A Roadmap to Happiness, Success, and Financial Health

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I worked for forty-five years in the business world before I began writing this blog in my retirement. That’s how long it took me to put together, in a simple way, how you can achieve happiness, success, and financial health in your life by focusing on a road to that very goal. By avoiding many of the mistakes I, and many others, have made over the years, you can improve your chances of feeling that feeling that makes you a success.

A Roadmap to Happiness, Success, and Financial Health

It seems like most of us work very long, hard hours, making personal sacrifices in the hope that we will make more money and get promotions. Despite doing that, most of us aren’t really happy in our current situation. We want more, but we don’t seem to know how to get there. A big part of the equations is that we think that being financially successful makes us happy, and that monetary wealth guarantees we will have it all.

Let’s look at those key words:

Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. How happy you are is the ultimate measure of success.

Let me explain how this relationship of happiness and success are related in a simple way.

Happy people tend to be optimistic and fun to be around. They usually attract attention and get involved in opportunities that the negative, pessimistic people don’t ever do. Happy people make better decisions because of their better moods and respond better to challenges. Their happy state of mind leads to better health and they are more likely to have a low rate of absenteeism from work and perform with more enthusiasm. They form solid relationships, have more friends, and have more social support. It’s this “happy” state that opens the doors to success in many cases.

Success and Wealth seem to be pretty simple concepts, don’t they? The real question that I think needs answering is this one:

How much is enough to define success and wealth for you? Click to Tweet

“Enough” looks different to each of us. Financial wealth is also different. Some people might say if I could just pay off my bills, I’d be a success. Some would say, if I could just buy that boat I always wanted, that would be enough for me. To find what’s enough, you must look inside yourself and set goals. But now think about this: is there a point when working towards the goal of making more money can actually be counter-productive? Or in other words, does having more money make us happy?

If you believe success is measured in money, you may be setting yourself up for a big failure! Try to always remember that wealth is about more than just money. It’s about relationships, health, and self-improvement. That kind of wealth is the true link between wealth and happiness. Being happy and grateful leads to financial health.

A Roadmap to Happiness, Success, and Financial Wealth

  1. Set good daily habits, and work to overcome your bad habits
  2. Make a daily goal to-do list, think both short-term and long-term
  3. Hold yourself accountable
  4. Don’t waste time
  5. Take care of your health
  6. Build relationships
  7. Maintain balance
  8. Be positive
  9. Have a “self talk”, envision your success
  10. Educate yourself
  11. Live within your means
  12. Do more than just what’s required
  13. Talk less, listen more
  14. Find a mentor
  15. Know your “why”, why you do what you do

I’ve realized how important these are after a lifetime of learning. Unfortunately, hindsight brought this understanding to me. My personal journey involved being a hard worker…working holidays, weekends, and nights to the point where I hurt my personal relationships and eventually went through a miserable, costly divorce. I wasn’t healthy, nor was I very happy despite making a lot of money that I thought made me successful. Money and possessions just weren’t enough for me to feel successful.

This is where I began to learn that being happy is the thing that brings the whole idea and result together. I changed jobs, focused myself, and began to make these changes. Today, I do what I enjoy and focus on my passions while continuing to strive for self-improvement. My health has dramatically improved and I now understand what is enough for me.

Involving myself in this new approach has helped my second marriage to be successful and my personal and work experiences to be gratifying. I define wealth totally differently these days. It’s very true that having money is important, and managing it well even more important. Now, however, it means I’m happy and more productive than I’ve ever been. Now I have enough for me.

In what ways do you define your successes in life? Do you think you’re on the road to happiness, success, and financial health?


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