The Reasons Why You Might Never Be a Success

It seems my philosophy background just keeps leaking into my personal finance writings more and more each week. Maybe that comes with age and experience as I start to put all of those mysterious pieces of the life puzzle together, I don’t know for sure. Well, that’s my new theory so I am going to go with that. And that brings me to today’s subject – you and success.

If you don't have the right mindset and don't follow these six success factors, you'll never be a success, in finances or in life.

There are a lot of really successful people out there. You hear about them and you probably think something like “How did they get so big and successful?” People like a Mark Zuckerberg for example, a college student, who came up with the idea for Facebook and turned it into a multi-billion dollar business. Wow! So, why him…and not you?

Do you think it’s just luck? Was he given some “inside info” that helped? Did he sell his soul to the devil to get what he desired out of life? Probably the answer is “no” to all of those. He probably just took his skills and talent and ideas and worked his a$$ off to get his success. If he did that, it means you can, too. So here’s my personal warning:

Don’t ever do these 6 things that might cause you to never to be a success!

Six Success Factors

1. Don’t undervalue your time

Unsuccessful people just don’t value their time. They are all over the place, everywhere, anywhere, anytime because they lack the ability to dedicate the time needed towards their goals. Year after year they make new promises and goals that never come to fruition simply because they couldn’t be bothered to put in the time required towards achieving those goals. Having time management skills, learning how to say no, and knowing what commitments to undertake are big steps towards making a great success in any area of your life.

2. Don’t self-impose limitations

Unsuccessful people tend to say things like “I’m just not good with numbers”, “I just really hate studying”, and “I just don’t think I can run a successful business”. They excuse their behavior, but that is just a way of underachieving and aiming low enough not to miss.

Get rid of the idea that you only have a specific set of skills and talents for specific tasks. Learn some new skills and never think that you’re not as intelligent as the next person. Life requires you to make the most of yourself all of the time.

3. Stop with the excuses already

Are you a person who will always find reasons and logic as to why you just can’t or why you shouldn’t do something? You say to yourself that you are just being realistic. That lack of imagination and always finding ways to justify why something shouldn’t be means you never really try. Do that, and guess what? You will never succeed.

4. Don’t procrastinate

The funny thing is that as a self-proclaimed procrastinator, you see no shame in it. This goes back to never understanding the value of your time. Understanding that every day is a gift and you owe it to yourself to do everything you can everyday because nothing’s ever promised for tomorrow.

5. Don’t just “talk the talk” but do “walk the walk”

Unsuccessful people tend to ponder without taking action. They can talk a great game and they dream really big, but they lack the courage to just go for it. Stop dreaming about what will be; dreams in themselves are not bad but get up, show up, and do something. How long have you been promising yourself that you will actually do something?

6. Don’t shrink from adversity

Unsuccessful people do not understand that adversity is a big part of life and they give up all too quickly because things get uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. In the midst of adversity, courage is born. You’ll never know how strong you are if you’ve never had to fight. Sometimes you might fail, but more often you find that the problem wasn’t quite the problem that you thought it was. We all too often scare ourselves out of success.

Final Thoughts

Success in life doesn’t happen for everyone. But, success in life never happens to those who just don’t try.

Yes, there are fence sitters in life. Those are the ones who never have an opinion about anything and they can’t ever make a real decision. Please don’t ever be one of those people.

They put no effort into how they present themselves and even if they never achieve their highest potential, it’s perfectly okay with them because in a world so full of wonder and curiosity they have managed to find a way to be totally bored. Apathy is a silent killer. You need to find something that you are passionate about and actively pursue it. When you just do that one simple thing, you will be shocked at the results.

Are you successful in business, at school, in relationships, and in your life? If not, why not? What are you doing to make yourself a success, even when it seems hard? Exactly how do you define success?


  1. I’m currently trying to build a blog and there’s a whole lot more to learn each time I learn something. It’s fun and it’s a challenge worth doing to build a good side-hustle independent of location.

    Great list Gary. Success looks easy especially if you’re only watching highlights as an outsider. But really it’s simple BUT difficult and takes a lot of discipline.

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