Being a Smarter Shopper Should Be On Your New Year’s Resolution List

Yes, it’s that happy time again, New Year’s and the time everyone gets down to resolutions. We all think about doing it even though we may never actually get around to any of them or worse, start them up and then by Valentine’s Day we can’t even remember what or why we did any of it. I just hope that it doesn’t involve paying for something and wasting money when you do that, as many times it does.

Clock nearing midnight and fireworks for new year's represent a smarter shopper resolution

Whether it is losing some weight, getting a new job, giving more to charity, or just being a more kinder, gentler person in 2022, if you do decide to make a resolution, add one to your list this year, please. What is it?

It is to be a smarter shopper in 2022. Because this year, more perhaps than any in memory, you will really need to be!

Why Be a Smarter Shopper in 2022?

The answer is a fairly easy one. You can’t avoid spending money, because you do it all the time, every day, every week. That’s just unavoidable. You need to grocery shop, buy gas, and take care of a long list of priorities that involve you and your wallet. Your wallet made need the Red Cross this year after the big inflation battle we’ve had.

Unfortunately, I see more battles ahead in 2022 until things settle down and a little something called COVID-19 begins to disappear. That simply means you have to pay attention and watch how you spend. Even Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are doing that.

How Do I Plan 2022 Spending?

“Think before you cross the street and make sure you look both ways.” Remember being told that when you were a kid? Well, think the same way before you spend this year and do it for a longer period that January 1 to Valentine’s Day!

I write every week about your money and how to save, so if you need to review, all you have to do is search on here to see my advice. But you don’t have to take my advice. Just listen to others, some of whom know way more than you and me, and all are saying the same thing: inflation is here to stay for a while. So step one is easy…

Make a Spending Plan (It’s Called a Budget)

Base your budget planning on reality and your income. Then look for ways to cut, trim, save money, and make this year a good one financially speaking, including being a smarter shopper. You can do this if you want it and apply the same lust towards it as you may have done toward some other passion that doesn’t affect your finances. This may be way more important, not just to you, but to your family, too.

My Wishes for You!

From my wife Suzanne and I, make 2022 a very happy and healthy year for all and make this year the year that your finances are healthy too. If they already are healthy, then make them healthier. Think of it as “preventive medicine” for your wallet because healthy now may not be forever. I wish it were, but you know things happen. Let’s take the steps in 2022 to prepare for these things and be able to enjoy life because we did it! Thank you for reading, and see you next year!

Happy New Year 2022!

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