Playing Hide-and-Seek with Grocery Deals

When it comes to finding the best deals, is your grocery store playing hide-and-seek with you? The answer is probably. Whether it’s a gentle nudge to psychologically guide you to the product they want you to buy, a dirty game of trickery, or even accidentally making it inconvenient to buy the best deal, it happens all the time. After all, a supermarket is there to make a profit, while you’re there to get the best price on the products you need and want.

Playing Hide-and-Seek with Grocery Deals

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Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

As the years go by, it seems we have all been buying more and more into the cliché “bigger is better”. I have to admit, I wouldn’t refuse a bigger paycheck each week, or a bigger piece of mom’s apple pie after dinner, but there are lots of other instances where bigger can create other issues that may lead you to real trouble.

Why Bigger Isn't Always Better

Being just a little practical and more conservative financially can give you mounds of money that can be used for real life priorities, like retirement, long-term healthcare, and life insurance as well as investing in your future. I’m not a scientist, but I’ve come up with a scientific formula that I wish I had developed years ago:Continue reading“Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better”

Smart Gardening Saves You Money

With the spring weather finally coming to the northeast, I can see things are beginning to sprout and grow around here, from the green buds on the trees and bushes to the yellow blooms of the daffodils and forsythia. Many people are turning their attention to gardening and landscaping, and the retailers and nurseries are ready to take your money today, with one retailer even calling it “spring black Friday” (shouldn’t that be “spring green Friday”?). While I tend to have a brown thumb when it comes to growing plants, I have a green thumb when it comes to saving money. Lots of people enjoy gardening, but they can save money at the same time by growing their food and saving on groceries.

Smart Gardening Saves Money

If you don’t have a large-sized property, you might be thinking gardening isn’t for you. But all it takes is a small bit of land, Continue reading“Smart Gardening Saves You Money”

Financial Help for Millennials

By the latest estimates, there are approximately 80 million millennials in the United States today. You may call them “Gen Y” or some other name, but they are the 18-32 year olds that are typically college-educated, technology-oriented and entering (or trying to enter) corporate life. They are socially astute media hounds who are tweeting away hourly with their cohorts. They have many advantages that I never did as I started out as a new member of the workforce. But I do have some advice for those millennials who are reading along.

Financial Help for Millennials

The truth is that if you are a member of Generation Y, you probably don’t know where your money goes. Continue reading“Financial Help for Millennials”

12 Ways the Internet Can Help Your Finances

Technology is a great and fascinating tool that is just waiting for you to take full advantage of its potential . You obviously have access to the internet if you’re reading this, so step #1 get access to the internet…mission accomplished! Beyond some of the basics you use the internet for, like reading the news, checking up on the latest sports scores, looking at the weather forecast and soaking up the latest gossip, there are so many ways to improve your circumstances, through information and education. But have you ever thought about the ways the internet can specifically help your finances? Perhaps we’ve just taken them for granted. Here’s a short list of ways that will have you smiling every time you hear the cha-ching of your wealth increasing thanks to the internet, whether it helps you make, save, or manage money.

12 Ways the Internet Can Help Your Finances
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9 Habits of the Rich That You Should Learn

Haven’t we all dreamed that one day we’ll hit the big one? Buy a lottery ticket and get that million dollar jackpot? If only it was our lucky day (sigh), that’s all we need to turn the ship around and sail into that beautiful harbor of the rich and famous. Is it really luck that makes people rich? I don’t think so and if you think about it seriously, you’ll know that isn’t the way millionaires make it.

9 Habits of the Rich That You Should Learn

Rich people are a minority and there are good reasons for that. They do things and act differently than the average person. The habits of the rich breed success and wealth. Your chances of becoming rich aren’t guaranteed, but your chances are better if you emulate the rich in their success-breeding habits, even just a little.Continue reading“9 Habits of the Rich That You Should Learn”

Should You Trust Your Financial Advisor?

Recently, I saw this advertisement (from last year) about finding a financial advisor you can trust:

I think it’s quite clever and delivers home the point that a reliable and trustworthy financial advisor needs to do more than just “look the part”. If you’re going to follow someone’s advice on your finances, you need to be sure that advice will be worth it and keep your best interest in mind. But how do you determine if you’ve found the right advisor for you?Continue reading“Should You Trust Your Financial Advisor?”