Is There An Abandoned Gold Mine Inside Your Home?

Back in the 1800’s, America had a gold rush out in California. You’ve read about it in all the history books and you know it was mass hysteria back in those days as people packed up their belongings and headed west. It was exciting but a real hardship to get out there, get settled, and have the determination and strength to stake your claim. But it was worth it when you hit the main line and cashed out!

Is There An Abandoned Gold Mine Inside Your Home?

Today in 2016 there’s no striking gold out in California, but have you considered the gold you might find right inside your own home? In America today, we’re wasting tons of money, so much so that you can compare stopping that with discovering gold inside the 4 walls where you reside. We all are guilty of wasting our money and so here’s a short list on how you can strike gold starting right now by decluttering your home.Continue reading“Is There An Abandoned Gold Mine Inside Your Home?”

Are We Heading Toward a Cashless World?

The phrase “cash is king” has been around forever, but today that is changing and a lot faster than you may realize. Around the world, the financial community is gearing up to make cash a thing of the past. Countries are depending more and more on technology and their citizens depend more on electronic methods to handle day-to-day methods of shopping and paying bills. Are we heading toward a cashless world?

Are We Heading Toward a Cashless World

Back in my parents’ day, when a person got paid each week, they used the “envelope system” and put their cash in envelopes earmarked for their spending and bill paying. It was a simple system and made it easy to deal with their money each week to make it until the next paycheck. But the technological changes in the last few decades have fostered a new way of looking at cash, and with very good reasons.Continue reading“Are We Heading Toward a Cashless World?”

How to Cash in an Extra $5,000 in Savings This Year

Please welcome back fellow blogger Anum Yoon for today’s guest post.

We all want to save money. Unfortunately we live in a society that constantly encourages us to spend. Whether it’s the need to keep up with the Joneses or just maintain the lifestyle we’ve become used to, we all find it hard to give up the things we love.

How to Cash In an Extra $5,000 in Savings This Year

If you’re willing to make some minor concessions, you might just find ways to put back a bit of extra cash without compromising your lifestyle. Here are a few ideas to get you started.Continue reading“How to Cash in an Extra $5,000 in Savings This Year”

Is Debt Really a 4-Letter Word?

All my life I have resented and feared debt. I’m sure I’m not alone. At various times in life you’ve got to face facts and your fears because sometimes there’s just no escaping it. I thought today I’d review my adventures in debt for your information (and perhaps my own therapy). So this is a story, not about a man named Brady, but of one named Gary! Sit back and take the journey with me and maybe when the dust clears you might just feel better knowing that you aren’t alone.

Is Debt Really a 4-Letter Word?Continue reading“Is Debt Really a 4-Letter Word?”

33 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions You Need to Know

Billions of dollars are left behind every year by people who prepare their own taxes, often because they fail to take advantage of all the tax deductions available to them. While I believe that most of us can do our own taxes and not leave our money on the table, it’s imperative to prepare now for the tax return deadline which is April 18th this year (the 15th is a Friday and this year’s deadline has been extended to Monday the 18th). In Maine and Massachusetts it’s the 19th due to Patriots day.

33 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions You Need to Know

To help you with your 2015 tax returns, don’t skip this important list.  While I’m not a tax professional, you can always research these and other tax deductions at Remember, if you have difficulty or your return is more complex than you can handle, see an accountant or check out the many free options either online or in your own community.Continue reading“33 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions You Need to Know”

How Will the Presidential Election Affect Your Financial Future?

You can’t get through a day right now without hearing something about the presidential election and the Democratic and Republican campaigning that is going on. Between the news, talk shows, debate stages, and the constant updating and interviewing of the huge number of candidates wanting your vote, it’s just inescapable isn’t it?

How Will the Presidential Election Affect Your Financial Future?

How much attention do you pay to it all? Have you taken a look at what each candidate says and stands for? That may have a huge impact on your life, money, and your financial future. Here are some of the big issues that are being talked about that you should consider and may very well influence your choice when you vote in your state primary/caucus and of course next November when you have the chance to vote for President.Continue reading“How Will the Presidential Election Affect Your Financial Future?”

Cutting Costs to Plan an Affordable Funeral

As the recent loss of several celebrities (Natalie Cole, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Abe Vigoda, and others) reminds us, none of us lives forever. When it hits closer to home and we lose a family member, we may be called upon to make the final arrangements. Never an easy task, it becomes more complicated by mixing in intense emotions, family issues, and finances.

Cutting Costs to Plan an Affordable Funeral

Funerals have become increasingly expensive. Costs are up 28% over the past decade, with the national median topping $6,000 for a funeral with cremation and over $7,000 for a funeral with burial as of 2014 according to the National Funeral Directors Association.  Yet Social Security death benefit payments are only $255. But there are ways to pay final tribute to your loved one without spending a fortune…by planning an affordable funeral.Continue reading“Cutting Costs to Plan an Affordable Funeral”

A Real Life Success Story – On the Road to Financial Health & Wealth

Over the past two years I have spent some time both talking and writing on this blog about traveling on the road to financial health and wealth. Last June, I had the pleasure to participate in a local stop of a national roadshow where I met young entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about communicating and teaching young people how to get on that road and reach their goals. They made a real and lasting impact all over the country. It was eye opening for me, and I’m sure many other people.

A Real Life Success Story on the Road to Financial Health & Wealth

That story, however, isn’t the only inspirational story that you’ll find. I had the opportunity to sit down recently with someone I’ve known for over 30 years, Mr. David B. Morrow, to discuss his own real life success story. He’s the President and Chief Investment Officer of Wilshire Enterprises Inc., a regional real estate investment and development firm based in East Hanover, New Jersey. The road to success of financial health and wealth isn’t the same path for everyone, but there seems to be some habits, methods, and thought processes that are the keys to making it to those goals.Continue reading“A Real Life Success Story – On the Road to Financial Health & Wealth”