The Best Way to Shop the Presidents Day Sales in 2022

It’s been quite a while since any kind of good feeling about shopping arrived on your doorstep, hasn’t it? The big “I”—inflation—has made shopping a lot less fun and getting out to do it even less with COVID-19. But things are lightening up when it comes to that right now. While it’s true that prices are a big deal when you are trying to shop and make ends meet, Presidents Day sales in 2022 have a few bargains that still look like deals, so here’s a short list of the things and places that you can still make a killing on right now. Are you in the mood to save big?

Mount Rushmore representing Presidents Day sales

Presidents Day is Monday, February 21st

You’re in luck! Presidents Day is a few days away, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until February 21st to save big. Right now, loads of your favorite go-to and online stores have already started to mark down tons of must-have items, from best-selling air fryers to tech deals on smartwatches and more.

Like any good holiday sale, the savings don’t just stop there. This year, a handful of beauty and fashion retailers are offering big deals and generous discounts and promotions, too.

Don’t Just Fall for the Old “Percentage Off” Thing

As an old retail exec, I know the game of pricing and how it plays for big events like Presidents Day sales. I should since I took part in 40 years of them! One thing I do know about sales is that stores will bloody up the savings estimates to make you believe that the prices are totally insane and can’t be beat.

I Shouldn’t Have to Explain This to You, But I Will

Prices you see that stores and online retailers establish, charge, promote and advertise are totally made up! They aren’t real except that if they are too much out of kilter in comparison to other retailers, they will eventually be found out to be unreliable and never sell what they want to sell.

Yes, a few fools will buy and think that they got the deal of the century at 90% off the original price (which by the way no one ever bought the item at in history), but nonetheless they go home proud and happy with their big deal. The lesson to learn from it is to always be skeptical about any kind of savings that is advertised. It’s all relative and needs to be verified by comparison shopping.

It’s just another example of knowing your prices before you step out into the battle like a big Presidents Day sales event!

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Even If the Price Isn’t the Best, There May Be Other Ways to Win

Sometimes the deciding factor about making a purchase decision comes from more than a price sticker. How you feel when you shop is a big factor. Do I trust the people I am talking to? How long have they been around and what is their reputation? How much of a price difference is there with others stores and what do I get in addition to the product that may make it worth the extra expense? I always ask myself those questions before I buy.

What the Answers to Your Questions Can Reveal

It’s very difficult to say to yourself, “I will pay more money for something here when I could save more at Joe’s down the block.” But sometimes savings on the retail prices alone aren’t always the only goals. Getting a fair price, one that’s not a fantasy of made up discounts is more important. But there is more.

There are important things to ask about and consider. This is especially true on “big ticket” items like furniture, appliances, and electronics.

These things to consider include: return policies, warranties, delivery fees, price adjustments, free items that can be added to the purchase that you may need in order to use the items, and a host of other questions to ask.

If it’s an expensive purchase, always ask about credit terms and low- or no-interest deals and payment plans, even if you have the cash to buy right now. It can tell you a lot about the business you are dealing with when you hear the answers.

If the business wants to make sales and loyal repeat customers, they will answer those questions and you are happier when they do. The important thing you must do is ask and then be satisfied with the answers before you sign and buy anything.

Final Thoughts

Presidents Day sales shopping won’t be your only shot at getting a great deal this year. As normality returns to our lives, you will start to do what you have done forever: bargain hunt and buy what you need and want. That’s true even in an inflationary cycle like we are experiencing right now and truer when pent-up demand is the way it is after two years of being on hold. But make sure you don’t forget the basic principles of being a smart shopper…ever!

If you do the homework as I have outlined here, and not just for next week mind you, you will save money, time, and aggravation on your shopping. All of that counts and all of those should be in your shopping goals.

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What have you planned for Presidents Day? Is this a big time for you to get out and resume your shopping for things you really need? Are you going to do the due diligence so that inflation doesn’t ruin your finances in 2022? Is the shopping going to be controlled and well-planned or reactionary and distracted by the shiny bells and loud whistles of a post-pandemic world featuring made-up inflationary savings deals?

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