Celebrating Mother’s Day in a COVID-19 World

As a former boss of mine once said to me (and I have regretfully repeated over the years), “Father’s Day is the most important day of the year”…not! Let’s get real here, your mom was, has been, and still is the very most important person ever. I’m not here to list all the reasons why and that is because you already know that without her, you just wouldn’t exist, so case closed. If you are fortunate enough to have your mom still around, it’s really important to recognize her. But how will you celebrate Mother’s Day in a COVID-19 world?

Mother’s Day is coming, but this year it may be difficult to see your mom in person. Here are some ways to celebrate from a distance.
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Some Things Still Haven’t Changed – Yet

Whether you’re staying at home or not (and you must social distance in order to protect yourself and everyone around you), you can still send your mom a heartfelt or funny greeting card and you can do it without ever leaving your house.

Even if and when you are being frugal (and that is the way to go), you can find amazing ways to say I love you on the internet without having to go out to the store to buy a card and then adding the postage to some fancy paper Hallmark money maker.

You can do something else much more personal. Free sites such as GotFreeCards is a perfect way to send your printable Mother’s Day card. Sending free ecards is another option and you can use sites like Paperless Post and 123Greetings. Note that not every card on Paperless Post is free, though many are are free for up to 50 recipients.

There are several other sites that fill the bill, so as of today you have plenty of time to create a card and have it arrive way before Sunday, May 10, 2020. Just google “free cards” and you will have a choice of several great free sites.

Want to Give a Really Special Card?

American Greetings has ecards you can send. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial, but after that, membership is $4.99 per month or $19.99 per year, or even $29.99 for two years. It also comes with more than the option for just sending unlimited ecards as you can also send physical gifts or gift cards along with your ecards, post your ecards to Facebook, access printables and member tools, and more. But you can just cancel after the 7-day trial and have no expense here at all!

How About Some Real Creativity!

Since you are mostly at home right now, how about making what used to be called a mixtape for mom? I’m talking about getting a list of her favorite tunes from back in the day and making a playlist on her favorite service (Spotify, YouTube, etc.) or loading the music to a USB drive! Was she a “Motown mom” or a “Beatle-maniac” like mine? Or perhaps she loved Madonna, Michael Jackson or Prince? If that doesn’t work for you and her, how about just a single sincere favorite one you share with her that you can send? Whatever her tastes, you can find it and send it.

Want to personalize it even more? Consider creating a slideshow and pick out some meaningful and/or funny photos that mom is sure to love and then scan or upload them, and turn it into a slideshow. Then add her favorite music to it!

Programs like Adobe Express have free starter plans that let you add your own images and music, with a couple of small caveats. The length of the slideshow could be limited, or it could have a watermark on it unless you opt for a paid version. You don’t have to pay anything though if that’s ok for you, and you can do it all on your own if you try.

Get the Grandkids Involved, too!

You don’t need to be a Hollywood movie producer to make a beautiful family recording for mom. You know you can use a web cam or even your mobile phone and all get together including the kids and make an “I love you” memory that will make her day and she can replay over and over.

And That Brings Us Face to Face (Digitally Anyway)

Plan a free video chat. If you just need a good face-to-face chat with your mom on Mother’s Day, you can choose one of the many free video calling services. Skype is the classic app that many are familiar with, while FaceTime is a versatile option for the Apple crowd. You can also use Houseparty or one of the many free video calling services, which include Google Duo and Discord.

Google Hangouts and Duo are both good for video calls, too. Hangouts can also be used across devices to message friends and family, making it easy to have everyone on board and then start the video call right from the same app. In that same vein, Facebook Messenger can be a one-stop shop for both messages and video calls, as long as everyone involved has a Facebook account.

What could be better than a face-to-face chat when you can’t actually get to visit your mom?

Final Thoughts

We are all pretty much used to shopping online and sending gifts to friends and loved ones for a zillion different reasons including such things as Mother’s Day. Certainly it’s a great way to say I care and love you. But nothing beats the personal touch that a homemade card or gift says, or a real-time moment that a video or phone chat creates. It may not last as long as the gift of a book or piece of jewelry does, but a “memory” that a personal touch like photos and music creates has a way of lasting forever, doesn’t it? And in these times, a positive memory is just what we all need.

What are you doing on Mother’s Day to make this one special and still remain safe? You still have the time to make mom’s day one to remember for all the right reasons, so what is your plan?

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