Editorial: On Being a Responsible Human

For over five months now we have been listening to all kinds of people explain what we should and shouldn’t do to contain a pandemic. When something like a worldwide disaster that is killing hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of people occurs like this, you’d think that everyone would be on the same page and do what we have to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from it. You might think that, but it certainly is not true. At least it’s not here in the United States.

While it's always important to be a responsible human, never has that been more true than during a pandemic. We all need to work together now.

Maybe it’s because I am older than the average American or maybe it’s because I am just afraid that I will become sick and die horribly from this pandemic, or maybe it’s just that I am smarter that most people, but whatever it is, I find myself staggering around in disbelief about what I am seeing and hearing every day. I think five months is way too long to remain silent here in my little corner of the world about being a responsible human.

Is It Political?

If you are wondering whether this matter is a political football and whether you must choose to be on the right or the left or someplace in the middle, you may find one day soon that you will wake up and—well, not wake up at all. This isn’t a political matter.

What We Are Doing

The most advanced country on planet earth has totally botched the handling and treatment of COVID-19 and in doing so has made it even more dangerous and deadly. In fact, we haven’t seen any consistent national policy we can point to that shows that there has been any responsible behavior.

Right from the beginning, we have been misled and lied to and all in the name of not having to deal with reality. We have blamed other countries for our plight. We have not faced the facts that this disease was never going to slow down “as soon as the weather warmed up” as we were told.

We wanted to believe that this pandemic would “just magically disappear” and that’s what we seem to be betting on.

We were told that only a few “high risk” persons might succumb, then just a few hundred, and then just a few thousand, and that we didn’t have much risk as a nation and we could simply go on with our lives if we just “washed our hands” frequently.

Now, months later we here in this country have seen over 150,000 die and that number is growing larger by the day. Information about the disease is being told to us not by doctors but by politicians who know nothing about it and who spread further lies and ridiculous stories about what has and will happen. They continue to let individual cities and states try to deal with it with no leadership, mandates, or directions. That is where we are five months into it.

Who’s Responsible

It is easy to try to blame some section or region of the country or even some mayor or governor of a state for being foolish or stupid or totally political or worse—evil. But it isn’t really accurate.

The movement of this disease around our country is a direct result of the complete failure of us all in exercising responsible behavior. This is simply a case where if even just a few ignore what needs to be done, all of us are put at risk. Just look at the map and you will see how COVID-19 is circulating from North to South and then from East to West and the making the rounds over again. Responsible behaviors simply do not exist.

If you can’t expect your family, friends, and neighbors to wear a mask in public, keep social distancing no matter what they are doing, and wash their hands frequently, then you are getting what you deserve. The problem with that is that you are taking the rest of us down with you along the way.

What We Need to Do

It’s now time to declare a national shut down policy and moratorium on all of the behaviors that are fostering the disaster and it must be done now. If you don’t call for it, demand it, and require it, you are going to see the death toll mount and you will suffer soon yourself even more that just missing out on going to a bar or not seeing your favorite rock band in concert.

I’m not that smart nor am I in the business of predicting the future of things like this pandemic; I’m only a responsible human being who sees clearly what we are facing. So must you be, too.

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