Stop Complaining and Do Something About It!

You’ll have to pardon me here if I sound like I’m complaining (I am), but have you noticed the absurd numbers of annoying complaints that people seem to have about, oh I don’t know, everything! There are just some people who love to complain and it’s getting worse by the minute! The time that is spent on the complaining is not the proverbial “time well spent”, and I seriously think it may lead to the decline and fall of the free world. Or maybe not, but here’s my point.

Stop Complaining and Do Something About It !

Today, you have the ability to vent, whine, rant, and get tons of attention every minute of the day through social media. Tweeting, Facebook posting and a slew of other “wonderful” platforms amplify the complaining so that I and people like me are bombarded with it to the point of nausea! Do I have to know who hit on you at work? What you had for lunch? Who got engaged while you are still dating the guy you met at your psych class 7 years ago? I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst offending complaints and if you’re among the “whaaa!!-trepreneurs” who are making a priority out of being heard this way, try some self-restraint and spend some time with a few of my poignant recommendations…please!

1. You’re upset that others are more successful than you!

Focus on yourself and stop worrying what the other guy is doing. If you spend your time on your own goals and dreams you have a chance that they can happen. If you don’t, they never get started.

2. You’re just too busy all the time!

Busyness has become epidemic. Please, you aren’t racing here. Slow down just a little and relax. It’s actually good for you and your health. When you need to put your foot to the gas pedal you do it, after all it is called work and it is your life. When you don’t have to push that hard, enjoy the moment and the peace of mind.

3. You don’t like your job!

There’s an old joke….you don’t like your job? There’s a club for that. It’s called everyone and they meet at the bar. But you don’t have suffer. Follow your dreams. It’s never too late and if you’re seriously unhappy, don’t tell me, tell your boss! Find another job or career…you owe it to yourself to be fulfilled in some way and working where you are miserable is a very long haul.

4. You don’t like your co-workers!

You expected everyone to be team player? If you don’t like the atmosphere at work then go someplace else. If it’s your business, get rid of the dead weight and build the team the right way.

5. You don’t have enough money!

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t have some sort of money issues? There are two things you can do. Cut your expenses (there are ideas all over this blog), or earn more. That means getting more results, better reviews, raises or just looking to get a better paying job, period. Complaining isn’t going to accomplish anything.

6. Your parents bum you out!

Please, these are the people who raised you, nurtured you, and gave you life. If you’re lucky enough to have them around, then keep in mind they won’t be around forever so try to appreciate their wisdom and experiences. You’re always going to be “their child”, so deal with it.

7. You hate your body!

There are things you can do: exercise, join the gym, and eat healthy but most of all, just stop comparing yourself to everyone else that you see. Your opinion of what counts is more important than anyone else’s so either spend your time on what you want or change your thinking. But don’t complain.

8.You’re still single!

Is your only goal in life to find your soulmate? How about working on your career first, or your hobbies, and maybe that can open doors for you to meet new people and build a relationship? Spend more time on yourself and you’ll be surprised at what will happen.

9. The Wi-Fi speed sucks!

Really? You’re part of a generation who can’t appreciate the use of electronics without using a plug and you complain about it? Maybe you should have to chop down a tree once in a while to provide firewood for the heat in your home! The Wi-Fi is probably free, and if you don’t like the speed try starting up your own hot spot. Can’t afford that? Than just shut up, you whiny brat!

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “There’s always a taller mountain” and such is life. Are you going to spend your life complaining you’re not the richest or you don’t have the fastest, biggest or best whatchamacallit? Or would you rather spend your time making something happen and being a productive happy camper? You control that in almost every case. Go for it and stop complaining about it.

Does all this complaining bug you like it does me? What are the things you see that you’d like to just go away or are you one who is a “broadcaster” of the ridiculous and sublime?

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  1. Time to call the wambulance – a fictional ambulance or rescue squad for someone who cries or whines, most often without provocation.

    This is one of the main reasons I try not to get sucked into the social media vortex. If you have complainants do something about it or talk with a decision maker.

    1. Thanks, Brian. I never thought that complaining would be an activity that so many enjoyed in social media (or for that matter, on TV, radio, etc.). It’s such a waste of energy. If people would just spend a portion of that time on trying to make things better and accomplishing something, the complaining would stop.

  2. You asked the question “…would you rather spend your time making something happen?” — For most complainers the answer is NO. They’d just rather complain. Poor me, the system is rigged yada yada yada. And I love the ones who want you to be their sounding board. You give them good advice which they won’t follow and they return with the same problems. Fortunately I’m good at keeping people like that out of my life….so Gary, up until now you’ve seemed so calm. Is this a side of you I just haven’t seen? Did something/someone get your goat!

  3. Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank

    Complaining a lot is really not a good habit. It is a destructive habit. That’s why I focus on solution instead more. One more thing, complaining attracts other problems so I tend keep complaining all day, which I really avoid on a daily basis.

  4. Haha. This is really good. You’ve got a pretty good list and suggestions that complainers can adopt and make positive changes to themselves. Where I work, I feel like complaints are a requirement. There are a ton of people who are complaining just about anything even when things are just shallow. That is why I rather sit in my cube and not talk to the complainers. Complainers attract complainers.

  5. You weren’t complaining were you? Haha… Just kidding! You are correct. We have so much (we are a society of excess) that not only are we complaining too much, but it is the stuff we complain about. How many social media complaints are, “6 more people died in my village today as we have been without food or water for 2 months – and the only way to stay warm at night is to burn dung?” No it’s “My coworker looked at me funny and then on my way home from work the car in front of me was driving 5 miles under the speed limit. Life just can’t get any worse!” It is all in perspective. We all need to stop whining and start winning!

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