’s not free but it’s worth making a memory. We use our “comps” for a night at the Borgata in Atlantic City and stick to the penny slots.

13. Cook and bake it yourself

Or cook together for a fun experience. You can even splurge on a steak and lobster dinner finished with some heart shaped treats for dessert!

14. Buy flowers on the cheap

Find great floral deals at Costco, Trader Joe’s or Aldi (these stores really do have some of the best deals on flowers). Or look at your local supermarket to beat the florist’s prices.

15. Buy the day after

Buy your Valentine’s Day merchandise after February 14th and celebrate on the weekend. It pays to wait when the price is crushed!

16. Watch a romantic movie at home

Instead of going out to the movies, watch a classic at home. We also try and catch a “Love Boat” or “Love American Style” marathon too. You probably already pay for Netflix and/or cable so you might as well use it.

17. Do it yourself

Create it all from DIY cards to DIY gifts. You can certainly save money when you are being creative! Remember those “mix tapes” with all of your favorite tunes from back in the day? Besides, that’s stuff that really comes from the heart!

And finally…

18. Just tell someone what they mean to you

Love doesn’t mean you have to buy someone something. Just say, “Happy Valentine’s Day” and speak from the heart about how you feel. It’s short and sweet and straight to the point!! And by the way, you can say “I love you” every day too for free!

It’s not a bad thing to enjoy a fun holiday but it doesn’t have to mean going crazy spending your hard earned money. Planning now will make it a great event and if there are kids involved even more fun and love for you and your family too!

So what will you do for St. Frugaltine’s Day 2018? Do you spend to the hilt or are you planning a real live, honest to goodness, fun lovefest that doesn’t involve breaking the bank?

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  1. Mr. JumpStart

    Valentine’s day on a Wed this year makes it very easy to wait 2 extra days before you celebrate. Flowers, candy, and red things will be much cheaper on Thursday.
    Just make certain that you get them to agree to the plan before Wed.

  2. Melissa

    I love this!! My husband and I met in a library, so our favorite way to spend Valentine’s Day (or really any date night, haha) is at a store here in Phoenix called “Bookman’s” which is a bookstore (and other things – it sells music equipment, board games, video games) that you can sell your books back to!

    We always have books to “sell back” to Bookmans, since we have a ton of books, then we get credit to spend at the store and we go on a “buying” spree! We get rid of clutter, we get credit for more books, and then we shop for free! It’s so much fun 🙂

  3. Awww, I always knew you were a softie. Suzanne is a lucky gal.

    Your book store suggestion gave me an idea. Recently I collected our various gift cards and Mr. G has several for Barnes and Noble. We’ll change our “Coffee Friday” to “Coffee Wednesday” next week, enjoy a little Starbucks, and pick out some books.

  4. You’re a good man, Gary. Thanks for reminding us that you don’t need a lot of money to show your significant other how special he or she is. Mrs. Groovy and I used to have Valentine’s dinner at the Valley Stream, Long Island, White Castle. It was so pathetic, it actually made Valentine’s Day our most anticipated holiday. I miss those days.

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