The Middle Ages Part 2: Money Tips for Your 40’s

On Friday I spent some time talking about your 30-something years and hopefully when you took action you got through those years building a good strong base and plan to tackle your financial future for the next decades. Moving on now, if you’ve made it to your 40-something years, the challenges may be different but they still require a focus and goals. So here’s my take on money tips for your 40’s.

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The Middle Ages Part 1: Money Tips for Your 30’s

Back in your school days you studied all about the Middle Ages. It was the period from the fall of the Roman Empire to the beginning of the European Renaissance, roughly from the 5th century through the 15th century AD. Well, as fascinating as that period was, it’s not the subject of today’s post. Today I’m writing about your middle ages. That’s the years when you’re in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Those are the “middle” of your  lifetime years when so much of what you are and will be is determined. From your career path to your relationships, family life and retirement planning, and everything in between. And so today’s post, part 1 of 3, will be about money tips for your 30’s.

The Middle Ages Part 1: Money Tips for Your 30's

Today, we know that life expectancy is longer than ever and you can think of it as divided into 3 stages. There’s stage #1, Coming of Age, which I call birth through your 20’s. Stage #3, I call the Retirement and the Golden Years of 60 and up. And today’s topic, the Middle Ages, Stage #2, ages 30-60. Each phase is different and yet somewhat similar in some ways. The key is timing in all cases, because what might be a plan in your 30’s may become a desperation move in your 50’s. Time is your friend when you are younger and not so much as you move through…the Middle Ages.Continue reading“The Middle Ages Part 1: Money Tips for Your 30’s”

Making Sense of the New Political Lexicon

Today, while I’m getting my side hustle on at the NJ primary polls, I feel compelled to write about a somewhat political subject that annoys me to the core. It may be a stretch to think of such topics as some kind of personal finance advice…alright, it’s more than a stretch. It’s akin to thinking about hoping to find some small change on the ground while walking down the street as an answer to all your financial needs, but I digress. Allow me this diversion and on Friday, we’ll get back to money talk.

Making Sense of the New Political LexiconWhat I want to talk about today is politics and the upcoming 2016 presidential election. No, I swear I’m not going to try and influence you with my personal political view, and I am not going to tell you who you should vote for either. What I am going to do is tell about the new political lexicon that is being bandied about by, for, and about the candidates. It’s spoken by the political reporters so that I hear it dozens of times a day. In fact, it’s reinventing the English language. I just don’t get it and maybe it’s just me. I probably spend way too much time listening to all that garbage every day, but I am admitting right here and now I am addicted to it. It may be having the side effect of distorting my hearing!Continue reading“Making Sense of the New Political Lexicon”

Financial Empowerment – My Road to Financial Wellness

The following blog post is part of The Road to Financial Wellness blog tour. The Road to Financial Wellness is a three-month, grassroots campaign promoting financial empowerment on a national level and encourages people to pursue their dream lifestyle. Find out more about local events near you.

This coming September will mark for me the 20 year anniversary of starting my journey to my financial empowerment. Sometimes, the best things that you will ever do are born out of times that are fundamentally the worst times, such as when you are hurting emotionally and financially and are desperate for control when tough roadblocks occur in your life. That’s what happened to me in September 1996.

Financial Empowerment - My Road to FInancial Wellness

Back then, my 25-year marriage had just ended, my divorce became final and I was at my low point in every part of my life from job to family and of course, my financial condition. After a divorce, the division of assets doesn’t leave two halves but rather a pretty big financial hole which means a lot less for everyone involved. You can do one of two things it seems. Either you can wallow in self-pity and think you’re destined to be in that mess forever or you can decide that you can do something about your problems and start to find ways that you can take control again of your financial well-being. It may not be simple and easy, but it can be done.Continue reading“Financial Empowerment – My Road to Financial Wellness”

How NOT to Get a Raise at Work

Money makes the world go round. At least that’s what we seem to think. So when you go to work, the big reason is most likely to earn money. And you want to get as much money for your work as you can. Therefore it seems logical that you want to learn how to get a raise at work. But what if you are trying your best, and you just aren’t getting anywhere?

How Not to Get a Raise at Work

You feel like you work hard and you deserve that raise. After all, they gave Dave a big raise and a promotion and everyone knows he’s not half as smart as you. So why not you?  What did he do that you didn’t do?.  You did everything they asked you to do and you always do. You‘re a model of consistency, you show up every day on time and you never miss a day. What’s the heck is wrong with them? Can’t they see you need a raise?Continue reading“How NOT to Get a Raise at Work”

Making a Difference as Featured in Canadian Budget Binder

Today I’m honored to be featured in Canadian Budget Binder‘s Making a Difference series. The series gives personal finance bloggers the opportunity to talk about how they hope and plan to make a difference to their readers. It’s a great way to find new blogs to follow!

If you found me over there, please say hello in the comments below. If you haven’t seen it yet…Continue reading“Making a Difference as Featured in Canadian Budget Binder”

How You Can Live Comfortably on $45/Day

I know I sometimes make myself crazy thinking about money and how I might earn more and spend less. I don’t think I’m really any different from you though. If you’re a lot like me and everyone else who does pretty much the same thing, I want you to consider something. Are you already thinking about things like getting a new a job or a better job?  Getting a raise in pay? Earning a bonus? Winning the lottery! Whether you are 18 or 80, money is a huge factor in our thoughts, dreams, and lives. But the real question to me is “how much do you really need?” Can lots of money really guarantee your happiness? Maybe you’ll be very happy and then again…maybe not.

How to Live Comfortably on $45/Day

If having lots of money makes you happy, then by all means you should go for it. Figure out all the new and best ways you can earn it and perhaps you will fulfill every dream you have ever have dreamed. Wouldn’t that be great! Having money is a way to fulfill your greatest desires for not only for a great life for you, but it can be blessing to help others who aren’t able to make do because of their own problems and misfortunes. You can help yourself and others and that’s very cool.Continue reading“How You Can Live Comfortably on $45/Day”

11 Ways to Save on Summer Barbecues

Despite the calendar, this morning as I write this post, we still haven’t seen the temperatures make us feel like summer is just around the corner. In fact, “Princess” (our beautiful hanging basket of purple petunias…yes, we name our plants) slept last night in the house to avoid us having to put a winter sweater on her to keep her warm!

11 Ways to Save on Summer Barbecues

But just as light follows darkness, summer is going to arrive soon and for us, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! And what says summer more than a good old fashioned barbecue?Continue reading“11 Ways to Save on Summer Barbecues”