11 Ways to Save on Summer Barbecues

Despite the calendar, this morning as I write this post, we still haven’t seen the temperatures make us feel like summer is just around the corner. In fact, “Princess” (our beautiful hanging basket of purple petunias…yes, we name our plants) slept last night in the house to avoid us having to put a winter sweater on her to keep her warm!

11 Ways to Save on Summer Barbecues

But just as light follows darkness, summer is going to arrive soon and for us, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! And what says summer more than a good old fashioned barbecue?Continue reading“11 Ways to Save on Summer Barbecues”

You May Think That You’re Frugal…But Where Does Your Money Go?

We all like to think that we have total control of our money, don’t we? We certainly know our salary if we get a weekly paycheck and we also know about those monthly dividend checks, part time side hustles and other alternative sources of income that we receive like tax refunds, rewards from our credit cards and gifts for birthdays. You may even feel you don’t need any advice or input on your finances and you’re doing just fine. But where does your money go?

You May Think That You're Frugal, But Where Does Your Money Go?

The truth is that people, no matter how good they are at their finances and no matter how careful they think they are, do “slip up”. That slip up can be a once-a-month thing when an urge to spend might just be so strong and the want so intense that you can’t say “no” and give in to it. Or it can even be just a bad habit you’ve formed that occurs each week or even worse every day. It can be looking only short range and not thinking about the “big picture”.  These “drips” a little bit at a time are like having a leak in your plumbing that’s so small you don’t notice it. But it’s there and it’s doing damage to your finances just like that leaky pipe can do to the walls, floors, and foundation of your home. Don’t think you have a leak? Let me ask you just a few questions then.Continue reading“You May Think That You’re Frugal…But Where Does Your Money Go?”

Real Things People Do at the Bank That I’ll Never Understand!

For almost 10 years I worked in banking and did everything you can do there. That included the role of teller, when I had to help out there, as well as “platform person” to open, close and manage our customers’ accounts. Then there was my primary customer interaction of selling all kinds of bank products and giving financial counseling that included advice on mutual funds, investments, retirement accounts, and loans like mortgages, personal, auto, and refinancing.

Real Things People Do at the Bank That I'll Never Understand!

Being a Bank Branch Manager is a real eye opener in finding out just how little people know and understand about their finances. (click to tweet)Continue reading“Real Things People Do at the Bank That I’ll Never Understand!”

It’s Blogiversary Time Again – Happy, Happy #2

I almost don’t believe it: it’s the blogiversary of Super Saving Tips once again (it’s also Friday the 13th, but that’s just coincidence…right?). Two years and almost 200 blog posts down the road of exploring personal finance and saving and spending money, and it has just flown by so quickly. What began as simply a way for me to keep busy in my retirement has morphed into something that I really love to do each week, way beyond what I had thought it would turn into.

It's Blogiversary Time Again - Happy, Happy #2

But there would be no celebrating the blogiversary if not for you, the readers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your stopping by, commenting, sharing, and support.Continue reading“It’s Blogiversary Time Again – Happy, Happy #2”

eBay and Craigslist: How to Flip Things for Profit

Awhile back I wrote about how to sell things at the flea market, but there are higher tech solutions! Anum Yoon gives us tips to sell online in today’s guest post.

Are you a born bargain hunter with a house full of stuff you can’t throw away because you might need it some day? If so, you might be sitting on a source of income that’s just waiting for you to tap into.

eBay and Craigslist: How to Flip Things for Profit

You’ve heard of flipping houses? It can be a lucrative business if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars you can afford to tie up for months, while restoring and then waiting to sell a home. But for those of us who aren’t quite there, flipping items on a smaller scale can net a pretty profit if you do it right.Continue reading“eBay and Craigslist: How to Flip Things for Profit”

“The Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”

Do you remember that phrase? If you’re my age you probably do. It was spoken by then Vice President Spiro T. Agnew (yes that was his real name!) on September 11, 1970 when speaking about the press corps that was following around the Washington insiders at that time. The accusation and statement was that the press is a negative group out to discredit the government and its officials (the power brokers of the time) with idle chatter, gossip, and constant negativity. They were accused by Agnew of being incompetent with their constant negative comments. The line was actually written by speech writer and author William Safire and is still around today. And so is that negativism because as far as I can tell, nothing much has really changed in that regard.

"The Nattering Nabobs of Negativism"

In fact, and I am sorry to say this, I think negativism has grown to epic proportions around the world. Being retired now I have some time on my hands, enough so that I sometimes watch the cable news channels and that’s a place you hear so much of that talk that it’s actually scary, especially in this election season. It matters not which network, they are all affected.Continue reading““The Nattering Nabobs of Negativism””

Life or Debt: The Help You May Need to Face Reality!

Every once in a while, if I’m lucky, I stumble onto something that intrigues me and I feel like I must share it with you. That is exactly what I’m doing today, when I share the surprise I had in discovering the new reality TV show “Life Or Debt” last month on Spike which airs Sunday nights at 10 pm Eastern.

Life or Debt: The Help You May Need to Face Reality!

The show is a reality show in the truest sense possible. It deals with real life, real people and real problems. It’s the kinds of problems that most of us have dealt with at some point, but in this show it’s magnified with a huge lens that puts the problems under the microscope for all of us to view.Continue reading“Life or Debt: The Help You May Need to Face Reality!”

Retirement Realities That Will Shock Your System

When you are in your 50’s and are thinking about your retirement and all the pleasant thoughts of having your time be all your own, you may be in for the shock of your life! I tell you this so that you react now and don’t wait a minute longer to prepare yourself for the retirement realities that may be just around the corner.

Retirement Realities That Will Shock Your System

Even if you are 40, or even 30 something, and you think retirement is a goal that is close at hand for you, you should know more about what waits in retirement that perhaps you think can’t or won’t happen to you. For most of us, 50 is a toll booth that stands between you and the path to a financially happy retirement in the sense that it’s a mile marker and it’s up to you to make sure you have your “easy pass” ready to meet the toll collector. It’s not too late to reach into your pocket for the exact change and make sure that you don’t have to get off the road and travel the long way towards your peace and contentment.Continue reading“Retirement Realities That Will Shock Your System”