Why “Now Thinking” Is Required Now, Not Later!

Many years ago, I remember seeing an Albert Brooks movie comedy in which the phrase “that’s now thinking” was used to describe someone’s thoughts and actions in dealing with a problem. If you don’t know about Albert Brooks and his incredible comedic mind, look him up.

To recover from this pandemic and prepare for any future disasters, you need to employ now thinking. Don't put off what you need to do now.

I’m certain you’ll appreciate the humor even though it may be somewhat dated in the 2021 world. But one thing that isn’t dated is his turning the phrase about “now thinking”. Now thinking was and still is a requirement in your life if you want to solve problems and face up to reality. In fact, now is the time and the method to solve problems, even financial ones that you face.

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Missing Your Money Due to a Tax Refund Delay? You’re Not Alone

It’s all over the news every day. May 17th was Tax Day this year and unless you filed for an extension, you had to settle up with Uncle Sam or face interest and penalties on your tax bill if you didn’t. That’s bad news for millions and there’s just no way to avoid it if you failed to file on time.

But what about the situation in reverse?

If the tax refund delay is causing you financial problems, here's how to deal with it and to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The IRS is behind on processing tax returns due to staff shortages and other complications. This tax refund delay could be holding up the money you were counting on to cover your bills.

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Celebrating Super Saving Tips’ Blogiversary #7

Every May for the past seven years I have been making note of the blog’s birthday bash. Well, it’s not exactly a bash, but I am celebrating mainly because I never actually thought it would last this long. Seven may be “childlike” in life, but it’s a long time in blog years.

Just a note and a thank you as Super Saving Tips celebrates blogiversary #7.

It’s kind of a funny thing really the way it has all unfolded over the years. It started out for me as just something to do, you know to make me feel productive in retirement and to share a little knowledge that I had accumulated over 40+ years at work plus life in general. But that slowly morphed and changed into something else for me and I hope for you, too.

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5 Warnings About the Softer Side of Retirement

When you think about retirement, the planning stages seem to be pretty obvious and simple. You work all the years you want or need to, save some of your money, invest it wisely, and then at some point in time, you retire. Now after you do, life is easy, right? You might think so, but before you get surprised, let me give you some retirement warnings.

Retirement should be a great time in your life. But you'd better heed these 5 retirement warnings about things you might not expect.

Retirement should mean no more waking up at dawn, fighting the morning traffic, and dealing with a boss who you almost never agree with but have to deal with every day. Now you get to call the shots and enjoy life on your terms…finally! The plan seems perfect: work until about age 65 and then enjoy the good life of golfing, travel, gardening, and/or being a grandparent.

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Does It Pay to Be Cheap or Will You Regret It?

No one likes being called cheap. Not even bloggers who write about such things. The word “frugal” is preferred and although they often apply to and mean the same thing, frugal does make one sound smarter, doesn’t it?

Being a smart shopper means knowing when it pays to buy cheap and when to spend more for quality. Here are my thoughts on three categories.

When I first starting writing this blog, I spent most of my time on it writing about shopping and bargains. Making your money stretch and last longer also means being able to save more when you spend less. And you can use that savings for some really important stuff like retirement or healthcare or building up your emergency funds.

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Warning: What Warren Buffett Says About Rising Inflation Matters

If you didn’t believe me or you didn’t want to believe me, then perhaps you will believe Warren Buffett about rising inflation. It really was inevitable and although I’d like to take credit for being one of the very first and only ones talking about the danger of inflation returning to the world economy, the truth is that it had to happen.

I've been talking about rising inflation for months, but now that Warren Buffett is talking about it, consider it a warning and be prepared.

With the economy suffering so much and so many businesses going down and under, there was only one way to see the course that would come when things started to open up and return to normal: Inflation from new higher wholesale and retail prices!

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Is Joining a Wholesale Club Like Costco Right for You?

I get asked about wholesale clubs all the time, mainly because saving on the cost of food and household supplies is such a big part of your everyday budget and of course you hear that joining a wholesale club will save you money. But is it always true?

Joining a wholesale club might be able to save you money, or it just might cost you. Here's how to tell if a wholesale club is right for you.

Back In the late 1970s, wholesale clubs (also known as warehouse clubs) started popping up and became popular all over the U.S. Then eventually they expanded internationally.

The idea of people getting an “exclusive” club membership that was offering groceries and consumers goods at significant discounts had great appeal to the then-primetime baby boomers raising families during that challenging economic era. It was a perfect storm back then. But is it still that way today? Is joining a wholesale club really for you in 2021?

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Will Your Financial Dreams Ever Come True?

Do you remember that old classic song by the Everly Brothers from way back when entitled “All I Have to Do Is Dream”? Well it’s a classic and it is all about wanting someone that you just can’t seem to ever have. The story of the song is simple, all you have to do is dream and you can get the person you want with one small catch. You may be spending all of your time just dreaming and never actually getting to the goal that you really want!

Will your financial dreams be the first step to success or will they remain just dreams? Here's how to move beyond dreams into reality.

Well, that was true in the song back in 1958 and it’s still true today. In fact, dreaming about what you want may be a great start to getting there, but the reality is this: You may never have your dreams come true, including your financial dreams, unless you actually do something about them!

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